This policy encompasses those guidelines which constitute a sound basis for efficientand effective HR Management in the Nestle Group around the world. They are in essence flexible and dynamic and may require adjustment to a variety of Circumstances. Therefore its implementation will be inspired by sound judgment,compliance with local market laws and common sense, taking into accounts the specificcontext. Its spirit should be respected under all circumstances. As Nestle is operating on a worldwide basis, it is essential that local legislation andpractices be respected everywhere.

Also to be considered is the degree of development of each market and its capacity to advance in the management of their human resource. Should any HR policy conflict with local? Legislation, local legislation will prevail. These policies are addressed to all those who have a responsibility in managing? People as they will as to HR professionals?? The Nestle Management and Leadership Principles include the guidelines inspiring allthe Nestle employees in their action and in their dealings with others. The CorporateBusiness Principles refer to all the basic principles which Nestle endorses andsubscribes to on a worldwide basis.

Both these documents are the pillars on which thepresent policy has been built. A Shared Responsibility: HR managers and their staff are there to provide professional support in handlingpeople matters but should not substitute themselves to the responsible manager. Their prime responsibility is to contribute actively to the quality of HR management throughout the organization by proposing adequate policies, ensuring their consistent application and coherent implementation with fairness. Acting as business partners, the HR manager advises and offers solutions which results in positive impact on the organization¶s effectiveness.

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Furthermore, she/he proposes best practices and provides state-of-the-art support and counseling to her/his colleagues. Together they act as co-responsible partners for all HR matters. This partnership is the key for efficiency in people management. The communication skills of the HR staff must be appropriate to deal with all delicate matters as they occur frequently in human relations issues. They gain their credibility not only from their professional contribution but also through the care and the excellence of their communication skills


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