When you build a computer from parts, you usually start by deciding on which processor and motherboard you will use.
Typically, PGA sockets give better contact than LGA sockets.
Sandy Bridge processors house the memory controller and graphics controller.
Motherboards contain only a single bus for I/O, video, and data.
The LGA2011 socket supports both DDR3 and DDR4 memory.
What socket type is soldered to the motherboard, along with the CPU?
What type of socket ensures that even force is applied to the processor when it is being installed in the socket?
What motherboard slot has direct access to the North Bridge?
primary PCIe slot
What was the 64-bit Front Side Bus replaced with in the X58 (Nehalem) chipset?
Which statement is NOT true regarding Ivy Bridge chipsets when compared to earlier products?
Ivy bridge uses more power than Nehalem chipsets
What unit is used to measure the frequency of memory, FSB, and the processor?
What type of bus does PCI Express use?
Where do today’s computers store almost all motherboard configuration data?
Which of the following represents a method for accessing the BIOS setup program?
press a key or combination of keys during the BIOS POST
Which setting can be configured via the BIOS screen?
change the boot sequence
What has occurred if you see the message “Chassis Intruded! System has halted.” the next time you start your computer?
the case has been opened
What should you do if you want to be able locate your laptop in the event of loss or theft and give it a command through the Internet to lock it or delete data?
subscribe to LoJack for Laptops
What must your motherboard have to use BitLocker Encryption in Windows 7 which will ensure that your hard drive cannot be used in another computer?
TPM chip
What is a possible remedy if your system hangs at odd times or during the boot?
flash the BIOS
At what point during the motherboard installation should you install the motherboard drivers?
after Windows successfully boots without errors
The soon to be released Skylake chipset architecture will use what socket?
The PCI Express Version 3.0 can provide up to what amount of throughput with 16 lanes for data?
32 GB/sec
The first PCI bus has a 32-bit data path, supplied 5 V of power to an adapter card, and operated at what frequency?
33 MHz
What AMD socket uses the Steamroller architecture, providing an integrated graphics controller in the processor?
The QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) replacement for the Front Side Bus utilizes how many lanes for data packets?
The Haswell and Broadwell chipsets work with what two different types of RAM?
A Mini PCIe slot can have how many pins?
52 pins, 54 pins
What two different passwords can be set to lock down a computer from unauthorized access?
supervisor password, user password
What are the two different methods for partitioning hard drives?
Master Boot Record (MBR), GUID Partition Table (GPT)
What are two names for the database that holds digital signatures provided by OS manufacturers, such as Microsoft and Red Hat?
Key-exchange Key, Key-enrollment Key
a device dedicated to timing the activities on the motherboard
system clock
a set of rules and standards that any two entities use for communication
issued by a slow device that is not ready to service a request from the processor
wait state
If disconnected, this component causes setup information in the CMOS to be lost.
CMOS battery
two small posts or metal pins on the motherboard that are either open or closed
a set of components on the motherboard that work closely with the processor to control the memory, buses, and peripherals
also called the host bus, this is a 64-bit bus that connects the north bridge to the processor
Front Side Bus
when one physical machine hosts multiple activities that are normally done on multiple machines
the system of pathways used for communication which carry data
data bus
installs in a PCI slot and provides another slot at a right angle
riser card

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