As a party the Conservatives can be seen to hold achieved considerable success between the old ages 1918-28. Before the war the party had lost 3 back-to-back elections. whereas during the period 1918-28 they were in power for all but 10 months of those 10 old ages ( First Labour Government January- October 1924 ) . It can so be seen through their domination of power that they were really successful. However during the first 4 of those old ages. whilst in power. they shared it with the Liberal Party. as their opportunities of winning as an single party were close non-existent and so this limits the extent of their success. Their weaknesss can besides be seen through Stanley Baldwin. whose misjudged determination to keep a general election led the party to catastrophe in 1924 and lost them their place in authorities. I will reason that the Conservatives were really successful during those old ages. and that whilst such success was lessened by these two factors. the period 1918-28 was a mostly comfortable clip for the party. Doubtful of their abilities to win the pre was election as a individual party the conservativists decided to go on with the war clip alliance with the Liberals.

This thwarts their success as a party as the purpose is to accomplish power as a individual group instead than one which is merged with another. However through their confederation with Lloyd George they were able to win support from Broad and non-committed electors. By assailing the Liberal Party they were able to carry Liberal electors and politicians to turn to Conservatism. This strengthened the party and ensured their ulterior success. The Conservatives strength was clearly demonstrated in the general election held straight after the war in 1918. They held 382 of 523 alliance MP’s elected and so held a clear bulk. They can be seen as really successful in the accomplishment of wholly shadowing the other two parties whose ballots accounted to a mere 28 Liberals and 63 Labour MPs. At the clip both the Labour and Liberal parties were both split which farther highlighted the Conservatives integrity. The Conservatives after winning the election of 1922. although successful in keeping a bulk in authorities. were disconnected. as many of those who had remained faithful to the former alliance to the terminal had refused to take office in Law’s cabinet. As they had been in 1918 the Liberal party was besides still split. ensuing in catastrophe for them at the election. winning merely 116 seats between those loyal to LG and Asquith.

However for the Conservative party the split did non hold as major deductions as it did for the other two parties. Whereas the Liberal and Labour split was reflected negatively in election consequences the Conservative split was non and they still won the run that twelvemonth by a considerable bulk. The attendant deduction nevertheless of the absence of loyal coalitionists led to the mostly unknown Stanley Baldwin being appointed as their leader. hardly two old ages after foremost even being assigned a major ministerial station. Although whilst he brought much in the name of success to the party subsequently on. his beginnings in office did non ab initio lead to favorable results for the party. The most unsuccessful minute for conservativists came during the 1923 election. During the run Baldwin had announced that he was sing the debut of duties to protect British industry and occupations. Because Bonar Law said he wouldn’t non make this. Baldwin felt obliged to name a general election on 6th December.

This proved to be a misreckoning that briefly reunited the ailing Liberal Party and gave an chance for a minority Labour Party authorities. It can be seen as the most unsuccessful point of the clip period 1918-28 and was the lone clip in which they were wholly out of power. The loss of these elections proved that the Conservatives were non invulnerable. However the Conservatives remained the largest individual party and were able to recover power the undermentioned twelvemonth and so was non a peculiarly black event for them as its effects were merely short-run. The party saw considerable success under the way of Baldwin’s leading. His mixture of strong societal reforms and steady authorities proved a powerful in winning elections. with the consequence that the Conservatives dominated the authorities extensively during the period. Whereas the Labour Party operated under a minority authorities and was reliant on Broad support. the Conservatives could work as an independent organic structure and was non every bit restrained as Labour had been. Such was merely possible because of their election success.

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Compared to other parties they were besides able to profit from experience in authorities which gave them the ability to work efficaciously. one of the many factors which contributed to Labours ruin in 1924. Their premiership in their capablenesss to regulate show the extent of their success as in order to derive experience they had to win elections which they did and in order to organize an independent authorities. they had to win by a bulk which they besides were able to accomplish. Further success can be seen in Baldwin’s organizational accomplishment and ability to supress the general work stoppage in 1926. Baldwin’s authorities had spent clip fixing for the work stoppage months in progress and their attempts can be seen as a testament to their efficient and effectual direction. However. during the work stoppage there was a split between centrists ( Baldwin ) who wanted to interrupt the work stoppage but who did non desire to be revengeful to the strikers and those similar Churchill who wanted to wholly extinguish the power of the brotherhoods and so they were non wholly unified during the work stoppage.

However this did non take to any long term effects and the Conservatives none the less were successful in supressing the work stoppage and guaranting that jurisprudence and order was by and large maintained. During Baldwin’s 2nd authorities he was non able to make much as he had hoped and was constrained by the economic state of affairs at the clip to accomplish any considerable success in reform. Neville Chamberlain did present lodging act and had attempted to cut down war debts to be paid back to the USA but was wholly unsuccessful nevertheless between 1924-29 he was the most active curate in the authorities presenting 21 pieces of statute law. including the Widows. orphans and old age pensions Act 1925 and The evaluation and rating Act 1925. Reforms were besides successfully through the constitution of the BBC. the CEB ( cardinal electricity board ) in 1926 and the passing of the equal franchise act in 1928 which extended the vote age to all adult females aged 21-30. This to a great extent benefited the Conservatives and strengthened their popularity as many adult females who were freshly able to vote. voted for the Conservative Party. As a whole their reforms were successful for several grounds.

The formation of the BBC marked the beginning of a British administration which would go celebrated for its quality. independency and trust worldwide. The Electricity supply was standardised and supplied reasonably by the national grid. Franchise Act made the elections more just and democratic. National insurance still in force today and a sum of 800. 000 places were built under the two lodging Acts of the Apostless. Although their accomplishments can be accused of being limited in their effects. as they didn’t truly assist the unemployed they can be seen to hold achieved a considerable sum in the hard economic fortunes of the clip and can finally be seen to hold been far more effectual than the labour party had been in 1923. One of the most detrimental determinations of the Conservatives during1918-28 came from Winston Churchill. His overestimate of the lb reduced the opportunity of any economic recovery in the UK and caused unemployment rise to 11 % by summer 1925 where it would remain above 9 % until 1929. An estimated that around 730. 000 occupations which could hold been created were non because of the strong lb and so the determination resulted really negatively for the state and did nil to better the unemployment state of affairs. functioning if anything to merely do it worse. However whilst in power in 1924. Labor had non fared much better and had offered no action beyond the noncontroversial support of public plants strategies.


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