The woo stories may be compared by, what people in society think of the angel and the hunger artist, how they arena respected, and how they are looked on as a joke by society. The people in society see the angel in “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” as a threat, because he didn’t seem angelic. They thought of him as a devil. In the story, Marquee wrote “His only supernatural virtue seemed to be patience,” even the most merciful would throw stones at him trying to get a rise out of him. When he was trapped in the cage for others to view, he became very panicked not of rage but of pain.

The people saw that the angel was “full of so much human truth and with such a fearful lesson, was bound to defeat without even trying that of a haughty angel who scarcely deigned to look at mortals. ” While in ” A Hunger Artist” everyone thought that he was cheating. They thought that he simply could not be able to go without eating for forty days. Everyone was anxious to watch him for about forty days and then magically lost interest in him. The watchers were constantly there trying to get him to cheat.

The first group of night watchers would sit far away and lay cards, giving him the opportunity to cheat, while the second group of night watchers would sit close up to the bars, so they could catch every little thing he did, they wanted him to cheat. In general, both the angel and the hunger artist were seen by the public as bad, and weren’t given enough credit for their work and doing. It shows some important aspects of human nature such as narrow-mindedness, egotism, and selfishness. Along the same lines, they both can be compared on a standard basis of respect. In Marquee’ story, the angel didn’t fit the normal standard.

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He was ere dirty, he smelled and had parasites that had proliferated in his wings, and unusually he had feathers, which the crippled would try to pull out. He had wings of an angel but didn’t seem very angelic. Most angels are honored and respected, yet this angel had been exploited for the pleasure of others. Where as in Kava’s story, the hunger artist didn’t fit an “artistic standard. ” Most people view an artist as someone who creates a painting or a sculpture; the hunger artist didn’t seem to fit this standard. Yet, the hunger artist isn’t doing his “art” for someone or something, he just does it for himself.

Although, when he saw the lack of appreciation towards him and how everyone was so amused by the circus next to him, instead of him, he began to change his attitude. In the beginning, he did his “art” for self-satisfaction, pride, and fame; he wanted public acclaim, approval reverence, and respect. In the end, he got nothing. When he died at the end of the story, no one really noticed or cared, and he was just replaced by a young panther. The angel and the hunger artist both weren’t given the respect they desired from society. They both may also be compared through the circus. They were looked on s a joke by society.

Marquee said “Besides, the few miracles attributed to the angel showed a certain mental disorder, like the blind man who didn’t recover his sight but grew three new teeth, or the paralytic who didn’t get to walk but almost won the lottery, and the leper whose sores sprouted sun- flowers. ” These consolation miracles, were like mocking fun, it showed how incompetent the people thought the angel was. They thought this because he wasn’t able to do something to help someone out; they felt he should be able to do so since he was an angel and all. As with Kava’s Story, the hunger artist as a huge joke.

He made a living off of his “art. ” He claimed it was his profession. The opening scene reminds you the most of a circus. There were people who had season tickets to see the hunger artist; children felt it was a treat to be able to go watch him perform. They even had special lighting for him. The elders thought the least of him. It was funny how he would sit in a cage and fast for forty days, which was when he was forced to stop, he wouldn’t eat anything, just take an occasional sip of water. He would sit on straw, pallid, with a constrained smile; he would with draw a deep into myself with a vacant look on his face.

And he would just sit there day and night doing nothing but fasting. And when his forty days were finished he would want to keep going but would never be allowed to do so, the hunger artist would never be satisfied with himself. After the forty days he would be completely emaciated and frail, and the spectators would leave satisfied, but the hunger artist would always feel as if he was just cheated out of his fame. He always wanted more. Always after his forty days were over the spectators would melt away and he would take a break and start fasting again.

No one could see why, he would want keep on doing it. And he would always want more. As we can see the angel and the hunger artist were seen as nothing but huge jokes to society. In conclusion, both “A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings” and ‘A Hunger Artist,” show how a negative and pessimistic outlook on human nature. And how humans and society can show such little compassion to anything out of the ordinary. Both stories show this in their own unique ways and they both are very deceptive, as well. Even though, neither Story shows us this directly, we can see it.

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