Pakistan ‘s firstA oil fieldA was discovered in the late 1952 inA BaluchistanA near a giantA Sui gas field. It covers 122.67A square kilometres ( 47.36A sqA myocardial infarction ) .A Pakistan PetroleumA andA Pakistan OilfieldsA explored and began boring from Toot country is one of the oldest oil bring forthing parts in Pakistan with the firstA oil wellA wasA drilledA in 1964 when PresidentA Ayub KhanA encourages a mineral development policy. The commercial production started in 1967. There are about 60 million barrels of oil in topographic point with 12 % -15 % of which is recoverable. At its extremum during 1986, the field was bring forthing about 2,400 barrel of oil per twenty-four hours. Oil production was wholly confined to the Potwar Plateau boulder clay 1981, when Union Texas Pakistan discovered its first oil-field in LowerA Sindh. By 1998-1999, the Lower Sindh gas-fields were bring forthing more oil than the Potwar Plateau. Since so, new sedimentations have besides been found here.

In 2005, the Vancouver-basedA International Sovereign EnergyA signed a memoranda of understanding with theA ” Oil and Gas Development Company Limited ” , Pakistan ‘s national oil company, to develop the Toot field.A

Pakistan has non experienced many new oil Fieldss coming online. As a consequence, oil production has remained reasonably level, at around 60,000 barrels per twenty-four hours ( bbl/d ) . Due to Pakistan ‘s modest oil production, the state is dependent on oil imports to fulfill domestic oil demand. As of November 2006, Pakistan had consumed about 350 1000 barrels of oil and assorted crude oil merchandises, of which, more than 80 per centum was imported. The bulk of oil imports come from the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia as the lead importer. In Pakistan conveyance sector in the biggest user of the crude oil merchandises use 48 % , energy sector uses about 36 % , and industrial sector which has a portion of 12 % while staying 4 % is shared by the residential sector.

There are about four major national oil companies presently involved in the sector, viz. Oil and Gas development corporation limited ( OGDCL ) , Pakistan crude oil limited ( PPL ) , and Pakistan province oil company limited and Pakistan oilfields limited ( POL ) .

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Introduction of Shell Pakistan Limited

The documented history of Royal Dutch Shell plc ( normally known as Shell ) in Pakistan dates back to 1903 when partnership was struck between The Shell Transport & A ; Trading Company and the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company to provide crude oil to Asia. In 1928 when Royal Dutch Shell plcA and the Burmah Oil Company Limited ( was a leadingA BritishA oil concern ) in India were merged and Burmah Shell Oil Storage & A ; Distribution Company of India was born.

After the independency of Pakistan in 1947, the name was changed to the Burmah Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan. In 1970, when 51 % of the shareholding was transferred to Pakistani investors, the name of changed to Pakistan Burmah Shell ( PBS ) Limited.

The Shell and the Burmah Groups, retained the staying 49 % in equal proportions. In February of 1993, as economic liberalisation began to take root and the Burmah divested from PBS, Shell Petroleum stepped into rise its interest to 51 % . The old ages 2001-2 have seen the Shell Petroleum Company in turn increasing its portion, with the Group now holding a 76 % interest in Shell Pakistan Ltd ( SPL ) an look of assurance

The 2nd largest oil company in the state, Shell Pakistan has successfully positioned itself as the preferable oil and Gas Company in Pakistan, taking the field in its committedness to client service, quality of merchandises, safety and environmental protection.

Presently shell has been runing for over more than 90 states and districts and has been supplying its merchandises and services. Shell Pakistan is divided into 8 functional countries i.e. Retail, Lubricants, Aviation, Operations, Finance, Corporate, Human Resource and Commercial Fuels. It has played a prima function in energy demand of Pakistan.A It represented in all facets of the upstream and downstream oil concern in Pakistan, in geographic expedition both onshore and offshore, in refinement, every bit good as a 26 % portion keeping in the white oil grapevine ( an oil grapevine fromA Port QasimA to theA Pak-Arab RefineryA ( PARCO ) atA Mehmood Kot, A Multan District, A Punjab, ) . As Shell has a rich bequest and long association with Pakistan, it operates over 800 retail Stationss, it has the taking market portion among foreign crude oil retail concerns in Pakistan.


A concern needs people to accomplish its ends. In every organisation the concern activities are performed by different people working in different sections like selling, finance, IT, and others, but HR is the 1 whose maps are non merely associated with executing its ain section activities but besides to look over the activities of other sections. In two words, it is charged with the overall duty for make up one’s minding upon and implementing schemes and policies aligned with organisation ‘s ends and acquiring the things done from people and so with the direction of persons and sections. Shell ‘s HR activities are non dependent on a several state degree but they are categorized into three different degrees.

