In this section of the story, it shows every man’s basic wants. We all want a life of paradise. Everybody wants to be rich and so, to attain this we are all prepared to sacrifice for a better future. Some people value how others see them. TO others it is the image or the first impression that matters the most. For some, it does not really matter. A first impression to them does not affect the degree or knowledge of the person. In some way, Nathalie Eloise shows importance on image. She dresses herself up.

She prepares the most beautiful clothes and astounding necklace that even the noble, themselves, are jealous of. She wanted to be the center of attention at the party and she definitely stole the limelight Relating this to the reality, doesn’t everyone want to be looked upon on and be coveted of something? Man, by nature, wants to belong. Man wants to fit in the society. Therefore, he is prepared to camouflage just to be seen as someone who holds power and wealth. How do we perceive material things? Does it define us? Or does it destroy us? As a

Benedictine student am taught of the different teachings and rule of SST. Benedict. And one of his rules is simplicity of lifestyle. Going back to the story, Nathalie Eloise borrows a necklace from Madame Forrester. Nathalie Eloise believes that the necklace she borrowed was of real diamonds. She thinks that if she wears this she could give the illusion of someone rich. Madame Forrester knows that the necklace was an imitation. One probable reason as to why she didn’t give Nathalie a heads up is probably to make Nathalie believe that she is wealthy.

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In the identity or persona of Madame Forrester wouldn’t we want to make others believe that we are those of the elite? Following the denouement of the story Nathalie replaced the fake necklace with a real one. She was able to pay for the real necklace for 10 years. As 10 years pass by her beauty that was once her pride was ripped off from her. Everything that she believed that was less was even reduced to something less. They have to save every penny, every dime for the necklace. She suffered a grueling fate just to pay for the necklace that isn’t going to be hers.

The necklace probably represents how society, how man value things that are not even important. We kick for things that are merely wants not needs. We crave for things that which makes us look richer. At some point in our life, we have to stop and think. Reflect, and ask yourself would this change me as a person? To whom will be denying the truth, myself or others? We don’t have to wear or buy things that we deem for the rich or that which gives us power, but settling ourselves to a simple life would be far more greater than making an illusion of lies and deceit that could lead to regret, sorrow and misery.

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