At the start of the group communication I was very nervous as there was more focus upon me as I was the leader of the group. At times I would cross my hands and legs when communicating with the children. I didn’t do this intentionally I tended to do it when I felt a little nervous and was thinking of the next thing to say. This could of came across to the child that I was intense at time or even cross as theses postures can indicate these signals. To prevent this I could have showed within my body language that I wasn’t nervous by having a more sustained posture such as sitting upright and not crossing arms and legs.

Use of language is another area of communication skills I could have improved. This was because sometimes when I didn’t know what to say next didn’t know immediately how to answer some of the children’s questions I would pause and use ‘umm’ or ‘err’. This could have showed that I didn’t know what I was doing and also could have come across as unprofessional. I could have improved this by just making subtle pauses explaining to the child in the one to one communication and the children in the group communication that I need time to answer their question.

This would of let them know that I am not being rude and will answer there question. Another way I could have improved communication was to read the body language and facial expressions of the children in the group more as I repeatedly asked them if they were following the book and understood the storyline so far. This might have made me seem like I was un-confident an also if I was to observe the groups non verbal reposes this would have gave me reassurance in their understanding and also pick up on children that might not of understood but was going along with the rest of the children in the group.

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Also another factor I could have improved on was the volume of my voice as I knew I could have been louder throughout the group communication. This could of improved the children to listen more easier even though at the time it appeared they could hear clearly they might not off mentioned it to me and some children might of missed heard some things. I could have improved this by when realizing that I was speaking quiet at time raised my voice slightly to make words and sentences more clear and this would have also made me look more confidants and put me more in a careers role.

Another aspect was due to all the information I learned previously in class such as communication cycle, use of language and non verbal skill it made me more aware all these during the interactions. Sometime this was a positive thing as I could rectify mistakes during the communication but an negative thing about it was that I was thinking too much about what I should and shouldn’t do witch at time didn’t make the my speech flow as I took many pauses to think of the next thing to say.

This could of been improved my practicing communication skills within lessons witch class mates by doing role plays and group activities to prepare us for the placement. This would have helped with my overall communication during the interaction as I would have been more prepared of things to say and how to make the communication flow which would have given me more confidence and reflected it throughout interactions.


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