Hence, Donald Witticism claimed that “of all age groups, the visitation rate to casinos nationwide is highest among people between 21 and 35 years old, according to the latest data by the American Gaming Association” because these group of people views casino as a place which provides them other luxurious entertainment besides gambling (Donald Witticism, 2013). Therefore, with the transformation of the hotel as an entertainment purposes, Eagle Nest Inc is targeting primarily to the younger market.

This venture will take up to 6 months to implement and market penetration will take place only from the 3rd month onwards. It is expected that the launching of the casino will take place on July 2014. Moreover, the casino resort hotel maximizes the generation of cash and is expecting a payback in less than 2 and a half years. Lastly, this implementation plan will show a thorough information about the HER department. It will only hire 10 new employees in each hotel as existing hotel staff will be used.

Relevant training will be provided to the newly-hired members to ensure the operation of the casino runs smoothly and that the target will be met. The following Giant chart shows the activities that will be carry out within the HER department during the 6 months of implementation period. This time plan acts as a guideline to make sure the recruitment, training and development of staff is to be done before the expected launch date of the casino.


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