The manner the characters react towards the shot of Candy’s Canis familiaris reveals a batch abut the characters that we might non hold expected. Carlson offers to hit the old Canis familiaris. kicking many times of the odor. The shot of Candy’s Canis familiaris shows the unfeelingness of Carlson and the world of old age and frailty. Carlson typifies the work forces George describes as “the loneliest cats in the world” . He is externally friendly. but basically selfish. He finds the odor of an old Canis familiaris offense so the Canis familiaris must be changeable. He shows really small respect to the dog’s proprietor. Candy. He unrelentingly pursues the dog’s decease. more for his ain comfort than to set the Canis familiaris out of its wretchedness. However. Steinbeck does demo some understanding in Carlson. when he suggests “he won’t even experience it” . mentioning to Candy’s Canis familiariss decease. This is contrasted to Candy’s cunctation to set this event away when he says “maybe tomorra. Le’s delay boulder clay tomorra” Steinbeck shows that Candy is seeking to detain the put down of his Canis familiaris and his reluctance to stop his Canis familiariss life shows how much he loves the animate being. “Carlson had refused to be drawn in” this suggest that Carlson is determined and non to be put off.

When Carlson viciously keeps after confect. candy’s reaction is described in the adverbs Steinbeck has used: “uneasily. ” “hopefully. ” “hopelessly. ” and the manner confect reacts: “Candy looked for aid from face to face. ” When he reaches out to Slim for aid. even Slim says it would be better to set the Canis familiaris down. Slim is portrayed as serene and a good listener/observer in this novel. and when Steinbeck suggests “the Skinner had been analyzing the old Canis familiaris with his composure eyes” – mentioning to Slim. it suggests that he had been really thoughtful about the whole incident and even showed his apprehension and consideration when he reminded Carlson to take a shovel. so Candy will be spared the glance of the cadaver. “I wisht somebody’d shoot me if I get an’ a cripple” are the words Slim uses that Candy subsequently echoes when he considers his ain hereafter.

This perceptibly puts Candy in deep idea. it shows Candy’s realization of his ain mortality when Slim states this. The Canis familiaris. in this instance tells us something of the proprietor. When Steinbeck shows the Canis familiaris approaching the terminal of its yearss it could demo that confect was excessively. Besides Steinbeck employs irony by stating that he wanted person to ‘shoot’ him when he got ‘old’ and ‘crippled’ which he about is. Slim besides reassures Candy when he says “you can hold a whelp if you want to” . When Candy eventually gives in and allows Carlson to hit his Canis familiaris. it shows the reader that confect wants to be over and done with and wants his Canis familiaris a Swift and painless decease. There is some empathy shown when Carlson says “come on boy” to soften the blow for the Canis familiaris and more so Candy. Once Carlson has taken the Canis familiaris to hit. Steinbeck builds the tenseness within the characters merely before the Canis familiaris is killed.

“George followed to the door and shut the door” – this proposes George’s sort nature and sympathy towards Candy and his dog- this could be one ground as to why George did non give an sentiment on whether Candy’s Canis familiaris should be shot. When George offers “anybody like to play a small euchre” it is obviously shown that George is seeking to alter the subject and he doesn’t want to worry Candy about the Canis familiaris. this makes the reader see George taking people’s emotions into history before his ain. we besides saw this earlier in the book when George stands up for Lennie. We see this once more when George “ripple the border of the deck nervously” this shows that he is besides concerned about the whole state of affairs.

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It is apparent that shred besides showed concern indirectly when he says “what the snake pit is taking him so long” . When Steinbeck repeats “a minute passed. and another minute” he intentionally extends the sentence which is a contemplation as it prolongs the minute. And so when Steinbeck says “the silence came into the room. And the silence lasted. ” Steinbeck employs short length sentences which make the minute seem longer and escalate the significance of that specific clip. After “the shooting sound in the distance” we are told that Candy “slowly rolled over and faced the wall and ballad silent” . this reaction suggests that confect tried to courageously take in what merely happened by turning his dorsum to it and trying to maintain unflurried.

The usage of short sentence shows us that ab initio after the shooting. there were no remarks by anyone which implied that it left them in daze and the realization of what merely happened was easy droping in everyone’s caput. Steinbeck’s employment of repeat of concurrences with ‘and’ lengthens the sentence at the terminal. spread outing the flood tide of the scene. as the audience wants to cognize what happened to Candy. after his most darling comrade has gone. Carlson even cleans his gun in forepart of Candy after the title is done. this reinforces his barbarous character. While it may be true that killing the Canis familiaris put it out of its wretchedness. small concern is shown for Candy’s feelings after a life-time of caring for the Canis familiaris. Now Candy is like the remainder of them — entirely.


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