I will reek LOL and I wont even spray it myself cause once I sprayed one on the wall and it came flying at me!! O Joke, so never again. It still makes me cringe Just thinking about it. I hate the way they Just sit on the wall so still with their antenna things moving and you can tell they r Just watching you and you look away and they’re gone.. Ugh… Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. And however put wings on them.. God if your really out there and you did that info 101, they’re bad enough Just crawling around but the fact they an FLY.. Just ewe. And I didn’t realize I had already written a story that’s Just how much I hate them ! Lo The first time I ever saw a cockroach I was shocked. At first I didn’t know what bug I saw dash across the floor shortly after I moved into this one apartment. I grabbed out the wildlife encyclopedias and started searching. It was indeed I can’t even bring myself to describe one. I can’t even start thinking about them because I take a while to forget what they look like I had no dead that . I was so wrong!

My skin crawled and I would freak at having to crush these things to death and I went through a lot of raid. I have had this phobia to cockroaches practically all my life, I can’t even kill one… The other day no one in my house wanted to help me out and she forced ME to kill it… I know most people don’t understand how a “tiny” “weightless” thing like a cockroach can make me loose my nerves and CRY, freak out, make my heart beat . But it Just does…


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