Hyatt was founded on September 27th, 1957 by Jack D Crouch and Hyatt R. von Dehn who purchased a motel called Hyatt House located following to the international airdrome on Los Angeles. After a few old ages, it was sold to Jay Pritzker who along with his brother Donald, worked with household members who were interested and grew Hyatt into a hotel company ownership with Northern American direction. They went public in 1962. The development of Hyatt International occurred in 1968 and finally became a public company individually. Hyatt International Corporation along with Hyatt Corporation was in private held in 1979 and 1982 severally by Pritzker household concern involvements. Every cordial reception plus they owned along with the Hyatt Corporation and International became combined under one unit, Hyatt Hotels Corporation. Their mission statement is:

“ Our mission is to supply reliable cordial reception by doing a difference in the lives of the people we touch every twenty-four hours ”

Hyatt ‘s first venture overseas occurred in 1969 with the gap of the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. Park Hyatt and Grand Hyatt were introduced in 1980. Hyatt has more than 340 hotels around the Earth as of today. Hyatt Hotels Corporation proudly celebrates more than 50 old ages of history with a deep frozen position as an industry pioneer which encourages the company to a bright hereafter in heightening originative cordial reception.


4.1 Overview

Hyatt Regency Dubai is a epicurean, modern hotel situated in the Deira territory of Dubai adjacent to the Deira Corniche, a ill-famed avenue in Dubai. Situated at a convenient distance from the fabric souk, spices souk and gold souk, it is besides merely 7km off from the first mega promenade in Dubai, Deira City Centre. The hotel comprises of 14 luxury suites and suites that face the breathtaking Arabian Gulf. In footings of leisure, the 5 leading hotel provides a watering place, Club Olympus and has a golf class on its premises. They have an ice skating rink, tennis tribunal, out-of-door swimming pool and a fittingness Centre. Dubai is a major tourer hub pulling people with its dhow sails, flaxen beaches, dune bashing, camel racing, recreational Parkss and much more.

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Hyatt Corporation has dramatically changed the position and impact of the hotel cordial reception industry. Hyatt has specialized in supplying luxury hotels, providing the demands of high-end concern travellers by supplying installations for meetings and other related comfortss to heighten their lodging experience. Having assorted trade names such as Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt, Park Hyatt and Andaz catered chiefly for high-end concern clients. Hyatt Regency hotels are a nucleus trade name of the Hyatt Corporation, located at the metropolitan countries, aiming sole concern travellers. Hyatt Regency, Dubai is a typical concern theodolite hotel positioned to function the upscale concern traveller market section by supplying high quality services, adjustment and installations served for concern and conventional intents ( Executive Manager of Hospitality Hyatt Regency ) . The chief strength of Hyatt Regency being the Loyalty amongst invitees, they believe in the “ happy client, more gross revenues ” attack. Therefore they have emphasized their quality of services and distinguished themselves amongst other viing cordial reception concerns in that mode.

Hyatt Regency is one of the oldest and good known hotels in Dubai ; besides it is one of the lone hotels in Dubai that has an indoor ice-rink and a shopping promenade located within the Hotel to ease and heighten the stay of the invitees, besides located in a metropolitan country in Deira it is near the “ Dubai Gold Souk ” and a batch of cultural and local sites to do ideal stay for a tourer sing Dubai.


Hyatt is challenged with direct competition from hotels like Hilton and Marriott internationally and other hotels in Dubai that serve concern clients. Hyatt Regency purposes at supplying a high-standard housing experience that would promote the frequence of their invitees. Hyatt Worldwide has a Gold Passport frequence trueness plan that they believe is a scheme to increase their entreaty and thereby their frequence of invitees, hence being loyal to the Corporation internationally and besides helps in capturing other sections. Hyatt Corporation has a dual dunking plan with air hose associates such as Emirates Airlines and these Skywards riders are given particular offers and price reductions as mentioned by the Executive Manager of Hospitality at Hyatt Regency, Dubai.

