Two International Finance Centre – Tower II Introduction: It is located in front of the Victoria Harbor of the Central District. With the height of 415. 7 meters, AFC Tower II is the 2nd tallest building in Hong Kong. The major tenant in this building are international banks, for example Bank of America and UBS GAG and some influential institutions like Hong Kong Monetary Authority and MET Corporation Limited. Although it maybe Just some rumors, many of the financial companies invite commander or Fend Sushi masters to check the whether the site selected for the many is good for profit earning and personnel relationships.

Most of them spoke in one accord that the fend Sushi of AFC Tower II is good. What supported their belief? Let’s have a look of the simple map below. AFC Tower 2 is sitting SW, facing EN, (some say sitting EN, facing SW), According to Basic Kenya Principles, as mentioned in the earlier sections, Victoria Peak is the Dragon of Central. The Sand of AFC IIS distributed like the following: Azure Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong White Tiger (Right): Central Pier

This implies “Closer to Azure Dragon, farther from White it is always good to see Dragon stronger than Tiger in the Kenya principles. Red Bird Victoria Harbor, water = wealth Black Tortoise R(Back): The Peak, providing backward support Water – Victoria Harbor Incoming water is wider than outgoing water flow. Water also flows in a slightly meandering channel. This is good for retaining wealth. Actually, the sea water of Victoria Harbor is sourced from Pearl River Delta, which travels a long way to the harbor. Therefore, the wealth flow is long term and can be sustained.

Flying Star Fend Sushi As mentioned in above the sitting and facing of AFC 2 is still not clear. However, no matter sitting SW, facing EN or sitting EN, facing SW; according to the Flying Star Fend Shut, it is favorable to have business sitting EN or SW. That is why AFC 2 can outstanding the many other business buildings in Central. But, the office setting and site selection needs to be investigate more in details and should be studied individually. So that there will be chance that a company moves into AFC 2 and leaves without

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Conclusion: All in all, the natural environment contribute to the good fend Sushi in Central, the prosperous CB today. The construction of buildings over the land are highly influential to the fend Sushi in the district but each of them makes use of various strategies to cope with it. What we analyzed in this project is the view of today’s fend Sushi only. With further construction work carried out and the reclamation projects, changes are brought to the whole district and can change a lot of things.


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