HR Business ( Global )

Shell ‘s HR Business has been runing at the planetary degree and evolved in planing the reproduction of assorted concerns like Retail, supply and distribution, commercial, planetary maps, fabrication, chemicals, finance/controllers, etc.

Centre of Excellence ( Regional )

The people working in centres of excellence are on the regional degree and are responsible in doing overall policies, puting wage, exile, and doing policies for competency development.

HR Country ( Respective state )

At the state degree they are the people like HR directors so where of all time shell has been runing the several state includes HRM. The policies aligned to the concern and maps are implemented here and the directors are responsible in conveying what needs to be done. Shell Pakistan is covering at this state level so our farther treatment will be based on the activities of HR state Pakistan.

HR Department ‘s Structure at Country Level

The duties for HR section at state degree are non divided into different sub-departments instead ; there are the occupation places in the hierarchy which are responsible in holding certain responsibilities to be performed and to keep certain duties. The benchmarks are as follows:

Employee Relations/Industrial Relations

Employee and Industrial Relations at shell are maintained by the HR history directors who focus on the morale and motive of employees and how they feel about working for Shell, every bit good as edifice strong relationships with employee representatives.A A batch of Hr director ‘s clip is spent in pass oning and confer withing with Shell staff and representative organic structures to guarantee they ‘re cognizant of determinations at all degrees, that they feel involved in the decision-making procedure.

Learning and development

Learning & A ; development is another place for the history director at the tabular array within HR, the HR history director helps in accomplishing of concern schemes and operational programs. It helps in supplying and developing cardinal capablenesss to run into the demands and challenges of the concern. Working on the design and bringing of larning plans covering Leadership Development, Technical/Professional Development, and the Personal and Business Skills portfolio are the basic duties for director.


Country degree HRAM provides a enlisting procedure that brings the best of the universe ‘s endowment to Shell and goes for top alumnuss and experient professionals whose accomplishments will procure long-run competitory advantage for the company.


The following HRAM is responsible in implementing policies that comes into shell ‘s basic concern rules which includes nucleus values, honestness, unity, regard for people and the publicity of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism, and pride in what they do. HRM enforces employees to follow up with these policies.


The procedure gets started with the planning of HR demands. The first basic demand degree Fahrenheit HR is to do certain that the right figure and right people are at that place at the right clip. By executing occupation analysis it comes to cognize that the right people are at that place, by cognizing excess and deficit state of affairss it can work on right measure and clip. Job analysis is done at the planetary degree so Shell at state degree is responsible in taking the actions on the state of affairss of excess and deficit.

Excess of Employees

It is in the company ‘s policy non to engage more than 500 employees. During excess the employees are given the chance to use for other occupations within state at shell and unclutter the choice procedure or other so that the HR direction refers the inordinate employees to other large organisations.

Deficit of Employees

In instance of deficit the company satisfies the term “ fill in the vacancy ” in which it gives first precedence to its internal employees to use for the proceeding vacancy and so it goes for external enlisting to make full the topographic point which has been left over by the promoted employee.


Those persons who want to see their hereafter at shell decides upon the manner in which they want to continue with it. There have been different enlisting methods that HR section has been sing:

Methods of Recruitment

Head huntsman house

Shell outsources the duty for enlisting when it seeks to enroll a top degree professional with specifying the requirement evidences of adulthood and competency. The organisation is in a favour of equal chance employer where work forces and adult females both are preferred. The outsourcing is done so that the higher place does non go the victim of nepotism or corrupt system.

Global Recruitment

Shell appreciates the best tantrum employees for the above places for which the HRAM put attempts in conveying planetary endowment to Pakistan and it is usually done for the senior place. As Leon GM of Shell says,

“ Global enlisting is done for planetary endowment ”

Internal Recruitment

This method receives the primary concern at shell in which the internal employees are more preferable to use and acquire selected for the places on a just footing as they besides have to travel through the overall choice procedure. As internal employees are more familiar with the civilization, work unit, regulations and ordinances so it benefits the organisation every bit good in cost economy. Furthermore, there are no publicity chances for employees so the internal enlisting has turned out to be an alternate motivational factor to work unit. The employees can use by sing the company ‘s intranet.


