Modern day human trafficking and slavery has its roots and its ancient times. Humanity has evolved only to still practice some of the earliest crimes known to man. In other words, slavery (human trafficking). Although the British settlers who settled in the New World started the African slave trade, Britain was main country to push for an end to African slave trade. In 1807, the British parliament banned slave trade and in 1833, slavery was abolished from British colonies. However, by then human trafficking and slave trade had made many people rich and economies of certain colonies and nations ere built by these slaves.

Thereafter for decades, Britain forced countries to adopt anti- slavery policies and were successful by and large. However, this paved way for white slavery (and as well as colored human trafficking) , which was commonly used to describe all forms of prostitution — licensed and coerced. Later; on the other hand, after WWI, prostitution becomes illegal making human trafficking become extremely risky a and decreasing in popularity. (Gupta 2). This past leads us to the very present day where ow, against the commands of the law, Human traffickers have decided to revive the business of slavery. With the popularity of trafficking at its peak, the number of targets have increased, leaving the resulting statistics quite astonishing.

As it is mostly a underground industry, estimates of scale and size are bound to be unknown. However, the most widely accepted figures, from the U. S state department, indicate that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders each year; 70% are women, most of whom are destined for the sex trade (Gupta 1). In Britain, it is estimated that 80% of the 80,000 women in prostitution are foreign nationals, most of whom have been trafficked” (Thrupkaew 3). These Statistics are important, because there is a disgraceful attempt by those who support prostitution as a career option to trash these figures, which fatally undermine their argument around choice. Central to the concept of trafficking is the idea that women have been deceived or coerced in the recruitment process, including deception about in the recruitment process, including about the conditions of work as shown in the novel “Sold” by Patricia McCormick.

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For those who would willingly agree to work for long hours, 7 days a week, in conditions of bonded labor, where their so called wages only just cover their exorbitant and inflated living costs end up serving in ways they didn’t expect to. This work ethic is usually displayed by immigrants without legal status, making them perfect victims for sex traffickers (Gupta 2). A minority of women in the sex trade have been arguing that prostitution is a job like any other, where unionization can help improve working conditions (Los Angeles Times 1). This superficial attractive argument has been winning over sections of the progressive left who believe, along with libertarians, that opposition arises from a moral agenda or ‘killjoy’ feminists” (Los Angeles Times 1).

Although it is great to make conditions as safe and healthy as possible, and to campaign against criminalization of women in the sex industry, it is also important to recognize that this industry can never truly be safe and that women want to get out as soon as alternatives are available. Most women in the sex industry don’t want to be there: their ‘choice’ is driven by desperations” (Gupta 1). Some women may not agree with such a statement and may enjoy their work as a prostitute. But on the other side of the fence, women can be headstrong at times, they still need to be protected or at least given a helping hand to guide themselves in the right direction (Los Angeles Times 1). Everyone should protect or look out for one another in hopes of preventing any type of “desperate” actions; for there is truly no “good” side to human trafficking. People should offer a hand. It


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