Compare and contrast the ways in which two Caribbean governments have addressed the issue of crime. Narrowed Focus: Compare and contrast how the governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have addressed the issue of crime. Thesis: Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have both recruited the expert services of foreign police officers whilst their approach to community policing and legislation defer In addressing the Issue of crime. According to the United Nations Human Development Report on Citizen Security 2011, “In many Caribbean territories crime and fear of crime seriously undermine the laity of life. Crime has steadily been on the rise in Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica. As the catastrophically negative effect on tourism and dally life grows ever more evident both governments have been struggling to find a solution. Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have both recruited the expert services of foreign police officers whilst their approach to community policing and legislation differ in addressing the Issue of crime. The governments of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica have both resorted to recruiting the expert services of foreign police officers.

In 2004 according to an article from the Jamaica Gleaner, the government embarked on an initiative to “recruit police personnel from overseas with expertise In Intelligence gathering and forensic analysis, to work at the operational level”. They also collaborated with foreign organizations under the advice of foreign recruited officers one being O’Neil Hamilton. However, all these efforts were relatively unsuccessful in alleviating the crime problem.

Similarly the government of Trinidad and Tobago has recruited more than three reign police officers over the past three years. The first two being a former Edmonton police superintendent Deanne Gibbs and former police chief Jack Atkins who later resigned their positions and failed to make any real progress dealing with the crime In Trinidad and Tobago. United States police chief William Britton Is currently the new officer being recruited by the present administration. This again in the attempt to find new perspective and a solution to the rampant crime situation.

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Another approach to crime is the programmer adopted for community policing by Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica which differ In strategy but share common objectives. In 1996, Trainload and Tobago Implemented the community policing programmer. However, it entailed a consultative approach which allowed persons to articulate their problems. In no way did it foster vigilante groups or community crime-fighting. It was and still Is a programmer that encourages counseling and remedial Interaction between officers and potential offenders.

This again although 1 OFF Unaware, homicides and brutal attacks perpetrated against citizens. In contrast, the community policing implemented in Jamaica has produced remarkable results, according to a commentary written by David E. Brat M. D published on Tuesday August 27th, 2013 in the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian newspaper. He reiterated an article written by Terry Bernstein and published August 17th in the New York Times. This article reinforced the positive effects of the community policing employed in Jamaica.

It went on to highlight the absence of ‘gunshots in the neighborhood of Mountain view, Kingston, Jamaica” and the resents of “barefoot soccer matches and block parties that brought together former rivals from local gangs. ” The aim of the Jamaican government was to “eliminate the social support and influence of the gangs” (The National Security Policy for Jamaica 2012) which evidently has some validity. As the crime rate in Jamaica seems to be affecting some small change, Trinidad and Tobago is now looking to Jamaica to mimic and adopt some of their policies based on the positive outcomes being publicized.

In every situation the pros and ions must be evaluated to determine the probability of success. No two islands are Identical and therefore the successes enjoyed by the government of Jamaica may not necessarily be repeated in Trinidad and Tobago. Crime is unique to each country and therefore it is only by trial and error would a solution be found.


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