I can still retrieve clearly. It was the newspaper headline one twelvemonth ago that shook the full Townsville. Lisa Davies. an 18 twelvemonth old pupil of the local high school had fallen off the balcony at a house party ( under the influence of intoxicant ) and died of terrible internal hemorrhage. Lisa Davies was …my best friend.

Memories of Lisa and I go manner back in clip. We were both 10s. had merely moved to town and were unfamiliar with our milieus. our friendly relationship came of course. we lived in the same vicinity. went to the same school and hence. became truly good friends. Lisa was ever the dominant 1 between the two of us. she was surpassing and cute. she had outstanding accomplishments in both faculty members and athleticss and was adored by all instructors. I was proud of her and was ever at that place for support. We dressed the same laughed at the same gags and even had the same hairdo. we did everything together. Then. something happened. High school happened.

Lisa blossomed into a beautiful immature lady with unflawed tegument. bosomy organic structure and sleek hair. typical centre of all the boys’ attending and impossible for me to catch up with. It was when Lisa started dating the crush of my life that assorted emotions started crawling in. but. I shrugged it off anyhow. During the 2nd term of our matric twelvemonth. the rugger team’s captain held a place party. Lisa went so I tagged along. Lisa. like all the others was so intoxicated and decided to acquire some fresh air. she went out to the balcony and harmonizing to the newspapers. slipped and fell. ” Unfortunately there were no informants since all were under the influence of intoxicant and had obscure memory of that specific day’’ was what was written in the newspaper article.

The ugly truth that I ne’er told anyone and ne’er managed to acquire off my scruples. was the blurry yet present vision of Lisa keeping recklessly onto the railings. hanging by a yarn. hold oning for my aid as I willingly allow her mutely. easy faux pas through my fingers into the cold dark air…

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