Conferences meetings and exhibitions played an of import function in Vienna as it is the major portion of the touristry and cordial reception industry. Vienna is the hub of conferences from the late 1815 when there were negotiations between assorted parties of Napoleon. After that it see attending of the universe and became the most attractive and desirable location for the constitution of any conference and exhibition. Not merely the conference hub Vienna is a great eco friendly metropolis which makes people comfy and do them to see it once more and once more there is a immense verdure and safety. Very of import thing is that no 1 is bound to come in in Austria any individual of the universe can come in the metropolis and besides can make its concern with some formalities that ‘s why it ‘s a great state where people feel pleasance and freedom to go.

Euro being the currency of the Austria and economic system of Austria majorly depends on Vienna.

For being a good conference hub metropolis should hold ample sum of installations like adjustment, transit, supply of stuff so that the basic demands can be fulfilled.

For an event to be successful the direction should affect into each facet and every section of the event demand to be fulfilled. Vienna metropolis fulfill all the formalities which makes an event successful whether it is related to the conference hall, local conveyance, or adjustment. These things are showed in item in the last.

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Vienna, VA

The metropolis is located in the bosom of northern portion of Virginia its distance from the capital of USA is 15 stat mis, harmonizing to the study done by CNN and assorted magazines it ‘s a deserving topographic point and ranked 4th to remain at USA as it comprises of 15 K people. Its antic instruction system and the heritage look attract people to the metropolis. Vienna regularly hosts international conferences and is Centre of United Nation and OPEC conferences.

Economic ASPECTS

What the state norm says it is lesser than the per capita income of Vienna. 98 % people are above the poorness line and this shows the self-respect and strong economic system of a state. Vienna employed about people of Washington DC as there are many consultancies, authorities offices and offices where people enjoy the work and commute daily while many people are employed by private houses in Vienna. Some of the employers playing major function are Navy Federal Credit Union, Westwood Country Club, and Contemporary Electrical Services etc. That ‘s why Vienna as a locale adhere many people for conference.


For conference intent Vienna is a beautiful metropolis comprises of 4600 ( proprietors ) +750 ( tenants ) houses.

Downtown Vienna it was made nearby church street where there are many stores eating houses and halls which is now has been shifted to the Maple avenue which is now a hub for the shoppers and corporate.

Southern Vienna is freshly constructed and really much impressive by the vintage visual aspect of Vienna. Architecture of this topographic point memorise the clip of 1875 to 9140.


Day by twenty-four hours the tendency of the conference industry is altering earlier the capacity of the room was limited now it has increase to the 1000 individuals at a clip and a batch of technological betterments are done

IT factor: Now the conference proprietors requires IT preparation and package cognition and besides the latest equipments with high cyberspace velocity and information transportation capacity with 3D projectors.

Time ingestion: The conferences and events need to be complete in lesser clip and they require large suites so that the event can be successful.

Hygienic nutrient: people come from different states so they want healthier nutrient with different state gustatory sensation.

Eco Friendly environment: if the environment will be green and eco friendly so delegates will love to see the metropolis.

Promotion run: there must be fast and big sum of publicity run so that maximal sponsorship can be earned out.


Major concern of Vienna comprises of car parts, equipments, paper industry and fabric and Fe industry some of the key industries which played a major function in the concern growing of Vienna are touristry, metals, nutrient industry and chemicals.

A speedy reappraisal of concern

The concern of Vienna is dedicated towards nutrient industry that ‘s why 40 % of their concern comes from agribusiness. Conferences and seminars and Congress played a cardinal function in development of the economic system due to the environment location and local mass. Antic substructure and Congress centres make Vienna 1st pick for the commuters for conference. This metropolis is considered to be the premier location for political and economical reforms as many thankful events and conferences take topographic point here. When ICCA that is International Congress and Convention Association is concerned the state Austria comes in the top 10 locales. Vienna was merely behind the London, Madrid and Paris.

