To accurately set the Independent Variable, I used an pad app that allowed me to set multiple stopwatches at once. This is accurate and only deviates within 1 or 2 seconds depending on how slow or fast I take off the rubber band. With an experiment like this however, 1 or 2 seconds of extra stretching are arbitrary. The way I measured the Dependent Variable was reasonably accurate. I hung a bucket on the rubber band that was stretched and SLOWLY poured water into the bucket until the band would snap. Once it snapped, I would immediately stop pouring water and weight the bucket.

Something that threw me off was that at no point even at an hour did the thinness of the rubber band come into play. I expected more of a quadratic relationship, but I think that if given enough time to stretch, the thinness would begin to take part and the rubber band would more easily snap. Aspect 2: Successes: -l collected data well and with accuracy. -My data showed definite correlation Failures: NONE, Just kidding -Sometimes, I would pour the water too fast and the momentum would begin to play a begin role in the force. -Crappy rubber bands; I tried my hardest to try to find animal rubber bands.

Wouldn’t say it was a failure on my part, only on Office Depot’s manufacturer. The percent error was pretty low, indicating that my deviation was pretty small. I ended up hitting 10/13 values. Very good in my opinion. This ends up as around 77 percent, a whole 14 percent over what is counted as acceptable. Such a HIGH percentage shows that my data is conclusive and that a strong conclusion CAN be made. Already stated this in my “failures” section, but the biggest obstacle that I faced was exercising the patience to pour the water out slowly.

Weighing the bucket ND recording the data wasn’t all that difficult though. Systematic errors include -Minimal changes in environment in which data gathering is occurring -Being off on time by around 1 or 2 seconds. -Inaccuracy in the weight scale (unlikely but possible) 1. Better rubber bands. Plus office depot….. 2. More efficient and tolerable way of measuring weight of bucket and its contents. 3. Could change experiment to see how differing stretching force with constant times affects force required to break (10 N, 15 N, 20 N, but all with 30 miss) SUCH A FUN INTERNAL ASSESSMENT!

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