Recruitment is the first step of the process of hiring a new staff to the company. It also can differential by hiring or employing, external recruitment or internal recruitment. Hiring or employing mean that taken a new people from outside to became a new staff or company. External recruitment is to attract potential people then identify then bring to company current and future vacancy. Internal recruitment, is to identify current potential staff who are suitable for new create position or replacing the staff that resigned. 2. Explanation of the topic

The process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a job vacancy, in a most timely and cost effective manner. The first step of hiring or employing, recruitment, is very important for every level of company. Nowadays, employees is the main and important sources for every company. It will affect company performance and the entire company if employing a wrong people to the wrong position. That’s why Human Resources Department become more important compare to before. Besides that, the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection is to ensure the successful of the organization.

Recruitment and selection are the main key of maintaining and strengthening the human resources department. Even how good the recruitment are taken, there are always unexpected and accidently happen. Example, the candidate will not perform expected, the good candidate get better offer from competitor after few weeks. Another, each employees decision and opinion can add to, the quality of workforce will be good. Because of the increase of the employment protection, it is more difficult to correct mistake in the employment decision once the people was offered.

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Recruitment is important because once you make a wrong decision about employing, there are always a cost there. Recruitment can be differential in four type situations: * Replacement recruitment – It involve recruiting any king of the employee, from the managing director to manual worker in the factory. * Recruiting for a new position or job – It is maybe limited to one person, but some time need someone to fill a new job or position. * Recruiting for a new build – The organization units is totally new, a new hotel, restaurants. Recruitments need that reflect long term distortion in the supply and demand for the labour – Responses may involve developing new, and often overseas, labour markets and may feature an ethical, demographical and politcal dimension. There are two way to define the recruitment: 1. Job description – This is include the duty and responsibilities of the jobholder. And also the detail of the job, the task of the job. A job description is to record what is the employee should do. Integrity – This quality is about honesty, admitting to mistakes and fixing them, taking responsibility.

Intelligence – This do not mean that to education, is about the skill the people has, example like problem solving, analytical ability. Maturity – This do not mean that to age problem, is about the ability to handle pressure, to proud of successful, the confidence, the understanding of respect others. Personal characteristics: Positive energy or strong work ethic – This is about the strong internal drive and the way to maintain your energy source, this is more about the people who enjoy in their job, and more motivation person.

The ability energize other – This is about to lead others to the way you want they to go through, working with others and even inspiring others. Having the edge to take important or often challenging decisions – This is about the people who depending on you to use your judgement and understanding what need to be done, and to make the decision with the right reason. Execute – This is about the ability to get the job done. 2. Personal specification It is about the requirement of the jobholder in term of education, skill, knowledge, qualifications, experience, ability, personality, attitudes.

Detail of the requirement is to ensure she or he able to meet the objective, overcome the problem, and able to handle the challenge. Before recruitment, the preparation of job description and personal specification must file in place. The job description must include all the task, responsibilities, skill, knowledge are require. This would give a idea to candidate imaging the job position, that should be fill in or not. The way to attract right applicants, is the right advertisement, and the text, colour, design.

Unless you are familiar with the reliable publication, it may be advisable to employ the resources of specialist agency that can advise on the choice of the media. Nowadays, there are many recruitment firm will offer writing, design, placing advertisement. And also including shortlisting, interview, managing applicants and searching candidates. By the way, there are few writing words that need to be careful, example like ‘young’ , ‘mature’, because that is indirect discrimination. Recruitment is a main key of HR activity. Recruitment begins with the identification of human resource requirements and ends with the receipt of an applications.

Recruitment immediately precedes the selection process and involves attracting qualified and interested candidates from either inside or outside the organization. Recruitment can say that is a economic competition, organization compete each other to searching and attract qualified candidate. Advertising in local, state, national newspaper is widely used by most of the organization. Most of the organization like to used it, just because of it able to quick placement advertisement, flexibility in term of information and newspaper advertisement can target specific geographic area.

But it only attract individual who are actively seeking job, while some of the best candidate who are well paid by current company will not aware the advertisement. Besides that, the size of the advertisement may influence candidate responses, 75% of the people regarded larger advertisement as positive influential. For the content of advertisement, Human Resource Manager can write more attractive follow by AIDA. -Attracting the reader’s ATTENTION -Stimulating the reader’s INTEREST -Developing a DESIRE within the reader -Encouraging the reader to take a specific ACTION

The main question of that is whether to put in the organization name in advertisement or not. Some of the organization do not put in the name because the organization do not wish to respond everyone who applies which is not qualify by wasting the administrative time and expenses. Others reason is to avoid variant of new strategy direction to its competitor. The last, newspaper is a public and popular source for organization used to execute external recruitment. Nowadays, not only the newspaper advertisement, there are traditional and non-traditional searching job for candidates.

The traditional type is newspaper advertisement, walk in interview, employment agency, advertisement in professional journals. The non-traditional is about network, employee referral. Another way to searching candidate is college campus recruitment. It’s about recruitment through visiting and take part in the college campus and placement center. It can attract more young professional and management trainer, many of the public and private company recruit direct from college or university. Student generally will expect low salary, but they are lack of experience.

The organization will get more qualify and updated candidate from college or university which is technology organization, because of technology keep changing. Most of the student will have little or no experience so organization must provide some kind of basic training for the graduated student they employ. There are two type of private employment agency. The first one is charged from applicants, this type of agency will teach you how to write a good resume, and guide you a interview skill, and to make sure you get the job which you wish.

The second one is charge from organization, this type of agency will help organization to search qualify candidate and match the organization’s requirement. 3. Application of recruitment Delta Business Solutions, since its inception in July, 1982,has firmly established itself as a significant leader in providing TOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS. In their leadership role, they are dedicated to offer the business community with innovative integrated solutions that will enhance business intelligence to continually creating exciting working ambience.

