If you want
to make a free website but don’t
know how to make it. Then this article will be helpful for you. After watching
this article, you can easily make your website. In the following, we are giving
some effective tips:

1. Choose
Your Platform:

A platform
is also known as a Content Management System (CMS. A platform is a place where
you can add new pages, create blog posts, and change the layout and color
scheme. The platform is the bones of your website. First, you need to choose
your website platform. From various platforms, I’d highly recommend the
WordPress platform. You can also choose Joomla and Drupal. These websites are
also popular. You don’t worry to set up yet, just determine which platform you
plan to build on.

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2. Pick a
Hosting Provider:

Next step is
to choose your hosting provider. For that you need to store files in your
website. You can host blog post, images, etc. You must host your files on a
server, so that people can access them through the Internet. You can choose
Bluehost based on their uptime, reliability and customer service.

3. Pick Your
Hosting Package

Now you need
to choose your hosting package. I’d recommend Bluehost dedicated WordPress
hosting for most websites.

4. Choose
Your Site’s Name

It’s time to
select the domain name for your new website. Select a unique domain name which
will represent your business or website. You must check your choice is
available and secure your domain name.

5. Install

WordPress is
the best platform to build up your website. Now you need to install it. Its
process is really easy. Next, you need to log into your newly secured hosting
provider and install WordPress with 1-click install. The hard part’s almost


6. Install
Your Theme

Now we just
need to pick out a theme. You must think about how you want your website to
look and feel. All the colors, layout, and design are from the theme. Depending
on the flexibility of your theme, you can change those things. You must pick
out the perfect theme that matches your goals. You need to install your theme.

7. Add
Plugins to Your Site

There are
thousands of free plugins available. According to your choice, you need to
install it. They can add additional features to your site like email
subscribers, display photos, social media sharing buttons and so on. After
installation, activate and set up each plugin you’ve chosen.

8. Create

It’s time to
create some content on your website. You can check your settings and update
your site with the right title, tagline and time zone. You can also add a
Contact page or About Us page. You can create a blog post for your website and
publish to share your thoughts through words, videos and images.

9. Promote
Your Website

After create a website for free, you’ll need
to begin promoting your site. To get traffic to your website, you can use a
different method like guest posting, quality commenting, SEO, leverage social
media etc.

10. Keep

Google Analytics so you can analyze your website’ web traffic and keep going.

Last of all,
we can say that this massive guideline can increase your website traffic and
get visitors by promoting your website.


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