Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast only a few weeks ago, yet it is already a part of the history. Millions of people had power and water outage all over the east coast; in small towns as well as in big cities. Many lost their houses while some lost their live, yet the disaster is not something that can be prevented, or avoided. It’s something to be careful of. Everything is predetermined, and people have very little if any say. Our destiny is written out for us, and each cause has an effect to it that was predetermined for each one of us.

This essay will discuss some of the effects that were caused by Sandy. Sandy has been the largest hurricane that was recorded in the past two hundred years. Powerful winds kept on blowing for hours. Rivers and the oceans tides have risen to a surprising fourteen feel at one point! Hurricane Sandy quickly turned from being a natural disaster into becoming a mass catastrophe. Many areas were flooded for days, and thousands of houses have been either partially damaged or completely destroyed. Even after three weeks since the hurricane struck, many people were still without power or heat in their home.

Half of NYC, one of the largest and richest cities in the world was left without power or water for four days. However not everything about the hurricane was negative. The day after Hurricane Sandy, people went out of their home to be amazed at what was happening right outside of their house. Trees and traffic signs were all over the place in cities as well as in nonurban areas. People were shocked as to the power and water outage. However, it seems like it helped to bring people a little closer together. Many were in need of something that others had, and courtesy that human beings have has them into helping each other out.

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People who have been neighbors for years finally met each other. During the blackout many people have made new friends simply on the street. It is true what they say, disasters do bring people closer together. A hurricane is a very unpleasant thing to experience, unless you are a scientist who’s trying to learn from it. It has usually very powerful winds, with rainfalls that damage property, nature and lives. Hurricane Sandy is the most recent disaster for the East Coast. Millions of people were affected by it. As if people committed a sin that they had to epay for, as if it was their destiny. Some people were left without a place to live or a place to sleep. Hurricane Sandy is surely not the best thing that happened to the East Coast recently, yet it had its positive aspects as well. Many people were brought closer together. Some met their neighbors for the first time in decays, others made new friends. Just like any natural disaster, Hurricane Sandy was very scary and caused a lot of damage, yet just like most disasters, it changed the lives of people in a way that can never be brought back


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