Ad opens another manner for the occupation searchers. The advertizement is based on occupation specification in which all the demands are mentioned which possibly reduces the possibility of talentless persons to use. As the Gm said that traveling into occupation description is a drawn-out procedure.

The blind box scheme has been proved non that helpful for the HR directors at shell because they applied this scheme for twice but no equal response was received.

Employee Referrals

When the company posts the occupation offers on the notice board or on its intranet for the internal employees so it besides runs the possibility that employees will acquire their referrals along.

Job hunt ( internet )

Internet is categorized for professionals, internees, and alumnuss. There are application signifiers which need to be filled with an affiliated sketchs.


Initial Screening


The person ‘s course of study vitae ( CV ) and sketchs are taken into consideration when doing choice determination. Shell ‘s HR direction chiefly focuses on the format of the sketch of the campaigner in other words they short list these sketchs on format and form bases.

Application Form

Those campaigners who apply on the cyberspace have to register themselves for make fulling up an application signifier given on the web site of shell. Here it encourages those campaigners who are eligible on the standards as decided by the company. Those campaigners are short listed who meets the needed standards and they besides enclose their sketchs along here. The internal campaigners are already registered who merely need to log in while using for the new occupation.



Those campaigners whose application signifiers are short listed are invited for an interview. Here an person ‘s culturally fit demand is given a close consideration and two interviews are conducted. The first interview is taken by the director of HR section and so abruptly listed from here are sent for the 2nd interview which is taken by the section directors along with the senior directors. Candidate ‘s behaviour is besides of a acute involvement to an interviewer and he is assessed against capacity, accomplishment, relationship accomplishments and proficient accomplishments.

Background Investigation

There is no specific demand of background probe because the paperss that an employee carries along on the interview twenty-four hours go a clear grounds of employee ‘s profile. For some places the grade and experience background is of import but largely an employee can be from any background but must be eligible for the place.

Medical Requirement

Minimum fittingness to work is required as it is set by the Centre of excellence. The state degree Hr director while sing the chief factors can reject who does non suit to the minimal demand.


Internally selected campaigners

Employees who are internally selected are given no orientation as they have already been through it and are familiar with the norms, values and civilization of the organisation. The work debut is made by the line director and the employee bit by bit learns about new work.

New Employees

The new employees when join the company they are given a set of paperss in which they can do themselves cognizant of the model in which policies are set so that it makes an organisation a good topographic point to work. The paperss can incorporate the undermentioned lessons:

Code of behavior and moralss

Anti-corruption and graft

Anti-trust in which whistle blowing is considered as unethical

Policies around torment and gender

A new employee is introduced with the work unit but it ‘s his/her duty every bit good to travel, agitate manus and present him or her to others. Furthermore there are communications meetings which makes them socialise and they are besides given the organisation circuit.

Curriculum activities performed by employees

The employees are besides offered to go to a twenty-four hours in which there are figure of land activities they need to execute including group treatment, presentations, exercisings, existent instance surveies, squad edifice activities and others, to analyse how single can cope with different concern scenarios. It is done at the planetary degree.

Learning AND Training

Shell believes that the best manner to larn is by making. The accent is being on shadowing people and so if the lacking is found during public presentation rating so the employees are trained by on-the-job methods. The new employees are shadowed by which they are assigned to the line directors and detect how the work is to be carried out, what are the day-to-day duties and a batch more. They keep on larning about their work so they develop overtime. The employees are non rotated on the occupations as the publicities are restricted but it can be done by a communicating or dialogue with line directors. For suppose, If an employee wants to larn about the new work or occupation so he can inquire of it from the line director and by the common treatment between them he can larn further. There are specific indexs which analyze the demand for preparation and are computed on the annually based public presentations.

Analyzing Training demands

Accept Error

The Hr section keeps the record of employees to measure their public presentations and to see whether they are set into the environment. It looks that the individual must be culturally fit, behaviour is good, does the work by ain, public presentation is good, and do n’t seek to rule over others. Many times the employees are imaged as a perfect campaigner for the place during an interview procedure but the clip when the world appears and if it is opposite so the HR director does see it as an accept mistake. It indicates that an employee needs more of the preparation. The individual is given a period of six months in which he or she is trained to suit into the specific demands and rating besides goes a long clip to clip.

Competence profile

There are competency profiles for each occupation and people are supposed to be assessed together on profiles. For case, foremost the people are shadowed and so if person needs to get leading accomplishments, dialogue or interpersonal accomplishments or any other accomplishment so for that there are plans like on-the-job preparation such as ;

Work Assignments

Team undertakings


Shadowing people

Linkss to web sites with different universities

Management articles and research publications


There are international plans for employee development and preparation. The pure development is been made through foreign classs which are considered as a portion of off-the-job preparation and the preparation which helps a small in development of an employee are practical classs.

