To be a president of this great state is such an award in my portion. If I am given a opportunity to be a president for the twenty-four hours. I would pass it making things what a president must be making. Yes. it is a really short term nevertheless I will do certain that my docket are come-at-able for that twenty-four hours but have everlasting consequences for the public assistance of my state and to my fellow state adult male ; therefore. doing ordinary things extraordinary to do a difference. The first move that I will make is to imprison the drug Godheads.

Drug dependence causes offenses that weaken our economic system. Second. I will hold a short talk to our young person. I strongly believe that the young person is the hereafter of our tomorrow. The sort of young person we have at present determines the sort of life and authorities we will be holding in the hereafter. If our young person is misguided and has non given proper attending by the present authorities. what sort of young person do you anticipate so? Third. I will see the remotest country and seek to see what could be done for their economic growing.

I may get down giving them livelihood undertakings that can do them productive. I will besides seek the husbandmans and make my best to promote them to bring forth more harvests and cowss so that our state will non be dependent in importing agricultural merchandises. Last. I will give particular preparation plans for those who are out of school young person so that their attending will be diverted into positive activities instead than remaining on streets and take drugs.

This will do them fruitful and develop their accomplishments which can assist them happen occupations and earn on their ain. As a decision. I will promote the whole state to work manus in manus and non to believe of themselves entirely. We should larn to widen our manus to those who are in demand and demo them some concern. We are one state and one authorities.

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