Answer: Thomas Watson Vim’s founder. ‘IBM means to service’. IBM defines Itself as a service company and the corporate philosophy articulated by Watson was not just to be a good service company, but to be the best service company in the world. IBM chairman stated, “We have changed our technology, changed our organization, changed our marketing and manufacturing techniques many times and we accept to go on changing. Service such as project management, application implementation, fixing a fault with a machine, how they can manage and perform that Is service.

It’s about with that product, how they manage the relationship, treat the customer, respond the problems and the solutions can they offer their clients to make their business stronger and better. Bombers value- a) Dedication to every clients success, b) Innovation that matter for our company and for the world, c) Trust and personal responsibility In all relationships. Q. 02. What do you think were the main problems in transferring a product-based organization into a service-based organization? Answer: IBM set about creating an organization that was focused on its customers and on the company’s products.

Brian Slowed explained- IBM were not into services, we were a hardware, software product company. The first step was to start understanding what the customer wanted to bye, they wanted value-add. We are trying to solve the demand for the customers and fulfilling the gaps in our portfolio’s and opportunities for us. The most innovative hardware, software that enables business decisions get a return on our IT investment. The main problems of transferring a product-based organization into a service-based organization are as follows: a) Sales force break down- On a sudden change organization’s sales force ay be break down. ) Customer service Issues reflect poorly- Customers aren’t happy of their first service. C) Challenges in managing organization knowledge- Its very difficult to manage organizations service for lacks of knowledge. D) Brand image improving the efficiency, accuracy, cost effectiveness- Brand image also facing some problems to overcome the created situations. Cost, revenue, efficiency may also fall in trouble. E) Technologies- Technology can’t change on sudden, it takes time to adjust. F) Healthcare- Office environment, health care Issue also effect on service. Vim’s technology fight against cancer Issue may be published to the customers. ) Training- Training also needed for new version business of IBM. H) Financial Planning- Financial support also needed very much for new business. I) Social Business- Successful Service depends on successful business. CARS activities will help any organization’s to success their business. Organizations to a service-based organization. Q. 03. What do you think are the key challenges that the organization faces today? Answer: The key challenges that the organization faces today are as follows- a) Accessibility challenges- Their is a huge challenge to enter the market and accessibility with success. ) Software quality & practice recommendation- These also a challenge for the company to maintain the quality of product. C) IBM SO Governance challenges- Maintain the Governance rule also a challenge. D) Global Business- Every company facing the problem of globalization challenge. E) Technical challenge- For an international business technical difficulties occurred available. F) Electricity & Gas exploration- These also a main problem for any company. G) Web application security- Some time hacker creating the problem for them, so web application securities also a major area for any company specially Vim’s. ) Privacy- Companies own & clients privacy is important. I) Supply Chain transformation- For any product or services need supply chain. J) Data growth & Data management- This is also a problem to store the data in safe mode. K) Managing organizational knowledge- To manage the knowledge is a problem for the company. L) Finance- Finance is the heart of any company. Insufficient fund may cause the problem for the company. M) Science behind the service- For any better service depends on current science backup. Now a days these problems are facing any company & create the problem of their efficient.

We have to think about those problems for the future. Q. 01 . What are the advantages and disadvantages of having web cams in nurseries? Answer: The web cam allows parents to view their children in nurseries. 21st century extension of the “Open door policy” for the parents and nursery staff. Some advantages and disadvantages of having web cams in nurseries are as follows- Advantages: a) Parents can check web cam any time when their child in the nursery. B) A feeling of presence, control, discipline. ) Good parenting, observe the child on live. D) Its completely safe. ) The system are significant practical and leg consideration. F) Its lawful and necessary. G) For parents & nursery staff web cam give them a feeling that they are actually taking part in the activities in the nursery. H) Web cams are relatively cheap and easy to set up. I) Web gives us wide variety of situations. J) Security is tight enough, always monitoring on cameras, recorded all movement. Disadvantages: a) Nursery staff may feel uncomfortable, unhappy. C) Security will be a key issue. D) Web cam can be hacked any time any where. ) Lacks of honesty & trust on staffs.

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Though these advantages & disadvantages are available, but still its working great for working parents, hope cyber nurseries could soon be common place of every child’s. Q. 02. How do you think the nursery’s service has changed as a result of the web cam? Answer: There is some disadvantages to use web cams, but still its working nicely for the working parents all over the world. Because web cams are relatively cheap and easy to set up, requiring a PC with a camera, a video capture card and a internet connection. Now everywhere web cam uses is increasing rapidly.

For the cyber roguery’s its very useful for parents to check their child’s in every moments, feel their child’s & look after. Security is tight, parents can check anytime of their child’s on nursery’s. Nursery staff also aware of their service. They give their 100% effort to protect the child’s & give extra care of child’s protection. For the web cams service its true that the service of nursery’s growing better day by day. So I think that its good to see the current situation of nursery’s improving. Its all happen for the web cam service. As a result cyber nursery could be the common place for the working parents of their child’s.


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