A credible speaker is someone the audience believes they can trust. Cite “1” thing that the speaker said that helped to establish his credibility. He mentioned what happened 4 scores ago and the significance of where he was delivering his speech REPETITION: There is a particular “theme” that runs throughout this speech. Cite “1” example of this repeated theme. MILK has hope & dreams for what the world could be and that we could one day be one.

He says “l have a dream” Audience-centered: Your speech must always be about your audience. Cite “1” thing Dry. King said that made his message audience-centered. He understood what the audience went through he said “l am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of your trials and tribulations” he knew that his audience had struggles and so did he so he related them. Context refers to the environment or situation in which the speech occurs. Why is the location of the speech significant to the message? It’s the same place that Abraham Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation.

Its significant because that’s where slaves were freed. A memorable closing helps the audience to remember the speech. What was the “memorable” closing and how do we know that it motivated the audience to respond? Think about the history of our country when you answer this question. Milk’s closing was memorable because he included a lot history by putting various cultures of America and it was easy to relate. He said “let freedom ring” and that’s what was memorable because en TA on, not Just slavery and discrimination to blacks. De about all the injustices going


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