1. What are the two ways that major faiths of the universe have diffused across cultural barriers and linguistic communication boundaries? The two ways major faiths of the universe have diffused is through migration and transition. 2. List the ways faith marks the cultural landscape.

Religion marks the cultural landscape by churches and mosques. graveyards. shrines. statues. symbols. the manner people frock and the personal wonts of people. 3. Define “religion” . Religion is a system of beliefs and patterns that attempts to order life in footings of culturally perceived ultimate precedences. 4. How is faith demonstrated ( manifested ) on a day-to-day footing? Religion is demonstrated on a day-to-day footing by how the faith influences behaviours during the waking hours through ritual and pattern and even during periods of slumber. 5. What are the most common ways people express their spiritual beliefs? Religion is demonstrated on a day-to-day footing through rites and supplications. 6. What is “secularism” ?

Secularism- The thought that ethical and moral criterions should be formulated and adhered to for life on Earth. non to suit the prescriptions of a divinity and promises of a comfy after life. 7. List the things that are influenced by faith. even in topographic points where faith has become less important. Thingss that are influenced by faith even in topographic points where faith had become less important are art. history. imposts and beliefs. 8. Name the advantages and disadvantages religion brings to societies. The advantages of faith is. it has been a major force in battling societal ailments. prolonging the hapless. advancing the humanistic disciplines. educating the deprived. and progressing medical cognition. The disadvantages of faith are it has blocked scientific survey. encouraged the subjugation of dissenters. supported colonialism and development. and condemned adult females to an inferior position in many societies. 9. List and specify the three classs of faith.

Monotheistic faiths worship a individual divinity. a G-D or Allah. Polytheistic faiths worship more so one divinity even 1000s. Animist faiths are centered on the belief that inanimate objects. such as mountains. possess liquors and should hence be revered. 10. What type of faith was foremost practiced throughout the universe? What was the first monotheistic faith? When did it get down to be practiced? Animist and polytheistic faiths were the first practiced throughout the universe. The first monotheistic faith was Zoroastrianism and it began 3500 old ages ago. 11. List the four major fireplaces of faith and doctrine that appeared around 500 BCE. The fireplace of Grecian doctrine is along the northern shores of the Mediterranean sea. From a fireplace in South Asia. along the Indus river Valley. came Hinduism. From a fireplace on the eastern Mediterranean came Judaism and from a fireplace on the Huang He river Valley in China came Chinese doctrines. 12. What is meant by “universalizing religions” ?

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Universalizing faiths actively seek converts because they view themselves as offering belief systems of cosmopolitan rightness and entreaty. 13. What is an “ethnic religion” ?

An cultural faith is a faith where disciples are born into the religion and converts are non actively sought.


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