A 2:1 and a First Class Essay: Overall Difference

To turn your essay from a 2:1 to a First Class 1, you need to understand the “quality gap” between the two. In fact, an overall difference between a 2:1 and a First Class essay is every bit simple as the difference between “very good” and “outstanding” , where the latter offers the reader the excess value that allows the essay to “stand out” as alone and worthy of extra attending. Regardless of the category degree, an essay is a written presentation of your research procedure and outcomes. It is the description of the stairss you have taken and the consequences you have achieved. The excess value should be added to both – procedure and consequence — constituents. In other words, to turn a 2:1 essay to a First Class 1, you need to demo that you have put an excess attempt into researching the subject. Furthermore, you should thoughtfully construction the paper in such a manner that guarantees a reader at least one “aha! ” minute for each written page.

If you want to turn your 2:1 essay to a First Class 1, you need to research one of the two popular methods: foremost, to scrutinize and better the essay preparation/writing procedure. Second, you can progress the quality of each portion of the written merchandise.

Method One: Enhance the Procedure

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The first attack would be to add the excess value to each of the four essay-writing stairss: job designation, choice of believable beginnings, elucidation of your place on the issue, and description of the full procedure in composing. The picks that you make when finishing each of the stairss specify your concluding class. To turn a 2:1 essay to a First Class essay, you have to change your old picks and to modify their description in the essay consequently.

Problem designation: At this phase, you select the subject of your treatment. For a good 2:1 essay, you can take a valid and relevant issue regardless of its freshness. However, to turn your essay to a First Class work, you need to place an unexpected job, which is barely researched but which declaration will let you to lend to the cognition country.

Beginning Choice: A minimal figure of beginnings is a valuable guideline for a 2:1 essay. However, it is of import to maintain in head that for an essay to be considered First Class, merely run intoing the lower limit is non plenty. You have to choose a thoughtful scope of writers, who represent all the diverseness of sentiments on the subject of your essay.

Your Position on the Issue: The advantage of taking an unexpected job as discussed above is that you do non hold to side with one of the writers and can voice a alone place within bing theories. Therefore, to turn a 2:1 essay to a First Class 1, expression at the “gaps” in bing theoretical background and pick one of them to develop your ain typical penetration.

Procedure Description: By the clip you have revised the first three stairss, the alterations in the procedure description will flux logically to reflect the new fortunes. However, to do certain that your essay is successfully upgraded from a 2:1 to a First category degree, you might desire to unite Method One with Method Two that follows.

Method Two: Enhance the Presentation

Another attack to turning an essay from a 2:1 to a First Class degree is to progress the quality of each portion of the essay, including: thesis statement, literature overview, treatment, and decision. Similar to a 2:1 paper, a First category essay is good developed in a recognized scholarly format and is grounded in a strong consistent statement. In add-on, it is originative and it demonstrates reading beyond the coursework and believing beyond the surface cognition.

Thesis Statement: To turn a 2:1 essay into a First Class 1, you should turn your thesis statement from merely clear and good defined to innovative and imaginative. A high quality thesis serves a double function: foremost, it is an “aha! ” minute in itself. Second, it creates an outlook of more finds.

Literature Overview:A 2:1 essay demonstrates acquaintance with at least a needed minimal figure of mentions. It besides discusses 20 % of the beginnings in more inside informations as a theoretical model for the chosen job. To turn it to a First Class essay, you have to show a nuanced and complex penetration in the stuff by including past and modern-day plants in the field and by mentioning renowned every bit good as unknown writers.

Discussion:It is non plenty for a First Class essay to show an statement. To turn your 2:1 piece to a First Class 1, you need to clearly province your place and contextualize it in the larger subject. In add-on, you need to anchor your composing in empirical surveies and make links between theory and practical application of your place.

Decision:A Fist Class essay’s decision is more than an overview of the paper. It is a apogee of the essay and the declaration for the outlooks created by the thesis statement. To turn a 2:1 authorship to a First category essay, you need to construct tenseness throughout the paper and to take the statement toward a concluding – partly foreseen and partly surprising – statement, which sets the phase for follow-up essays you might desire to compose in the hereafter.

Helpful Tips

When make up one’s minding on the appropriate method of turning your 2:1 essay to a First Class 1, maintain in head that the first method will work the best for persuasive/argumentative and comparison essays. In add-on, the first method requires that you commit certain clip to heightening the prewriting/research stairss. Therefore, it would assist if you have at hebdomad or so to give to the undertaking of revising your 2:1 essay. However, when you are under the force per unit area of a tight deadline or when you are working on a descriptive or a narrative essay, you will be better off taking the 2nd method of upgrading a 2:1 essay to a First Class degree.


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