Globalization has made the universe a smaller topographic point. But what is Globalisation? Globalisation is a procedure of interaction and integrating among companies. the authorities of different states and amongst people. Globalisation is a procedure that is largely made by international trade and investment. Globalisation has an consequence on the environment. different civilizations. the political systems. economical development and on human physical wellbeing around the universe. I think that globalization is a positive force to the universe because it gives rise to more industries and more occupations in developing states. This is good because it will assist the LEDC to develop more. This means that the states are assisting each other to do them more developed. Globalization is besides good because now there are world-wide markets for companies and consumers to entree merchandise from all different states. This is good because so wherever you go at that place will ever be the store where you purchase your food markets or you clothe. This will give a individual a place feeling of comfort. Another ground why globalization is good is that each state is larning more about other civilizations.

This is good because it makes our universe more interrelated. Besides. if you go to a new state. you will already cognize some things about it and this will assist you to set to the state easier. But globalization doesn’t merely have good sides. Globalization can besides be bad because it will coerce hapless states to make whatever the richer states tell them to make. There is a immense force per unit area on the employed workers of developing states because they are under the menace of their occupations being outsourced. This is bad because so the rich states will go richer by doing the poorer states work for them and telling them about. Then. finally. the universe will be ruled by the rich states which is my following point. Globalisation is bad because there is a menace of corporates governing the universe because there is a batch of power and money invested by them due to globalization.

This would be bad so no state would hold person opinion but the whole universe would be ruled by one state. This would besides stop up doing the whole universe the same because they are all making the same that the rich state told them to make. Lastly. globalization is bad because companies take off the topographic point for original and traditional topographic points. This will do the universe. finally. be precisely the same and there will be no more alone things about a specific state. With all these statements I have decided that the chief ground why I don’t agree with the statement: “Globalisation is a positive force for the whole world” is that it will do the whole universe the same and there will be nil alone about any state. The chief ground why I do agree with the satement is that it helps LEDC to develop more and better their state. All in all. I would state that globalization is a short term positive force for the universe. but if it will go on for a long term. there will be some type of effects.

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