Fathers are an of import facet of every person’s life and have a great influence their kids. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. a novel by Mark Twain. Huck in a manner has two male parents. While Pap Finn is Huck’s existent male parent. Jim besides becomes a male parent figure to Huck because Jim is Pap’s foil. He becomes what Pap is unable to be by protecting him and learning him right from incorrect. While Pap Finn and Jim both become male parents to Huck. they influence Huck in many different ways. Pap lets Huck acquire away with bad wonts and Huck had even stopped cussing. but now he “took to it once more because pablum hadn’t no objections” ( 34 ) .

When Pap foremost finds out Huck goes to school. he says. “you bead that school you hear? I’ll learn people to convey up a male child to set on poses over his ain male parent and allow on to be better’n what he is” ( 29 ) . Pap thwarts Huck from acquiring in front in life. merely because he can’t read or compose himself. Pap besides wastes much of his life and money on intoxicant. When Pap hears that Huck has six thousand dollars. he instantly finds Huck to acquire it from him. When Pap threatens to crush Huck. he “borrowed three dollars from Judge Thatcher. and pap took it and got drunk” ( 31 ) .

He besides teaches Huck things like stealing. and says to “take a poulet when you have a chance” and that it isn’t “no injury to borrow things. if you was intending to pay them back. sometime” ( 76 ) . Jim nevertheless is really echt and honest. When Huck and Jim separate from each other in the fog. Jim becomes terrified. but when he finds Huck following to him safe he is really happy and thankful. However when Huck starts to play a fast one on him stating he was at that place the whole clip he says “trash is what people is dat puts soil on de caput Er dey fren’s nut makes?

mutton quad ashamed” ( 98 ) . Huck so feels really guilty and apologizes. Jim teaches him right from incorrect. and Huck knows now non to ache people’s feelings. Jim. unlike Pap. values his household every bit good. Jim is ever “thinking about his married woman and his kids? and he was low and homesick” . which teaches Huck that black people and white people aren’t really different. and that Jim “cared merely every bit much for his people as white folks does for their’n” ( 167 ) . Huck besides has a pick of giving Jim up to his rightful proprietor or assisting him escape bondage.

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Huck eventually decides that he’ll “go to hell” if that is what it takes to salvage Jim. Because of what he has learned from Jim he disregards what society has taught him and follows his intestine to salvage Jim ( 227 ) . Because Pap and Jim are so unlike. they teach Huck many different things and have a great impact on him. Pap and Jim treat Huck really otherwise every bit good. Pap invariably abuses Huck. and beats him for no ground. and “by-and-by pablum got excessively ready to hand with his hick’ry” and Huck had wales all over ( 34 ) .

Even when Pap finds a image that Huck got for making good in school he tears it up and says. “I’ll give you something better-I’ll spring you a cowhide” ( 29 ) . Jim nevertheless protects Huck. When Huck and Jim are drifting along the river. they come across a house. Huck’s male parent was dead in the house. but Jim finds Pap foremost and covers him up and Tells Huck to “come in? but doan’ expression at his face-it’s excessively gashly” . without stating Huck who the dead adult male was ( 60 ) . Jim wanted to protect Huck from seeing his male parent dead. despite how Pap treated Huck.

Jim is besides really thankful of Huck. Jim reminds Huck many times that he is “de on’y white genlman digital audiotape kep’ his promise” . and that Huck is his best and merely friend ( 102 ) . Pap Finn and Jim both affect Huck otherwise because of the manner they treat him. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. by Mark Twain. both Pap and Jim can be seen as Huck’s male parents. Because they are so different. they have really different influences on Huck by learning him different things and by the manner they treat him.


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