I believe that the single most influential film for me was Birdman by Alejandro In?a?rritu. Birdman showcases impressive technical features and a gripping plot. The movie follows a tired Hollywood superhero, Riggan Thomson, who creates a Broadway production.  He hopes that this will give his career a fresh start. It tackles the complex problems of identity, relevancy and just like the alternate title says, the unexpected virtue of innocence. Some of the film’s best moments are when the setting changes from the world we know, to something we don’t, We see this while Riggan is battling with the voices in his head. One example is the opening scene of Riggan in his dressing room at the theater, there we see that he is levitating above the floor and meditating. This scene really helps set the mood and expectations for the rest of the movie. At one point, Iñárritu chooses to break the fourth wall and show the film’s drummer on screen. This change helps keep the viewer intrigued and engaged in the film. Usually, this interruption would be a distraction.  I think that this choice was intentional because it goes along with the realism and chaos of the film.  The camera is able to work its way into the action and showcase the theatrical and sprawling transitions that create the constant feeling of chaos throughout the film and really helps separate this film from a lot of others. In addition to the chaotic structure of the film, the dialogue keeps the movie light and intriguing. With the cinematography and the heavy plot, having dialogue that keeps the movie light and intriguing is important. In?a?rritu does this by occasionally inserting dialogue points to where the plot is going. This dialogue allows the viewer to follow along with ease as well as maintain the chaotic structure of the film. With these points in mind, Birdman is a well composed, well written and intrigue masterpiece. Its unusual but necessary use of dialogue and well-composed shots that keep the viewer intrigued throughout the film are just a few reasons why Birdman by Alejandro In?a?rritu is the most influential film for me.


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