am wondered when I imagine that the world cup football will be held human vs.
robot, I want to be a accompany with the future when I imagine that human daily
activity will be performed by mind reader machine instead of direct analog
command also I want to be a appear in the future when I imagine that human 3d
image just like a real human will be appear anytime and anywhere by just a simple
call. My thinking is growing up when I watch the videos of Pranav Mistry
demonstrating his Sixth Sense technology or when I used Google Wave for the
first time or even when I log into Facebook every day and come up against some
new feature, what I feel is a sense of marvel.

this era of modern science and technology, technology is developing not by thinking
linearly but it is happing by exponentially. The Smartphone, that is million
times chipper, million time smaller and thousand time more powerful than you
used to be a sixty billion dollar super computer that have a build inside forty
years ago. So super computer is yesterday is now everybody’s hand. Today young
person in Africa with a Smartphone has a better communication technology than
the U.S. president have 25 years ago. Apple watch, Microsoft glass technology,
Google smart watch, advanced Smart Card are now not unbelievable future
technology rather than the nearest future technology. Here are
innovations that keep evolving not only technically but also hold infinite
scope for creativity and logic. Ray
Kurzweil says that our ability to create virtual models in our heads combined
with our modest looking thumbs was sufficient to usher into the secondary force
of evolution called technology and it will continue until the entire universe
in at our fingertips. This way is infinity and it has a spreading power. The
imaginary foundation tell us that what imagination does  that it allows us to conceive of delightful
future possibilities, pick the most amazing one and pull the present forward to
meet it. Technology, today, means power in the widest sense of tem and merely
the power of mind. And it is this power potential that has given it the status
it now enjoys.

I feel a similar sense of
exhilaration when I see my own code run successfully. It is this feeling, which
till death, drives me to not give up on even the thousands of problems. Right
from my childhood I had a dream of doing something great, something different
for my family, my country, the entire human race and myself. Also I had a
strong inclination of a subject that has grown with each passing year and that
should be a scope of research in the new dimension of the leading edge in
technology. And due to scope of spreading
power of research that combined with my desire to dig deeper into the working
of various applications and technologies, which propels me to apply for a MS in
Computer Science.

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A natural aptitude for
mathematics, a sense of logic, analytical ability, capacity for diligent work
and high academic credentials secured me a place in American International University-Bangladesh
(AIUB) .The four years curriculum exposed me to the entire gamut of computer
courses thus laying a strong foundation for both my Hardware and Software
fundamentals. I enjoyed the course in Object Oriented Programming, Neural
Networking and Lab/Project related work. My interest in Artificial Intelligence
and Machine Learning led me to prepare eye-catching illustrations to explain
the real time Human Computer Interaction. I have developed many Software
project in C++, Java, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Python, NodeJS, PHP etc. for my Lab,
project related courses and Software industry.

In the year of 2013 when I was
studies in 3rd semester in my undergraduate level in AIUB, I learned
C#.NET myself. In that year my university arranged a programming contest for
the first year student that was “AIUB programming Contest-2013”. In that
programming contest I was joined with my two classmate as a team and my team
was got 4th place in that programming contest. Then the next year
2014 we participate National Hakathon (Mobile app contest) got 3rd

In that year our university programming
committee selected some team to participant the ACM-ICPC Regional Competition
whose team can be represented themselves as a university representative and my
team was selected to participant the ACM-ICPC Regional Competition and got a
honorable 21th placed by solving 3 programming problems and we are also tried
others 2 programming problem.

The undergraduate curriculum in American
International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) exposed me to all the elementary
areas in Computer Science and Engineering, and I consistently pursued good
grades in all my courses.


completing my 4 year bachelor degree in the area of Computer Science and
Engineering (Software Engineering) from the in American International
University-Bangladesh (AIUB). Then I joined as Software Engineer in a private
university name Primaeasia University. I developed many important modules like
course advising and exam related. Also generate many important reports and I gather huge knowledge as a professional software Engineer. After
working 7 months I reign form primeasia University and join in DataSoft System
Limited as an IoT (Internet of Things) Trainee engineer. Still I am in DataSoft.
This training will be completed in January 2018 (a training 4 moths).


want to acquire the learning that will enable me to contribute to the
development of a new software, which can improve efficiency and accuracy of
work in varied sphere. My ambition is to work at the forefront of the
technology with the ability to find innovative solutions to the changing needs.
As a professional software engineer from last one year, I have experience in
analysis, design, development, testing and implementation using different
technology .I have good exposure to object-oriented design, software
architectures, design patterns, test-driven development and Project Management.
From the professional knowledge, I have a plan to start a startup software
company after completing mu MS. Also I have a plane to implement some
mind-blowing sixth sense technology to get the beauty of the modern technology
for furthest corner people of the world.

I have joint different type of Open source and technical community like
“CodeProject Community” that is largest Open source Project Community in the
world and I have a profile in this community as a name of “bd-star”. Also I am
member of Stactoverflow that world most popular Q community also I am an
ACM programming problem solver.

distinguished faculty and excellent facilities at your university make its
graduation program ideally suited to my professional goals. Your University
provides me a dynamic atmosphere, which will shape me to be a thinker and a
learner. The flexibility of the curriculum will give me the broad-based
education I need to widen the scope of my knowledge and skills. The diversity
of the student’s body will open my mind to new influences, new ideas and new
ways of doing things. The world is literally becoming a global village where
opportunities for work are transcending physical space. With the Cyberspace
connections, Indian knowledge workers are increasingly contributing to the
global work force. The international education will give me the training and
the caliber to meet the global clients. I look forward to being an active
contributing member of the student community at your University.

Choosing a career object is most
difficult decision a person will have to make. Before beginning the essay, I
spent some time thinking over what it is that value and evaluating how the
goals I have set reinforce those values. As I am trying to complete my M.Sc.
degree from your university, so my first target is to get admission for the
M.Sc. degree. Next I want to complete my degree with honorable achievement that
will be help for me to get Postgraduate Degree. As a professional software
engineer, I have experience in analysis, design, development, and testing and
implementation knowledge and also I am a good exposure to object-oriented
design, software architectures, design patterns, test-driven development and
Project Management. So next I want to expand upon my leadership skill and as well
as enhance my technical knowledge to be the very good exposure as a software
engineer and then I want to come back in my country and I’ll start a startup
software company where I can utilize my skill and knowledge and to enhance
career in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science &
Engineering. Overall I want to be a good supporter of my family to be leading a
good life.





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