Besides the competition from major concern hotels Hyatt besides faces competition from leisure related hotels, besides the location of Hyatt Regency is considered unsound being located in the old-Dubai concern cardinal and since Dubai ‘s concern Central has been shifted to other locations e.g. Jebel Ali, etc. other hotels in these countries can stand as competition to Hyatt Regency. Another issue with Hyatt being their promotional schemes, they believe in advertisement abroad in Europe, and other continents, but fail to publicize and advance the hotel in Dubai and the Middle East. But overall Hyatt Regency has been profitable over the old ages with its well known base of loyal clients and by transcending the quality services and criterions of Hyatt Corporation.


5.1 ROLE


The invitee will get at the service mill. Once he enters the service mill, he will near the front phase service supplier and cheque in. He will be provided with all the installations needed by him which are available. He so pays his measures and cheques out.

Service Provider ( Hyatt Regency ) .

The staffs are ever ready at the desk. As invitees arrive, they will recognize them reply their inquiries and look into them in. Often they will propose or help the invitees with their determinations. The invitees are provided with all the services without a say of ‘No ‘ and all the services provided are recorded.

5.2 Script:


Arrive at the Hotel

Enter the Hotel


Greet and direct the Guest

Front desk staff:

Greet guest


Enquire and book room

Front desk staff:

Answer inquiry and cheque in invitee

Elevator/ Hallway Staff:



Gos to room enjoys auxiliary services and nucleus service/ service ingestion

Wage and look into out

Front desk staff:

Greet and check-out procedure invitee


Exit service mill



Greeting Guests

Supplying Information

Service Consumption


Registering Guest


Fixing Food

Making the Ironing

Scheduling/ Training Staff

Cleaning/ Interior Designing

Making Inventory



Spend Time in Room












Hyatt Regency ‘s flower of services consists of the nucleus and auxiliary services provided by the hotel.

The nucleus service is the cardinal constituent of the flower which supplies the principal. The nucleus service of Hyatt Regency is to supply a sleeping room for a hotel client and a hall for an event client. The petals surrounded by the centre are the auxiliary services which come as a bundle and besides as optional services which are discussed below in item.


Facilitating Elementss

Enhancing Elementss



Information about the services provided by the company are available locally i.e. in the UAE and internationally through many manners of mediums. The hotel web site is the most enlightening medium of the hotel which provides every piece of information about the hotel from the monetary values, services, location, activities, hotel background, agendas, and offers to the other hotels in the concatenation etc.

Information is besides provided through cusps in airdromes, travel agents, newssheets, magazines and newspapers in brief but elaborate information can be obtained by naming the hotel anytime and asking the forepart desk with your question.

7.1.2 PAYMENT.

Direct and indirect payments can be done through recognition card dealing or hard currency payment. During direct payment recognition card minutess are allowed in high and low contact services i.e. in the forepart desk itself or through online while booking for hotel, auto or flight. Cash payments can merely be made through high contact service i.e. in the forepart desk of any service Centre of the hotel.

During indirect payment the payments can be made either manner to the intermediary such as the travel agent, air hoses company, tour usher etc which will be passed on to the hotel finally.

7.1.3 Charge.

Billings for normal invitees are done under their name and contact inside informations footing and every service the invitee acquires, the clip, measure and the monetary value are printed clearly on a transcript for the client to look into while they check out. Bills signed for each service such as nutrient and drink or the bars are besides maintained to supply a cogent evidence for the guest if they lack the cognition of geting a peculiar service.

Charge of members are done under their rank Numberss here the same process takes topographic point as mentioned above but the members can gain incentive points for the sum of the service and records will be available for them online in their history.


Reservation of suites autumn under this class and in this procedure the invitees are foremost shown the options they can take from and relevant signifiers should be filled with proviso of secure committedness to bringing. When the determination is made by the invitee it is recorded in the enrollment system under the invitee ‘s alone field.

The order pickings of room services are done wing and in a low contact mode for all services through telephone the order is recorded once more on the enrollment system and delivered within the clip frame given and the options are available for the invitees in the room cusps.

For other activities such as eating houses, bars, sofas, golf etc the order pickings is done front phase and the same processs as above mentioned are carried on.



