What made you choose HER to be your career? Answer: I work well with people and I have great communication and organizational skills. I like to be treated as a valuable person that 2- Tell me about your company’s culture. Answer: The culture of the company is diverse as It Is an equal employment opportunity employer. 3- What, according toy, are the qualities that an HER executive/manager must have?

Answer: An HER executive must have leadership skills, excellent communication skills, good writing skills, and strong organizational skills. 4- What does your hiring process look like? Answer: We have a recruiting specialist that publishes job postings on multiple online sources, Including various university websites, Linked, Monster, etc. The recruiting specialist selects qualified applicants who are then called for an initial screening over the phone. The information from the phone screening is discussed with the manager.

If the applicant possesses all the desired qualities, they are then ladle back for a face-to-face interview. The hiring committee consists of multiple Individuals that vary based on the position (these Individuals can Include the benefits specialist, training specialist, HER business partner, etc). Each member interviews the applicant individually. The applicant is asked a series of questions. After the Interview, the members of the hiring committee meet to discuss the applicant and make a final selection. 5- Do you have an HER system?

If yes, what is it? Is it effective? Answer: We use a footwear system called Circadian that tracks all employees, both active and terminated. Terminated employees are kept in the system for legality purposes. The system also tracks POT hours, benefits, paychecks, etc. Employees can find all this Information there. We also use a Learning Management System (ALMS) called Saba. This is a training database that stores all the training the employees have completed. 6- Does your company do exit reviews? If yes, how do utilize the Information?

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Answer: We do exit reviews in an effort to understand why the employee left. It is also an opportunity to transfer knowledge and experience before the employee leaves. 7- What type of performance assessment system do you use in your organization? Is It effective? Answer: 8- What methods do you use to ensure diversity within your organization? Answer: When we hire an employee, we use a targeted selection to collect Job-related behavior. T Off Answer: II- How does pay/salary background helps with deciding the salary for a new applicant? Answer: Thank you for your time and efforts!


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