The crowd draws in a collective breath and then you can hear a pin drop, and there she is. Effie Trinket. She walks onto the stage with her green high heels. She strolls towards the microphone with a big grin across her pale face, clears her throat and begins with the same words she gives every year, ‘Welcome all of you and Happy Hunger Games. ” I have to stop myself from mocking her and turning my head to her next 9 words, “May the odds be ever in your favor. I think only this morning, I was gauging at Gale’s expression of the pink haired materialistic woman who will escort the 2 tributes to the capital. I study the crowd to find Gale, his eyes already on mine. Before I can smile, Effie begins to speak again. The fishbowl is brought over to her and placed on a platform in front of her. “Ladies first,” she announces. I close my eyes and see the image of my sisters angel face. Prim. Little Primrose. Inane Thornton. ” My eyes spring open as the realization comes to me that this is not my little sister.

The camera picks up this young girls face, she Is In the year under me at school but looks more childlike. She steps forward and I see her family’s faces, confused and lost in the eyes of their daughter they may never see again. She is guided to the left of the stage when Effie speaks again. “Now for the boys.. Gale Hawthorne” My heart sinks. My breathing stops. And I know I’m starting to shake. I can’t move, my body Is frozen. I fall motionless and can’t feel anything but a Jab of someone behind me, trying to comfort me as I know I’m losing my best friend.


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