The Jansenism try their best in showing compassion for all living things, no matter how big or small. Doing so is definitely not a bad thing by any meaner. They do things differently, Just as most of us do. Different isn’t always a bad thing. Not many of us do the same things. We usually do what we’ve been taught to think is good or the right thing. So if they want to establish hospitals for animals, even rats, then that’s not exactly harming anything. Of course many of us would think that doing such a thing would be crazy or unnecessary.

Well it goes both ways, some of the things we do would also seem unnecessary to them as well. We all have different beliefs, cultures, and religions. As for me, I would do it differently and help people before an animal especially a rat. Yes they’re a living creature Just like us, but in my opinion I feel that a human life is more important. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Don’t get me wrong, if I had the power to make it so not one living thing on earth would suffer or die, I would in a heartbeat.

But that’s not possible for me to do, and that’d be in a “perfect” world. It’s things like this I think you especially need an open mind for. There are so many different ways to look at it. And to different people all the different ways (to them) would seem to be the most reasonable best solution. To answer the question, why do Gains establish hospitals for animals, even rats? When there is so much human suffering, is this a Justifiable use of resources? I would say yes it is. Just because not all agree with this doesn’t mean they have the right to tell them that it’s wrong.

If a Gain were to tell a non Gain that what they were doing was wrong, they wouldn’t listen because it’s what they believe and feel is right. So how does anyone responding to this question have the right to say it’s wrong? Well I onto think we do. In all reality they’re not harming anything or anyone, what they’re doing is exactly the opposite. I think many of the people in the world today should be more kind and considerate of the living things around them, whether it be a person, plant or animal. Together as one we make the world go round.

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Without plants how would we breath or for some, eat? And so on and so forth. If more people, or all of us thought the way the Gains do, then perhaps there would be more world peace, and maybe we wouldn’t have to be so cautious in public or around strangers. It really is sad that not everyone can feel safer in this world. The world is a beautiful place, but sadly the people in it have to do things that make it ugly sometimes. I’m not pointing fingers at any “one” person, because I know that we ALL do things, small or big it all adds up.

Maybe the reason why a lot of us don’t treat animals with the same respect as humans is because they can’t express their feeling the same way we can. So we Just assume it’s not as important. It would be so different if they could speak our language and tell us things. If they as animals could do all the same things we are capable to doing. Maybe then everyone would think it’s normal to nave a hospital hem as well, perhaps we would all share the same hospital. If animals could do all that they’d be more like a different color than a species.

White and Black people share the same hospitals so why not? We all bleed the same color so we should be treated the same. So again why do the Gains do what they do, well for the same reason we do what we do,and like I already said before. It’s because we feel it’s the right thing to do. Actually let me rephrase that, in this case it’s because they feel it’s the right thing. I can’t say that we all do the things we do because we feel it’s right, some of the things hat happen in this world is because people are troubled, careless, or Just plain stupid.

If anyone thought that this wasn’t right or necessary, then I hope they are willing to change something that they do for the same reason of someone else feeling it isn’t right. And if they don’t or wouldn’t even consider it, then I’d say that they’re a hypocrite. People do what they will. The key is to not Judge (unless you’re okay with yourself and your own way of life being Judged) and to treat others the way you want to be treated. Even those who seem different from you. Lastly I’ll say, have an open mind!


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