Foreign Courses

Foreign classs are considered as the development of an employee as the HR manager stated,

“ There are public and foreign classs which is a portion of the overall development, we look at the person ‘s occupation public presentation and potency so everybody does n’t travel for that and everybody may believe that unless are gone for a class they ca n’t be able to larn, but larning and development are two different things. You should necessitate to be larning all the clip and as development is the dearly-won procedure so we bounds off the campaigners. ”

Virtual classs ( Shell Open University )

These are the online classs by which an employee can larn by shoping the shell ‘s official web site where one can acquire the entree to blast Open University ‘s web page and larn all the relevant things.


Performance assessment is done by two manner procedure:

Goal Performance Appraisal

Shell set marks for betterment and steps, appraises and so studies public presentation. There is a competence profile for each occupation harmonizing to which an employee is assigned to the different work-related ends that need to be achieved. GPA is given on the rating whether the ends have been achieved.


Ranking is a procedure alike on which the persons are compared within their sections and the best ranker receives the wages. There is a structured budget so merely one individual will be having the wages.

As the HR director stated,

“ Everybody ca n’t be adult male of the lucifer in every lucifer. ”


The employees are benefited and rewarded on many different evidences. Some of them are as follows:

Internal enlisting

The internal employees are given the first precedence to use for the following places. This has been made as an surrogate for publicities.

Competitive Salary

The competitory wage is based on market conditions so the experient and the 1 with high accomplishments is likely the 1 who is paid high.

Performance-related wage and fillips

When the employee accomplishes goal-performance assessment so he/she is rewarded with fillips or sometimes it gets the addition in salary.

Club ranks

The employees are given different nine ranks and are besides offered to take part into its activities in which they are awarded as good by the nines.


The employees are given autos and choice and bead installations. The top directors are besides benefited with fuels.

Annual paid foliages

The employees are given one-year paid foliages for which there wage is non deducted.

Flexible working patterns

The environment of the work topographic point is made so flexible and interesting that the employees feel secure and remain concentrated while being at the work topographic point. The timings are besides flexible so that employees can non believe about taking out clip for some of his/her off the occupation related work during occupation.

Long Service Awards

Shell late held a long service awards distribution ceremonial in 2010 at Karachi in which the eligible staff who had completed 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 old ages of experience in the company were awarded.

Champions trophy

The title-holder ‘s trophy-east was launched in 2009 to acknowledge and honor history directors and gross revenues directors for the commercial fuel squads in E. It was aimed to stimulate the gross revenues professionals and appreciate the outstanding public presentations.From Pakistan Ehtesham saleem, AM for a Pakistan commercial fuel was awarded.

Traveling verifiers

In 2009 shell evaluated its top 3 gross revenues performing artists in E and they were given travel verifiers valued at 3,000pounds, 2,500 lbs, and 2,000 lbs for the first, 2nd and 3rd victor severally in which the history directors from Pakistan were besides included.

Other benefits and wagess include:

Maternity/paternity leave and possible sabbaticals

Mobile measures

Shell fuel cards

Pension/ retirement programs

Healthcare coverage


Shell is one of the biggest organisations globally, but as it has all the policies designed at planetary degree so it costs high at regional degree. The demands of civilization and demands of employees vary from state to state. So for every part the policies should be good designed and structured harmonizing to the demands of the employees. It is really clip consuming because the HR section working in Pakistan has to garner all the information sing public presentation assessments, publicities etc and so all of this information is sent at a planetary degree, it can make a communicating spread without the HR section working at a planetary and a regional degree. Policies should non merely be implemented but should besides be created harmonizing to the employees, because the supervisor or the director to whom the employee studies straight merely knows about his/her public presentation.


HR section in every organisation plays a critical function in pull offing all the activities which are related to profitableness and direction of employees which are chief assets of an organisation. Shell is a multi-national organisation which is working at a planetary and regional degree. All the policies are made for the benefit of the employees, they consider everyone every bit none is favored or prioritized unless he/she is capable and turn out themselves by carry throughing the undertakings assigned. They motivate their employees by supplying them the chance to use for a vacant place which shows that how much they are valued. Team work is valued because they consider that an employee is no good to the organisation if he/she can non get by up with the squad, everyone can work for themselves but a true dedicated person is that who matches his coveted demands with the organisation demands.


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