Kobo Bryant This I Believe I believe In my dog. When I look back at who I am and what Vive become, I have my dog to thank. Yeah, I taught my dog to sit and lie down. And I taught him to stay and come. But this has no comparison to what he has taught me. Something tells me that responsibility, competition. Patience. Forgiveness, and happiness are more Important traits or skills to learn. I believe in patience. In 5th grade I was given the opportunity to get a dog. My family and I went to a local breeder who was selling baby yellow labs. I walked to a age with seven little pups and a mother.

All of the puppies were feeding on the mother except one, Bronco. At first I felt bad because I thought he was starving and was left out. But the more I observed, the more I realized he was Just patiently waiting his turn. I went up to him and he kindly licked my hand. I learned something that day. I believe in responsibility. Within the first few days of having Bronco, I knew it was going to be hard work taking care of him. I had him In a large cage In the garage until I potty trained him. I remember having to wake up at 5 in the morning everyday cause he was whining and waking up my family.

Everything was about him. I no longer had a schedule for him. Everything was on his time. I can still see the wet poop all over the garage from when the first morning of having Bronco. I learned something that day. Believe In forgiveness. Whether Bronco knew It or not, he was constantly moving around and on to the next thing. Something could pips him off or hurt him, and 20 seconds later it was behind him. I remember numerous times teasing him with treats or saying the word ball and watching him get jumpy. Then feeling guilty because I had neither.

But I never once saw his ears go down from me being a Jerk. He would Just come up to me and I would pet him. A time I will never forget is when he was about 6 months old. I was playing basketball and my ball fell on his head. I heard a screech, and felt so bad I ran up to see If he was okay. The only thing he did was wag his tail and lick my face. I learned something that day. I believe in competition. Too quickly, Bronco grew up and hit 70 pounds. His favorite thing to do went from snuggling to fetch. It’s amazing to see how fun it is for a dog to chase a ball or suck and return It Toyota.

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I lived In a neighborhood with many kids my age but none of them were into sports like I was. Like me, Bronco had lots of dog friends in the neighborhood, but all of them were tiny things that Just enjoyed yapping all day. So I would take him to the park where both him and I could socialize and play with types like us. I would play a pick up basketball game where he would t Off embarrassed to play as hard as I could, while I saw Bronco tackling, barking and telling the ball from other dogs Just so he can bring it back.

I pondered, why would I feel embarrassed? And I never was since. I learned something that day. I believe in happiness. I can’t recall a time when Bronco whined because it was raining outside or because I couldn’t take him to the park that day. He Just lived in the moment while wagging his tail. While humans can have more traumatic experiences or down days, it doesn’t mean we can’t put a smile back on our face and move on. I remember when my grandfather passed away not too long ago and I felt terrible. Especially seeing my mother in tears for days.

I don’t know what it was, but Bronco had the ability to cheer up both of us like he knew something was wrong. Since that moment, whenever I feel sad or fired up, I go to or think of Bronco and my day brightens up. I learned something that day. Bronco isn’t Just a dog, he’s my best friend and apart of my family. In most cases the humans are the masters but I like to think it’s the other way around. Bronco guides me into the right direction and I don’t know where I would be without him. This is what I believe.


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