That s an interesting question that has been around for years. Cloning first came to the public attention roughly thirty years ago (Kass 27). After failed attempts to try to make cloning legal on humans, scientists turned to animals. Our own President did not allow scientists to use federal funds to research human cloning. Clinton said that any discovery that touches upon human creation is not simply a matter of scientific inquiry. He went on to say that it was a matter of morality and spirituality as well.

While Clinton did not allow scientists to use federal funds for the study of human cloning, Scottish scientists decided to try it out with animals. That is where the famous sheep Dolly comes up in to play. Dolly was a sheep that was cloned from a six year old ewe (Shannon 108). This became known to the public, when Dr. Ian Wilmut announced it to the world on February 22, 1997. This was the first known example of a successful cloning of a mammal. This breakthrough in scientists led to yet another breakthrough, but this time it was on American soil. This time instead of a sheep, they cloned two monkeys instead.

This was done at Oregon University. This occurred only two weeks after the cloning of the sheep Dolly was announced. There is a new movie that came out called the Sixth Day. It just so happens that this movie is about cloning. In the movie, a human gets cloned because he was accidentally thought to be dead. Now I am not going to sit here and talk to you about the movie, but I am going to talk about the negatives that came with being cloned. From what I saw, if the cloning of humans was legal, then this world would be a disaster. I look at cloning as fake.

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Cloning an individual after he or she has passed away is wrong. If a person dies, then it was meant to happen. A clone is a factory made body. It really has no soul, sure you could put all of the memories of the individual that passed away into the mind of the clone, but it s still a clone. It may remember the times that it shared with friends and family, but it just wasn t the body that was there to enjoy the time with you. Sure, you can make an argument for cloning. You can argue, that if there were a ten year old boy who was very ill, and that was the parents only child, then you would think twice.

I am sure that the parents would pay any amount of money to have their child back. You cannot put a price on life. I m sure that if you had two kids in the same hospital right next to each other, and they were both very ill, and you had the chance to save one by cloning him or watching him die, most parents would choose a clone. This is a very strong argument for cloning. There is another good question that can be asked about cloning. Who will provide the necessary love and care for a child that they know did not come naturally?

In the end, I still stick strong in my beliefs. I believe that cloning is wrong. From a religious stand point it can also be argued. As the bible shows us, there is life after death. The bible never said that there life after life. Although not all scientists and people believe in the bible, but in our quote is in God we trust. The argument for all this is God gave us a mind, and cloning would just be an advancement in science thanks to the good mind that God himself gave us. I just have one final question to end this argument.

When human cloning becomes technically possible, who will control who clones whom and for what ends (Kilner 15) When it comes down to it, every individual has his or her own opinion on cloning. My personal belief is mainly influenced by my religion. I believe that death is natural and is meant to happen to everyone at one time or another. I m not saying that the arguments for cloning are completely foolish and that I would laugh in any individual who told me their point of view and why they are for cloning, but in my mind the cons outweigh the pros on this one.

I am very open minded, and it is true that there are some very good arguments why cloning should be legal. In my mind, I believe that it should not be legal, but I also believe that in the near future it will eventually become legal. What I am trying to say can easily be understood by this quote as movies and novels suggest, and godly wisdom confirms, human cloning is something neither to fool around with nor to attempt (Kilner 14). Now that I have shown you both sides of the argument and why it would and would not be right, I hope that you will share your opinion with me when you are through reading this paper.

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