Hub of the concern

The Austria Center Vienna ( ACV ) has been the informant of many big conferences and trade carnivals and international events and placed itself a biggest centre for conference Centre. The ACV is operated by Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien, Aktiengesellschaft ( IAKW-AG ) established in 1971 by Govt. of Austria and council of Vienna. ACV is the cardinal centre in forming international conferences and in the employment of Vienna economic system. Conferences have become the major beginnings of income in Vienna and this is going the hub for conference touristry.

Hofburg Congress Center

Vienna ‘s bosom and lovingly knows as the meeting point. This has been a record set by this locale that in 2007 it contribute around EUR 10m through conferences and exhibitions by forming about 300 events. This twelvemonth besides about 280 to 300 K people are expected to see the state.

Messe Wien Exhibition and Congress Center,

It was founded in 2004 and it offers different sort of bundle to the conference touristry. There were international installations, standard halls, sophisticated equipments and its architecture somehow draws the attending of people. There are 5 different sort of edifices connected back to endorse with alone manner and installations which are merely for the conference intent.

If person wants to run its concern in Vienna so he has to adhere some of the regulations and ordinances of the state and all the formalities related to enrollment and licence are governed by the municipal section of Vienna.

Like if person wants a concern licence so he must be at legal age with unity nil should be at that place for being disqualified and a relevant certification of life in Vienna. Some of the particular cogent evidence for safety intent like making record and fiscal efficiency and parking tonss citizenship are required.

Some of the states like Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, and Britain etc do n’t necessitate citizenship to run their concern in Vienna and no cogent evidence of abode is required.


There are some of the tips and etiquette possessed by the Viennese like

Work force and adult females both have to have on suits whereas in casuals they use to have on Jackets and bloomerss

If person has to be addressed so he should be called by his rubric with a formal handshaking and if anyone got an invitation for dinner so a little gift as a item of regard like vino or cocoas are treated good.

Working hours in Vienna for corporate is 8:00 to 17:30 with a 1 hr interruption during 12:30 to 13:30 and banking hours is from 9:30 to 16:00 and hebdomad is Monday to Friday.

There are separate smoke zones and you are non invited to smoke publicly as it is banned in the populace.


The media interpreters of the Executive City Councilors support foreign letter writers who live in Vienna and international journalists who visit Vienna with information and research. The Press and Information Services besides has a separate service office for international media.

Vienna Business Agency

For approximately 30 old ages, the Vienna Business Agency has supported national and international corporations that locate in Vienna. The “ International Business Division ” of the Vienna Business Agency provides international corporations that want to turn up in Vienna with comprehensive support and advice. The services include first advice, taking suited office edifices and premises every bit good as aid with governments and information about fiscal support.

From 2004 to 2009 the Vienna Business Agency and the Austrian Business Agency “ ABA -Invest in Austria ” helped turn up about 540 international corporations in Vienna. These concern start-ups created 4,800 new occupations and an investing of EUR 450 million

A movie license is required when shooting in locations that fall within the duty of the Vienna City Administration, such as municipal swimming pools, public Parkss and green infinites, public schools, kids ‘s resort areas, athleticss installations, Danube Island, municipal infirmaries, kindergartens, libraries, premises of the Vienna Ambulance Services or Fire Services, every bit good as public cloacas, markets and many other locations.

Supply and Demand analysis of Conference Industry

The assorted factors which constitute the Supply in conference industry:

The country, substructure and conveyance available in state

Assorted other events organized antecedently in state or topographic point.

The location of metropolis is cardinal and peaceable in footings of environment.

Economy of metropolis is good developed

Centrally connected to all over universe or parts which are acute to make conference at locations desired for conference.

Good sight scene chance so as can be enjoyed in clip of leisure by delegates and associates.

Well organized consultancy for conference aid and handiness of location as per easiness.

Handiness of hotels and adjustment topographic points available at easiness and in all budget disbursal.

The assorted factors which constitute the Demand in conference industry:

International conferences and demand of meeting.