Starting from a undersized workforce to an over 120-person workforce to date, they have now expanded ourselves to total of 8 offices, widely sited in major towns, namely Georgetown, Butterworth, Sungai Petani, Kulim, Alor Star & Kangar. Delta Business Solutions, with its tagline “Getting Excited Going To Work” is clearly in its direction. We are the specialist of comprehensive business solutions you need for an ideal office set-up. Delta Business Solutions believe that, a comfortable workplace will enhance and contributed positive working atmosphere and resulting a higher quality productivity.

The sales consultants of the organization are focus on delivering value where Product, Knowledge & Technical Support are the key areas of concern. With 29 years of expertise, they boasted a proud history of supporting all kinds of business through a highly diversified product range and efficient customer support platform. They are recognized for their consistent quality in designing and delivering innovative, practical business solutions that automate and enhance critical business functions.

You can count on us in making new possibilities in your business. The product of Delta Business Solutions is about Display Solutions (Plasma/Projector), Document Imaging Solutions, Consumables Supplies, Access Control & Attendance Solutions, Furniture & Workspace Solutions, PA Systems & Professional Audio Solutions, Smart Card Solutions, CCVE/CCTV Solutions, Communication Solutions, Payment & POS Solutions, Document Presentation Solutions, Mailing Solutions and Handling & Safety Storage Solutions.

Besides that, they also provide technical services and support about machine. For Delta Business Solutions, they have set the highest standard of business conduct for all their activities and relationship with clientele, business associates and colleagues. Delta Business Solution built on excellent performance, the qualification and the commitment to contribute to corporate success. They provide support and advice to employees, the success of team is appreciated by company. Delta Business Solutions done a good job in the process of recruitment.

It believe that recruitment is important in order to avoid mistakes would lead to future problem to the company from the candidates. When there are any of the employees resign, they will immediately plan about hiring new staff to replacing the position, start from recruitment. When they are plan to operate a new branch at new location, they will plan for the position and quantity of staff they need, instead of internal or external recruitment. Delta Business Solutions is looking into internal labour market, not external labour market.

It mostly go to internal recruitment sources, just because of they have more knowledge about employee strength and weakness. At the same time, the employees already know the organization. This may benefit the organization with save time, save cost and generate success promotions. They will turn the investment to training and development. Delta Business Solutions very strict on job description and specification when placing a recruitment advertisement. They believe that it may affect the quality of candidates and company image. Job description is writing about the duty, responsibilities, orking condition, detail of the job, task. This is important because may affect what the candidates think and imaging about this job position. It also is a document that record what to do by a jobholder. Delta Business Solutions is looking about some condition about the candidate that possess. Honesty, take responsibilities, admitting to mistakes is the important qualifications. They are not just looking on the education level of the candidate but some skill is necessary, example like problem solving, analytical ability and intellectual curiosity.

Besides that, they do not care about the age of candidates, and also experiences, because the management are willing to teach or educate the employee which they are without experiences, they appreciate the applicants which is eager to learn. Delta Business Solutions prefer self motive person and team work person, they strict on big family inside organization. For the personal specification will more on the attitude, skill, knowledge, self motivation, because they believe it may affect the successful of the task, and to make sure the job able done by the jobholder.

Before placing the recruitment advertisement on any media, the job description and personal specification will be done after human resources manager meeting with the empty position department manager. Normally the content of the meeting will be what kind of quality that need on that empty position and detail of the job, through this meeting, human resource manager will know about what the position demand and who is the right person to meet those demands. Therefore human resource manager will prepare the job description and personal specification.

Some time human resource manager will confuse about the job description and personal specification, because of the different position different job. Delta Business Solutions very clear about the consequences if they are fail to employ qualify human resource, it can create unrealistic expectation among candidates. Nowadays, mostly all people also connect to network everyday, and Delta Business Solution realize about it too. Delta Business Solutions are using non tradition approaches, it mostly advertise through network, example is placing recruitment advertisement on Jobstreet or Jenjobs.

Some time, human resource manger will make a mistake that hired a wrong applicants, because of misunderstand the meaning of other department manager through meeting. And sometime the human resource manager and department manager of Delta Business Solutions will create conflict while meeting. This may affect the wrongly job description and personal specification. And the different department different position need a different people to meet the different objective. Due to the good job of job description , they are able to attract qualify candidates. 4. Conclusion

Conclusion, when I have finish this assignment, I know and understand the important of the first step of the process, recruitment. That is a key activities of human resources department, and we must done a good job about it. Employees are asset of the organization, every organization claim to follow and try to understand this mantra. And the advantages of internal recruitment is the organization know well on the employees, know about the strength and weakness of the employee. Another, the organization can turn investment to training and development and the success of promotion, these are the advantage of internal recruitment.

Besides that, job description and personal specification must be done well and include all the duty, task, responsibilities, skill, knowledge that need by the jobholder. If we fail to do so, we need to face the consequences. Example is attract minority of applicants, attract unqualify candidates. After done prepare of the job description and personal specification, the next should be analysis a best media and approaches to place the recruitment advertisement. That can be differentia by traditional and non traditional approaches. Traditional approaches include newspaper advertisement, walk in interview, employee agencies.

Non traditional include network and referral. For newspaper advertisement, some of the organization confuse about the organization name post at the public place, will create unwanted disadvantages. Example, competitor will realize about the new strategy. And some of the organization do not want to response to all applicants which is not qualify. For the advantage of placing advertisement is much than others. That’s quick placement of advertisement, can target the specific geographic area, flexibility in term of information. (Human Resource (HR) Articles n. d)


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