T. V shows today tackle the life of a family. However most of these have broken family. There are so many reasons why of these families came to this point and some of these reasons are the following, first, the distance of duty of a parent mother or father’s duty, Incompatibility and the last and the most common reason is dishonesty or being unfaithful to each other where one of them (the father or the mother having an illicit affair with another person).

The researcher became interested to this topic since building a family Is part of our life. Statement of Problem This research aimed to discuss the coping mechanism of children from broken family. Specifically, this will answer the following questions: 1. What Is broken family? 2. What are the causes of broken family? 3. Who is most affected in this situation? 4. How to avoid having broken family? Scope and Delimitation This research focuses to discuss the coping mechanism of children for having broken family. Definition of term Broken family.

Refers to a family who has been separated or divorce. Illicit. Considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social customs or standard other term for illicit is illegal. Incompatibility. Unable to exist, cooperate, function, or get along with somebody or something else because of basic differences


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