Every lathe throughout the years has always relied on a revolving work piece. The lathe has been around for tens of thousands of years. The earliest known date of the first lathe was by the Egyptians. A carving in a wall relief shows a lathe being used by two men; this is dated back to around 300 BC. There are many lathes that are out there today. I’ve chosen a select few to talk about. These lathes are used every day and help our nation grow as a whole. The first I’m going to talk about is the Wood Lathe.

The wood lathe was one of the earliest lathes. The wood lathe is mainly used by hand to carve chair posts, baseball bats, and any type of cylinder that has certain indentations. Some of the newer lathes have a vacuum to suck up all the sawdust that is produced from the turning of the wood block. This sawdust is reduced and sent to different companies to use. You can turn, drill, and cut off with a wood lathe. Many of the wood projects are done by skilled professionals that can do these by hand.

The next lathe is an Engine Lathe; this is the most common lathe around today. This lathe is run by a small engine that can be set to a certain rpm and feed rate speed. This lathe has a half-nut on it so the feed of the compound rest can be set to take off a certain amount of material of the turning part. An engine lathe can do about just any type of lathe work. It can knurl, tap, drill, cut off, thread, etc. It is mainly used for medium sized parts. The Engine Lathe is one of the most versatile lathes out there today.

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The biggest and most complicated lathe parts are created in a CNC Lathe. This lathe is run by codes called G-codes and H-Codes. When you put a program into the lathe it spits out a blueprint with these codes on it. A CNC in a fully automatic Lathe, it uses a continuous flow of lubricant so that while the part is moving at a high speed. This lathe can do anything you ask of it. It will turn, drill, knurl, tap, thread, cut off; it is basically an automated version of the Engine Lathe. These are more expensive and are used in the more modern shops.

My favorite Lathe that I researched was the Jewelers Lathe. It’s the smallest Lathe out of them all. It is also called a watch makers Lathe. This lathe is used for the smallest parts that can be made. For instance the gears and the spindles inside of a watch can be made with the Jewelers Lathe. The small buttons have tiny pins to push the parts inside of a watch so that it can switch the time or set an alarm. These parts are very small and have to be almost perfect to pass, so that it can be used inside of a watch.

This Lathe has been around for a very long time, since te first watch was made, this Lathe has been around. A Lathe is used for many different turning parts. If we didn’t have this machine then a lot of what we see today wouldn’t have happened. The Lathe is an important part of our life and history. Though it has been around thousands of years, it is still being updated so that it can compete with our supply and demand. Learning how to master this Machine is a skill many should have. It helps the community and the economy also.


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