As a service that is cordial reception related, extreme importance is placed on the degree of interaction by the service employees ( concierge ) with the clients. Customers are greeted upon reaching. Staffs at Hyatt Regency are besides given preparation in different linguistic communications so that clients do non hold problem with communicating. Presence of cleanliness was apparent in the anteroom and sofa countries with on custodies cleaning staff. Hyatt Regency provides suites that are specially designed for the physically challenged. Since concern invitees tend to be pushed for clip and detest drawn-out cheque outs, Hyatt Regency offers onsite Express check-out services. Good cordial reception becomes a cardinal factor for client trueness. Bellboys and porter services are available to help invitees with their luggage. The hotel besides provides free bird coach services to assorted locations around Dubai, like Deira City Centre and Dubai Mall.


Reding that is normally given to a client to assist understand their state of affairss and make up one’s mind on solutions. During our interview, the Executive Manager of Hospitality mentioned that clients, who are undecided about taking between featured activities such as the watering place or rubber-necking, are helped by concierge that are able to supply customized solutions. Since Hyatt Regency is chiefly concern invitees oriented, audience is besides given on bundles aimed at stay of corporate groups.

7.2.3 Guardianship.

A factor of safety provided to the clients at the service site. Hyatt Regency has a host of safekeeping services from gentleman parking, luggage handling by the bell boys, private parking installations for invitees and baby-sitting service on anterior agreement. There was presence of security at the regular degree merely outside the hotel entryway. During our visit inside the hotel, we observed that there were many Hyatt Regency trained security intent forces who stationed themselves at places to forestall people from come ining off-limit countries ( i.e. VIP merely suites ) . The hotel besides had 24 hr picture security system.


This auxiliary service comes by a manner of preparation to move in state of affairss where policy does n’t play a function. During the interview with the Executive Manager, he mentioned that service forces were given developing in scenarios to cover with particular state of affairss. He besides mentioned that, if a client is unhappy with a peculiar service, the hotel provides excess stay at no excess charge. On particular petition, the hotel besides caters to a client ‘s gustatory sensation pallet if a certain nutrient point they order is non present on the hotel nutrient bill of fare. Hyatt Regency ‘s particular petition besides entails the service of a 24 hr house physician on call. One manner in which Hyatt Regency handles client complaints/suggestions/compliments is through a site called Trip Advisor that gives reappraisals and evaluations.



Brand image – Hyatt has a good recognized trade name image and is widely known internationally for holding premium offerings and high quality services.

Well distinguished services and comfortss e.g. the lone hotel with an indoor ice-rink and Revolving Restaurant ( Al Dawaar ) in Dubai. ( Hyatt,2010 )

Rated 5 stars and a portion of a well-respected international cordial reception concatenation. ( visitdubai, 2010 )

Hyatt Gold Passport frequence trueness plan encourages more invitees. ( Hyatt, 2010 )


Located in an unsound environment off from the new concern and leisure cardinal. ( i.e. Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Rd. )

Concentrated aiming on concern clients can go forth over-looking other turning market sections.

Failure to market and advance the hotel within the Middle East.


Particular offers for commercial clients and utilizing different methods to aim niche markets.

Using methods to advance the hotel within the U.A.E, to increase consciousness.

Increasing leisure activities during the low-peak seasons i.e. April to August, and aiming household oriented clients.

New development in that site such as the Palm Deira which is presently on clasp, one time completed would increase the attraction of that country which will in bend consequence in more clients.


Political factors can impact the concern, such as labour Torahs, wellness and safety regulations and ordinances can alter the concern patterns.

Economic fluctuations such as recession or rising prices can impact the profitableness chiefly because it ‘s targeted at high-end sole concern travellers.

The negative perceptual experiences about the part can act upon possible clients.



