If you don’t know who you are, powerful people can make you who they want you to be. ” 1 How do you respond differently to moral vs. legal obligations that are presented to you? I have always believed that even though sometimes am torn between two options, If I am being honest with myself that I would pick the more moral outcome. For moral obligations I Imagine myself In the other persons “shoes” and Imagine not what would benefit me, but what would benefit them. For legal obligations I try to look at the whole picture and figure out what would benefit the majority of the group.

Even if this option may not be better for me, if it is better for the larger sum that is usually my decision. 2. ) What kind of leader or mentor do you tend to follow? Why? I tend to follow someone who Inspires me, usually through verbal speech or by their actions. I have always admired people who take action and go against the grain of whatever everyone else is doing, but chooses to do what needed or right. I have made it a priority in my life to make a difference wherever it may be. 3. ) What kind of person tends to choose you as a mentor?

Why do you think? All throughout school I have always been comfortable stepping up and becoming the “leader” of the group. Mainly because I don’t want us to fail and unfortunately most people are a little shy or bashful with speaking up. I enjoy helping people become engaged with the group and feel comfortable using their strengths to benefit the group. Vive noticed that like minded people seem to choose me as a mentor because they always want to be successful. 4. ) Even though unrealistic, why are case studies and thought experiments important o discuss?

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I believe they are important because it provides a gateway for the class or a group to start talking and discussion their opinions, which eventually leads to productive and creative thoughts and explanations. 5. ) Why is the Respect for Person’s principle, that is respecting a persons autonomy, so important to follow? Actions and being able to see and know these is important. I believe it is also what makes us “human” and separates us from the animals. Being able to sympathize, empathic, relate, etc. Makes us unique.


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