1. What schemes would you urge to current CEO Mike Duke?

2. How can Wal-Mart benefit from Internet retailing?

“The cyberspace has interesting facets and will decidedly function a turning market throughout the twenty-first Century. ” ( David. P. 69 ) Wal-Mart. com allows clients easy and convenient entree to Wal-Mart’s 1000000s of merchandises without go forthing their places ; 24 hours a twenty-four hours. 7 yearss a hebdomad and 365 yearss a twelvemonth ; in bend will hike gross revenues because Wal-Mart. com is able to expose all merchandises available. unlike shop. which have limited infinite. Equally long as Wal-Mart. com continues to offer low monetary values and low transportation monetary values with the same quality of service. with easy check-out procedure. it can be most profitable leting Wal-Mart to profit from cyberspace retailing.

3. How sharply should Wal-Mart spread out internationally and where?

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I don’t believe Wal-Mart should travel increasingly when spread outing internationally. It is the right clip to spread out internationally. anywhere E of the North America continent. Wal-Mart spread outing internationally keeps them from being vulnerable to fluctuations of the U. S. dollar. leting them to bring forth net incomes from the states E of the U. S. Wal-Mart should spread out sharply. which will let clients all over the universe “to associate their name with low cost. greatest choice of quality ware and highest criterions of client service. ” ( David. P. 68 )

4. Should Wal-Mart spread out the convenient shop construct in China and other markets?

I believe it is a good thought to spread out the convenient shop construct in China and other markets. Harmonizing to Convenience Store News ; “small formats are taking shop growing in the Asia-Pacific part with traditional convenience shops seeing important growing. China added more than 4. 000 new c-stores in the past 12 months. ” ( Kress. 2012 )

5. Should Wal-Mart acquire a bridgehead in Europe before rivals seize the enterprise?


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