Hyatt Hotels Corporation has several ironss located all around the universe. Hyatt divides its trade name into assorted sub-categories of hotels that differ from each other by the services it provides. Some good recognized trade name classs are Park Hyatt, Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hyatt Resorts. Hyatt Regency in Dubai largely caters to concern travellers and resort vacationists. The nucleus service that Hyatt Regency offers is the adjustment of guestrooms to its clients. The hotel has around ‘414 fashionable and modern-day guestrooms including 26 suites. ‘ Offering over assorted different manners and categories of room some of which are Gulf View King, Regency Suite King, Regency Executive, Emri Suite and Royal Suites gives clients a assortment to take from. Hyatt Regency besides offers convention and meeting installations since the bulk of its clients represent concern travellers. The hotel besides has a dance hall [ 1,157 square metres ] that can suit over a 1000 people for events. Hyatt Regency has around ‘9 flexible and divisible meeting suites, two with natural daytime. ‘ Their convention and meeting installations normally offer meal services to the rented suites, with a choice of nutrient points and culinary arts that range from finger nutrient points to lunch counters. Customizable engagements of suites make Hyatt ‘s nucleus service really flexible to accommodate to the demands of the client since its chief mark is towards client stay satisfaction. Apart from Hyatt Regency ‘s nucleus service of suiting clients, the hotel besides offers a big assortment of auxiliary services to people. The premiss consists of a figure of eating houses, bars and sofa, their most celebrated go arounding eating house Al Dawar located on the rooftop of the hotel. Other topographic points like Focaccia, Miyako, Shahrzad, The Kitchen, Carpenter Bar gives clients a assortment of culinary art picks. Hyatt Regency besides has recreational installations which add value to client remain experience at the hotel. The Club Fitness and Spa, Golf Park and the lone hotel which has an ice rink include in these recreational installations.

9.2 PLACE.

Hyatt Regency stands tall towards the border of Dubai around the valance country in Deira. This dramatic location overlooks the whole of Dubai, with great positions of the Arabian Gulf and the metropolis. The hotel is located merely 12km off from the Dubai International Airport and is close to the oldest concern sectored country of Dubai. Although it does n’t shack in the bosom of the metropolis, it has a batch of tourer attractive forces proceedingss off from the hotel. Some of these topographic points would include the shopping countries around the hotel, the Gold Souq, Mamzar Park which is a proceedingss ‘ thrust from the hotel, historical museums and besides the Creek. The location of Hyatt Regency now is n’t that busy as concerns and other commercial activities tend to travel towards the west side of Dubai ( towards Jebel Ali ) . However, its location should n’t be seen as a negative thing to concern travellers, the peaceful and the non so busy side of Dubai does do clients see it as an advantage. The building of the universe celebrated undertaking of Dubai, the semisynthetic island known as Palm Deira, ( although this undertaking is impermanent on clasp ) would convey forth a batch of chances to Hyatt Regency. Once this undertaking is completed there would be great concern attractive force towards this side of Dubai which would be good to Hyatt Regency since it is known as a concern hotel. The channel of distribution that Hyatt Regency uses is more direct since it is a service sectored concern. There is close contact with clients where their coveted demands would be passed onto the hotel direction to provide to, to to the full fulfill client stay experience.

9.3 PRICE.

There are many factors that influence the monetary values charged on services. Hyatt Regency ‘s pricing scheme is kept really flexible due to these factors. Hyatt Regency ‘s monetary values are really sensitive to the market, which means their monetary values are extremely influenced on the demand of their services they offer. Dubai being a tourer pulling metropolis has led to the increasing figure of hotels being set up around the busy countries of Dubai. This makes Hyatt Regency see concentrating on being competitory in the market following a competitory pricing scheme. The current monetary values of suites mean to around AED900 for a dark ‘s stay. This monetary value normally fluctuates based on a figure of factors. First, the monetary values charged to clients are value-based, that is related to the different type of suites available and the added services chosen by clients. Seasonal alterations influence room rates excessively. The winter season in Dubai is much more pleasant than during the summer, so these rates are frequently raised during the extremum season which is between October to March. Another factor that influences monetary value rates is the handiness of the suites, like any concern monetary values charged on the few suites that are left and available would be more than the regular rate. The clip between booking a room and remaining in that room can alter monetary value rates ( immediate engagements are more expensive than advanced engagements ) . Although all these factors can act upon the room rates that Hyatt Regency charges clients they have to be careful non to fly possible clients to their replacements because when it comes to hotel services in Dubai the cross snap of demand is ever positive and really sensitive to competition. This means that Hyatt Regency should play its scheme right in the pricing market in the doing maximal net income without losing out on gross revenues.


