I know that the previous mid towers I talked about are not what you say, a “budget” chassis. Because of the premium features they provide, the price goes up, unfortunately. But, what if you get those features for just 69$? And with this much less cost, do you have to sacrifice anything? Let’s dig a little deeper in the Zalman N9 Neo.With budget oriented cases, We can see manufacturers do compromise some aspects like plastic body, mediocre build quality, lack of included accessories etc. But the Z9 Neo seems to be a bit different here.I was surprised to find a better build quality than other budget cases I’ve seen. Combine that with the features it provides, and you can see that it is a great value case for your money.First of all, let’s talk about the “good” things. Zalman Z9 Neo comes with 5 included fans so you won’t have to spend extra money on airflow. I was very happy to see rubber grommets in the cable cut-outs, which you don’t normally find in a budget enclosure.It has an open interior so you can populate long graphics cards and radiators. Four removable 3.5″ drive bays inside the PSU compartment provides tool-free HDD installation. And 2 removable 5.25″ drive bays and 3 SSD mounts (one on the PSU shroud ) will give you an optimal storage capability.In terms of cooling, this budget case doesn’t compromise either. As I said earlier, you get 5 included fans for optimal airflow. This case has space to fit 280mm radiators on the top and front. There’s dust filter in the front and under the PSU.In addition to that, this case has Velcro straps for easy cable management, which is normally found in premium cases.However, I didn’t like some things in the Z9.The included fans come with Molex plugs instead of 3 pin connectors. Also, I didn’t like the lack of SSD caddy and they were hard to mount for the included fans. Then again, this is a budget chassis, you can’t find everything in here. The Zalman Z9 Neo offers a load of premium features and a great value for your money. I’d recommend it to any first time builder who has a limited budget without hesitation.


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