Globalization of industry and coming of all state on same platform for talk.

The assorted organisation and state brotherhood for run intoing so as to aline new policies or one-year meeting for new docket.

Assorted trades meet and environmental meet which are non-profit in nature.

Common platform talk over assorted international docket and working.

Making vision and mission and realigning of ends of company which are globalised so as to do semen over one topographic point and talk over it.

Assorted state, company and regional meet at cardinal location and hence to make up one’s mind on common docket.

Changes in assorted international policies and its incorporation.

Global meet of assorted sectors for doing common determination on company policy

Conference industry in Vienna


Reason Vienna scores over other

The history favours Vienna to go conference finish. There are assorted grounds which can give Vienna really of import finish for conferences, of import meetings, and assorted conventions and acquire together. In fact history favours Vienna in manner that it was the metropolis which hosted station peace negotiations after Napelonic wars and this was manner back in 1815 and became the conference site in that clip. The state is supplying to the full equipped conference finish with modern substructure, maps and professionalism which are needed for forming any conference. These all properties made it hot finish for conference. The state is equipped with natural beauty, safer metropolis and cleaner parts. The delegates sing Vienna will bask the beauty in leisure clip and have conference when it is required.

Most of import property is that no 1 is restricted to come in in Austria, so conference can be scheduled in Vienna without any job and with any mark group. If we talk with Austrian economic system, it is really consistent and currency which is running is Euro. The most of import thing is economic system, and Austria is really good in with low rising prices and high employment rate.

Location advantage besides favors Vienna, as it is located in centre of Europe instead in the bosom of European continent. Hence it is really easy to make to Vienna from any portion of Europe which is add on benefit to participant. The airdrome of Vienna is connected all over the universe and hence participant can make from anyplace to Vienna.

The Vienna is equipped with modern public conveyance which is efficient and effectual and offers handiness to all over. The first-class conveyance system will assist depute to research Vienna. the industrial development is tremendous at Vienna. to number to the statistics, about 15,000 Austrian JVs are at that place and batch of industry have their headquarter in Vienna.

There are legion amusement and visiting topographic points are in Vienna which will assist delegates and their associates will non acquire bored in free clip. There are assorted Tourss and travels are available which offers customized service and jaunt in Vienna. The Tourss can be planned consequently and conference can be planned in verdure.

Hotel adjustment

There are assorted options available in Vienna fro adjustment. There are assorted picks available right from luxury at assorted topographic points to household run motels and agreement. There are assorted picks available. the cost of adjustment beads from July to September and therefore conference arranged at that clip can assist in cost economy besides. The statistics for same is as follows.


Type of Hotel

Entire beds


five-star hotels

6,750 beds


four-star hotels

24,465 beds


three-star hotels

13,696 beds


two- and one-star hotels

4,328 beds



1,672 beds



50,911 beds

Corporate Event / Incentive Agencies

There are assorted professional bureau available to take attention of conference to be organized. The particular demand are fulfilled by

A perfect event is guaranteed by professionalisms. Vienna ‘s providers fulfill your particular demands. The assorted providers are listed as below:











There are assorted locales which are offered by Vienna metropolis and Vienna Congress agency. The VCB invites commands for forming any event and interested party takes the command. The party which want event to be done for themselves provides their demand and eventually a usher can be issued by VCB.


On the footing of assorted survey we come to cognize that Vienna is a great metropolis for conference as there are a batch of comfortss and besides with the alteration in the tendency of conference industry in Vienna there has been a batch of physical every bit good as technological alterations which non merely makes this metropolis beautiful but besides profitable by seeking more and more attending in whole universe. So Vienna is a hub of conference industry giving assistance to the touristry and cordial reception industry which in bend beef uping the Austria economic system.


Vienna should bind up with different embassies to seek more attending for the conferences

Proper promotional candidacy should be done

Rather than viing with each other different bureaus has to organize each other in forming conferences helping to the Austria economic system and increase in foreign exchange.


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