Hyatt Regency is known to be more of a concern hotel than a tourer attractive force. Promotion is n’t focussed upon every bit much in the local media. Most of its above the line publicity is carried out in states outside the UAE, advertisement in Western states and Europe. Hyatt Regency normally gets its clients by tie ining their hotels with companies that recommend its workers a Hyatt stay. It besides attracts clients from air hose companies like Emirates. Hyatt Regency does concentrate on below the line promotional methods, by keeping particular offers to involvement clients with a bundle bundle of their services, ‘Hyatt Business Plan ‘ or the ‘Time for Family ‘ particular offer bundles which are presently promoted to them. There are a batch of wages strategies that Hyatt Regency offers which encourage payment from clients. Every payment minutess made in Hyatt Regency allows the redeemable of Skywards wages points, a good persuasive method of payment. The hotel besides introduced a trueness strategy for clients, particularly the 1s that most often stay at Hyatt Regency. This trueness strategy, the Gold Passport Program, where a client can roll up points on his history based on the figure of times he stays there which can be used to bespeak for price reductions on his/her following visit at Hyatt. The hotel besides has the issue of gift cards which is seen as a glorious manner to pull new clients to see Hyatt ‘s service.


In Hyatt most of all the procedures take topographic point in the wing which is unseeable to the consumer and it is all carried out by the wing staff and the enrollment system. The procedure begins with the invitee reserving a room in the hotel and ends when a peculiar invitee cheques out. The primary procedure is the enrollment procedure carried out with the input of front desk staff of all the guest inside informations, followed by the assorted unseeable procedures such as when the guest calls for a room service from the room for a service staff taking the order, procedure in the kitchen, filling of carts with requested supplies, adding guest petitions in enrollment system etc. when the client acquires services out of the room but in the hotel itself besides requires procedures such as fixing the nutrient in a eating house, blending a drink in a saloon which is a front phase procedure, registering signed measures into the transcript etc. The concluding procedure involves look intoing out the invitee from the enrollment system flagging undertaking has been successfully accomplished by the forepart desk staff.

9.6 Peoples.

In Hyatt Regency the civilization is based on moralss and unity which is partly employee driven recognizes the importance of employees and associates as its invitees. It is indispensable for Hyatt Regency to enroll staff that portion common involvements in civilization. The associates are educated to do a difference from twenty-four hours one, and they are offered with quality preparation to expertise in operational countries and besides on direction accomplishments to present client service. ( Hyatt, 2010 ) Hyatt goes to great agencies in supplying high quality wellness attention insurance and retirement strategies for employees and household members. There is besides ‘educational re-imbursement plan ‘ that provide an optimum acquisition experience to maintain the associates up-to-date and in front of competition. Hyatt Regency employees have a strong committedness and motivated through publicity chances within based on their public presentation and they are besides offered with empowerment awards such as ‘Hyatt Star ‘ which is a pecuniary wages for their public presentation. It is besides possible for the associates to supply feedback through the ‘Employee Opinion Survey ‘ . There are assorted advantages of working in a immense corporation like Hyatt from being able to hold price reductions on non merely hotel suites but besides on a assortment of other service merchandises.

Guests rarely make perceptual experiences about the quality of services they receive through their interaction amongst employees. As the chief end of Hyatt seeking to be the most preferable trade name among invitees, they achieve this by supplying high quality services but in turn the invitees play a important function in the bringing of service. The invitees are besides involved in co-production ; they follow the hotel ‘s regulations and guidelines which allows them and other invitees to hold to hold an optimum experience and satisfaction.

