Perspectives How would you like to have a business that makes a profit of $32 billion worldwide every year? Of which $15. 5 billion of its profit is generated in industrialized countries? How would you like to be a part of a business that affects the lives of 27 million individuals? You might be wondering of what might this “business” be? How could I get in on this? Trust me one does not want to be involved in this type of “business”. This business which is spoken of is human trafficking. Human trafficking is the most rapid increase of criminal activity of our time.

This type of activity is also appending in our own country. Anywhere from 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States every year. To make matters worse, there are even cases right here in Marion County. One might be in a state of shock after hearing that but this is all true. I would be mentioning the sociological perspectives which are related to this matter. Some questions that you might think of; How do people get in such situations? How does human trafficking relate to status, power and even access to resources? How does human trafficking relate to social stability and social instability?

Is human trafficking a symbolic interaction? Or is it more of a rational choice? All of these questions and more will be answered. How do people get into these situation? People get into these situations because a lack of money. Some families even have trafficked some of their children in order to obtain money to keep them from being in the streets. There are also predators on the internet. Most of the people that one would talk to on the internet might not even give their correct information on the internet and could ask to meet up with the kid and the child would get lured into human trafficking that way.

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Another way is most runaway kids get involved in human raffling because of the fact that they do not have a lot of money. They are promised money but are lied to by these human traffickers and they usually can’t find a way out from being human trafficked. We have to try to prevent any of these situations from happening to younger children that we know and even other individuals. If you have children try keeping the computer or personal laptop in a spot where it is visible for you to see what your child is doing on it. The first perspective which will be explained is conflict perspective.

In how does human trafficking relate to status, power, or even access to resources. In the economy which we live in today there is a lack of Jobs, the wages which are low, and the cost of living is high. All of these factors creates an opportunity for human traffickers. Some people even end up homeless on the streets and try their best looking for a better opportunity. When one is put in that kind of a situation they become prey for disturbed individuals. Those of who lure their victims in with false hopes of being in a better state which they are in. Tit promises of obtaining a Job, having higher wages, and also promised to have a sense of security. Later when these victims get to legalized that they have been lied to and try to get out of the situation it is too late. These human traffickers are part of networks. These networks do not only human traffic they also traffic drugs and weapons. They are part of a criminal organization. This proceeds that victims of human trafficking usually are lower social status. With them having low statuses make them an easy target.

The next perspective which I would mention is structural functionalism. How does human trafficking relate to social instability and social stability? The instability occurs in a number of places. Job opportunities are being reduced. Most victims of human trafficking live in horrible conditions. These victims also have poor hygiene due to the lack of personal care items. Being in such living situations also increases the chance if transmitting illnesses and sexual transmitted diseases. The places where all these victims are held in do not meet safety or health standards.

This is mainly because human trafficking is an illegal business. Social stability is displayed in number of Jobs which human trafficking perform. There are different types of work that human traffic victims perform such as domestic services, construction work, agricultural work and even work in factories. The low cost wage that which owners want to pay these individuals being human trafficked is a way a form of slavery and the businesses because profitable. These businesses then accumulate an abundance of money and wealth to the country.

An example of this is China there is child labor in China and they off low manufacturing cost and the owners of these companies are the ones that get a higher return margin. There is also interactions where if human trafficking is a rational or a symbolic interaction? Human trafficking is definitely not a product of rational choice. It is more of a desire to stay or meet and satisfy basic needs. The human traffickers usually take hold of their victims by having them think that there will be some sort of employment opportunity abroad and there would be locked pay.

This results in those people becoming slaves in other countries performing all types of work. As mentioned before the majority of human trafficking is performed by bigger networks of criminal organizations. Some of which do parts of everything involved with the situation. One person might be in charge or recruitment, another in charge of transportation, and so on. Those are my three sociological perspectives which are present in human trafficking. All of which play a big role when it comes to the issue at hand.

With that being said this matter does not only happen in foreign countries, there are human trafficking cases right here in the United States, not only in China or India. 14,500 – 17,500 of foreign nationals are trafficked into the United States every year. 244,000 American children and young adults are estimated to be at risk of child sexual exploitation, including commercial sexual exploitation, only in year 2000. 38,600 of those individuals are runaway children and young adults. The average age of young individuals entering a life of prostitution ranges from the age of 12-14.

Most of these numbers might be a shock to you. This is occurring in our community. It is a topic that has recently been looked into. It is a serious matter. It happens to people that you least expect it to happen to and could go on for years. This is a matter that we have to try our best to help prevent other people from been victims. It effects someone mentally, physicals and emotionally. Not only does it only happen to adults but it happens to children as well and mostly against their will. O f the first human trafficking cases for Marion County was of John Dillinger Morgan.


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