Beach Resort provides the perfect environment and beautiful scenery for the guests. The resort is situated on 6. 5 hectares and have tropical paradise contemporary. Legend Creating Beach Resort, is a first class resort in Pang with a stunning environment and nice sight-seeing located at one of Malaysia’s premier holiday spots, Creating Beach. About 45 km north of Kanata in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, The Legend Resort, Creating is an ideal retreat for the guests’ For your relaxing accommodation in Creating Beach, The Legend Creating Beach Resort features 248 rooms which charmingly furnished tit a king or twin size bed.

Facilities in all rooms includes a shower with hot and cold water, air-condition, ceiling fan, mini bar, room service, television, coffee and tea making facilities and hair dryer. Each room is equipped with a private balcony, allowing guests to soak up the breathtaking view of the ocean. While you are staying at the resort, be sure to try out the food. Dining in The Legend Creating Beach Resort has always been a gourmet’s delight. It caters for all tastes and occasions, offering a wide range of local and western dishes in elegant surroundings. To unwind, the Creating Bay Lounge is the place to be after a long day at the beach.

Mixing your business with leisure, The Legend Resort Creating is the ideal venue for your meetings in Creating. The resort offers 3 function rooms complete with conference facilities. The Sir Nagasaki Hall can easily cater up to 300 persons for social as well as corporate events. Whether you are planning for a banquet, convention, meeting or seminar, our experienced and dedicated team provides planning assistance and co- ordination to ensure the highest levels of service to make your meetings in Creating a resounding success. The Legend Resort, Creating also has activities or the young and old.

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Guests can unwind from a hectic day by selecting from a range of demodulating sports and recreational facilities available at the Resort. There also got two swimming pool which is normal swimming pool and green swimming pool and guests have to wear a proper swimming suit attire to use green swimming pool. BACKGROUND OF PANG ART MUSEUM(MAXIMUM SEEN PANG) The Pang Arts Museum ( Maximum Seen Pang) takes over the premises that once housed the Maximum Tokyo Pang. Let is located at Clan Massed, near the Kanata mosque in the middle of the town, and across the town padding from

Clan Baser (main street), just a short walking distance from the Shaman Inn hotel. The Pang Arts Museum is established to further enhance appreciation of the arts and related works, and of famed and renowned artists and celebrities. To achieve this goal, the museum plans to exhibit and display works of art not only by those who are born or bred in Pang but also by national artists, painters and sculptors. For a certain duration of time, it will exhibit or portray new themes and/or works of different and new artists, genres and artistic specialties.

When it first opened in 201 1, it started with an exhibition of the works of the famed Malaysian Indian classical dancer, Airmail Osama. The art-works displayed featured various of his paintings and images of the classic Indian dances and dancing postures. After that the museum then (from June to December 2011) held an exhibition on “Baku Panning” Pampers Traders Piñata Timer, Traders Dan Transformations” which are displays of arts and sculpt-works on the various traditions and practices of folks in the east coast states of Peninsular Malaysia.

Displayed during that exhibition were paintings, images, forms and sculptures that depict traditional Malay life in the old days, that are still found today but rarely and occasionally, like silts, Wang kilt, menorah and other scenes of culture and practices found in the rural camping that are still followed and practiced by some of the older Malay folks. Then followed the works of the top Malaysian cartoonist L at, whose real name is Dates (Dry. ) Hajji Mood Nor bin Khalid’s.

Born in 1951 in Jota Barbara, Opera, Dates Cat’s work has been immensely popular since the sass’s where he portrays the rites of passage of the Malay, and also other races, from his childhood days. He not only describes his childhood experience in the rural areas of the camping and the daily lives of people in the towns and urban areas, but he does so by painting them in a vivid albeit comical way. His many cartoon books have also been translated into various languages and they are popular not only in Asia and Europe, but also in other countries.

As we reach there, we already know that the workers are effectively working when they welcoming us so pleasantly as we reach the main gate and show the right direction to go to the lobby. The moment when one of their workers explaining the hotel’s information to us, we can see that he really tries to make us understand about The Legend Creating Beach Resort, one of the most visited hotel resort in Pang and explain it one by one. One of the promotion strategies are when he tries his best to promote The Legend Creating Beach Resort to societies and students.

Second internal factors are the services provided. On our observation during the field trip at The Legend Hotel, we can see the services that provided from the workers to the guests are excellent and effectively done. The workers try to reduce segues effort and manage to fulfill guests’ needs. The workers also never stop smiling to their guest, and also toward us even though we are not the exactly guest at there. External Factors Firstly, the publicity. The Legend Creating Beach Resort are always be visited by well-known people.

With a great reputation of a quality hotel, tourists always put The Legend Creating Beach Resort in their list. The Legend Creating Beach Resort also have regular customers that satisfied with services and scenery at there. With reasonable and affordable price, nobody will deny that The Legend Creating Beach Resort are one of the best hotel resort in Malaysia. Plus, we never heard any negative complains about the The Legend Creating Beach Resort and previous customers are giving a good feedback about The Legend Creating Beach Resort.

The next external factor is the location. The Legend Creating Beach Resort are located far from urban area so, the environment is clean and not busy form traffic jams or any city distractions. Furthermore, with the strategic location, there will have less crime and no trespassing will be happen. Plus, The Legend Creating Beach Resort are easy to find via map or GAPS (Global Positioning System) because the location are strategic and easy to access. Maximum The location must be accessible which means the traffic are not too busy and crowded by drivers.


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