9.7 Physical EVIDENCE.

Hyatt Regency Dubai ‘s exterior seems drab but as a invitee enters its doors, the inside creates an impressive, striking first feeling. The floors are paved with smooth tusk marble across a huge response country. The concierge is available on the left and a porter service on the right. The entryway to the Galleria is straight in front and waies to each portion of the hotel are clearly shown. There are elegant staircases every bit good. One of the many eating houses, The Kitchen provides an atmosphere of sofa music, couch and a lounging country for invitees who have merely arrived, to loosen up in. There are gifts and souvenir stores every bit good as rental auto stores all available with easy entree for the invitees. To transport invitees ‘ luggage to their suites, bellmans are available. The hotel has a modern-day expression, cool neutrals and dark wood veneers supplying a exuberant expression to the inside. The staff at the concierge is really helpful and willing to assist you with anything. The Galleria entryway provides entree to the ice rink and shopping installations. ATM ‘s are besides provided indoors. Internet WI-Fi is available to invitees excessively.


Hyatt Regency Dubai ensures its clients its top most precedence but besides maintain that it is their employees who make the Hyatt experience, an outstanding 1. Based on their Corporate Valuess, they empower their staff towards calling development instead than merely occupations. Business is conducted with an entrepreneurial attitude and invention. Hyatt aims to pull and continue a work force that are provided with a epicurean hospitable environment where they are comfy and motivates them to supply high quality service degrees. As Hyatt says “ We believe we can carry through this by being a “ hearing ” company of intelligent, ardent people ” . Hyatt Regency Dubai provides extended preparation governments to inform and maintain their employees up to day of the month. They initiated a plan called “ School Of Hospitality ” . This class provided classs which were standardised and customised to fulfill employees developing demands every bit good as encouragement public presentation. Hyatt hopes to accomplish higher client focal point, invention and consistence whereas chiefly offering reliable cordial reception to each of their invitees ( Khan, T, 2009 ) .


As we have analyzed the service bringing of Hyatt Regency Dubai, utilizing the flower of service, SWOT analysis and their selling mix schemes we have identified their issues and suggest the undermentioned recommendations.

Hyatt Regency ‘s client section should include more focal point on leisure invitees instead than merely puting importance on concern invitees. Leisure invitees can be accommodated at the Galleria flats which are situated right following to Hyatt Regency and take advantage of the comfortss and activities. The ground for this recommendation being that concern invitees are less likely to avail the installations offered by the Galleria which are shopping, the salons, the restaurants and the ice rink. By increasing their client base, Hyatt can see even greater grosss.

Hyatt Regency holding been in the UAE for about more 30 old ages, they have n’t done any direct signifier of advertisement for their hotel. Because of this, it has been seen that even some of the people who have been remaining for more than 20 old ages in Dubai still do n’t cognize about Hyatt Regency. The hotel needs to re-review their manners on publicity. During our interview with the Executive Hospitality Manager, he mentioned that Hyatt Regency does n’t make any direct publicities in the UAE, but largely in Europe and other international parts, because of the fact that their mark clients are chiefly concern clients. This manner Hyatt Regency can do its presence known more locally. Hyatt will besides hold to confront the fact that many new hotels, are emerging, who use advertisement to advance services similar to that of Hyatt Regency.

A suggestion would be for Hyatt Regency to ramify out and hold few hotel flat edifices located within certain parts of the metropolis where concerns are chiefly concentrated. Since many of Hyatt ‘s invitees are concern people, it would be more good for them because at current, the location of Hyatt Regency is in country a spot off from the metropolis. Possible solution would be to open up hotel flat subdivisions in concern locations like Media City and Internet City. This would let concern invitees to entree the concern sites much easy.

Another immense concern that we observed about Hyatt Regency was that visitant parking behind the hotel was strewn with refuse. Bing a 5 star hotel, Hyatt must take duty for looking after the cleanliness, non merely of the hotel but besides the premises within which it is located. Hyatt Regency needs to take stairss to maintain the parking batch clean, otherwise it would reflect severely on Hyatt Regency ‘s image.


In decision, it is clearly apparent that Hyatt Regency has been successfully able to aim and fulfill their invitees, chiefly concern clients. As a hotel that has been continuing its 5 star position for about 3 decennaries, it is no uncertainty that Hyatt Regency ‘s quality of service and cordial reception is of top notch leting the hotel to stand up to the trials of clip. As the Executive Hospitality Manager said, many hotels offer the same service, but the sum of attempt by Hyatt Regency to present those services is what differentiates it from the competition.


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