Eat Right Eating a healthy diet can help us boost our Immune systems and to maintain a healthy weight. First, always eat breakfast. This may be difficult when you’re rushing to get that 8 a. M. Classes, but you can try to grab a sandwich, chocolate bar or a nana along your trip to the classroom.

Also never skip meals. Try gaining a good balance daily by eating fruits, vegetable and protein every day. Exercise Youngster like us should get more than 5 hours of exercise per week. Fitting exercise into a busy college schedule are difficult, but most of the college campuses make it easy for us to get excise. One of the easiest ways to excise is walking to classroom. Our college also provided sports facilities, so let’s take this advantages and make a fun way to exercise. Drink Lots Of Water

Staying hydrated can help your concentration and keep you from overeating. It also fill up your body gives you more energy throughout the day. Avoid and quit caffeine and sugary drinks. Always choose water instead of soda, and bring water with you while you are walking to class. Buy a re-usable water bottle instead of plastic bottled water. College students are usually pretty stressed with classes and exams, but relaxing and having a down-time is essential to stay healthy. By releasing stress make sure you make time to hang out with friends, reading a book. Itching you favorite show or picking up a hobby. Conclusion Finally to stay healthy is important because it is the process that prolong our lives so we can grow and develop well. It is really easy to destroy it, but then it is very hard to rebuild it back. So, that will be wise to take care of your health today. How to stay healthy in college By Gingerbread Eating a healthy diet can help us boost our immune systems and to maintain a Relax make time to hang out with friends, reading a book, watching you favorite show or


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