used: PODiSTA, buy PODiSTA, PODiSTA singapore, Podista Espresso Aromatico, PODiSTA coffee capsulesPODiSTA: A treat for coffee loversHot beverages help one relax and become calm. This company brings to you a wide range of hot beverages which, when mixed into frothed milk, will bring a perfect feeling of enjoyment. There are different mixes of hot chocolate and coffee which can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. You can use the mix in all kinds of NESPRESSO machines and make the drink without any extra effort. You can enjoy a cup of this hot beverage at any time of the day and feel relaxed, away from the hustle of city life in your own space. The mixes are prepared using the best cocoa and coffee beans that are sourced directly from farms to bring you the original taste of coffee and chocolate. You can buy PODiSTA mixes from the online store of Lazada and enjoy the refreshing taste of your drink.Because of the methods of processing that have been employed by the company, the fresh and tantalizing aromas stay tightly packed in the drinks. They get the best quality beans directly from farms that are handpicked and sorted to ensure removal of all kinds of impurities. The beans are dry roasted and then ground and vacuum sealed such that their freshness and aroma remain packed inside. A variety of flavors are added to the mixes like salted caramel hot chocolate, which brings the best of two desserts together. Another mix is PODiSTA Espresso Aromatico which is a smooth and mild flavored espresso for your mid day treat. It offers a very soft rounded character with a pleasant after taste to make it your perfect mid-morning drink at office or home. One package contains 10 capsules of the mix. These drinks are a great option for serving evening tea in general gatherings at home – your guests will be left longing for more.Quality hot beverages made by PODiSTA in SingaporeThe company has designed and developed its products for masses. You get vanilla infused PODiSTA coffee capsules, hazelnut infused coffee, intense coffee, mint infused hot chocolate, creamy and smooth hot chocolate etc., with a rich, delicate taste. You can choose the right drink for you as per your liking. These mixes are easy to prepare – you can initially operate the machine without the pod for a couple of minutes and then add the pod to extract around 40 ml of the drink. Add frothed milk as per your taste and mix together for a quick drink at any time of the day. Explore a wide range of these coffee and hot chocolate mixes on Lazada, a leading online shopping destination in Singapore, and place your orders. The online store also provides nationwide free shipping along with 14-days free returns on all products.Why choose PODiSTA? •Best quality beans sourced from all over the world •Roasted and vacuum sealed in controlled environment to keep the tastes as well as aromas intact •The pods are compatible with all espresso machines


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