The research is conducted to cognize about the image of Pakistan International Airlines in the head of its clients and client satisfaction. Airline industry is a service industry and services ‘ quality is non easy to mensurate. A service can hold many properties including cost, value for money, client services. In air hose services the in-flight services, client services, nutrient quality, crew members ‘ attitude, menu rates and battle holds are of import properties so that ‘s why they are selected for the survey. Merely frequent circulars group has been selected for the survey because merely those people have a clear thought of the service quality of an air hose.

Pakistan International Airlines is holding most of the market portion in the air power industry. Though its quality experient fluctuations but still it is the market leader in Pakistan.

A basic research has been carried out to happen if there are any jobs with the service quality of PIA and after making acquiring a decision, some possible recommendations will be given to work out the job.


To analyse Pakistan International Airline ‘s image in the head of its clients by asking about different properties that contributes in making an image in client ‘s head.

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The research will besides seek to give possible recommendations for PIA to work out their jobs.

This research is an obligatory portion to carry through the demand of our BBA ( Hons ) grade.


PIA is a large Airline holding its clients all over the state and even internationally but it ‘s impossible to cognize about all clients within limited clip and resources. This research would largely be concentrating the frequent circulars and the survey would be conducted in Peshawar market merely. There were a batch of jobs sing acquiring the feedback of the clients because the respondents were to be interviewed at Peshawar airdrome where people normally are do n’t hold that much concerted behavior.


The survey is based on both the primary and secondary informations.


Primary informations aggregation includes Interviews and treatment with the respondents. A questionnaire based on some properties was designed so as to cognize what image of PIA a client has in his/her head. Graphic representations of the consequences from questionnaires will be displayed in the research study.


The beginning of secondary informations were,




Annual study


The study has been divided into different subdivisions, which are in the undermentioned shipshape.

Section I

Section I has merely one chapter that covers the background of the survey, intent, range, restrictions, methodological analysis and strategy of the survey.

Section II

Section II of the study incorporates the literature reappraisal of the study.

Section III

Section III of the study contains study findings including tabular arraies and figures and besides its analysis

Section IV

Section IV of the study consists of decisions and recommendations.



2.1 History – Pakistan International Airlines

Air conveyance has likely ne’er been more of import to the development of a new state than in the instance of Pakistan. In June 1946, when Pakistan was still in the offing, Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Founder of the approaching state, instructed Mr. M.A. Ispahani, a prima industrialist, to put up a national air hose, on a precedence footing. With his remarkable vision and foresight, Mr. Jinnah realized that with the formation of the two wings of Pakistan, separated by 1100 stat mis, a Swift and efficient manner of conveyance was imperative.

On 23rd October 1946, a new air hose was born. Initially registered as a pilot undertaking in Calcutta, Orient Airways Ltd. had at its helm Mr. M.A. Ispahani as Chairman and Air Vice Marshal O.K. Carter as General Manager. The new bearer ‘s base remained in Calcutta and an operating licence was obtained in May 1947.

Four Douglas DC-3s were purchased from Tempo of Texas in February 1947 and operations commenced on 4th June 1947. The designated path for Orient Airways was Calcutta-Akyab-Rangoon, which besides happened to be the first post-war international sector to be flown by an air hose registered in India. Within two months of Orient Airways ‘ operational beginnings, Pakistan was born. The birth of a new state generated one of the largest transportations of population in the history of world. Orient Airways with a skeleton fleet of merely two DC-3s, three crew members, and twelve mechanics, launched its scheduled operations in a fairy-tale mode. The initial paths were Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar, Karachi-Quetta-Lahore and Karachi-Delhi Calcutta-Dacca. By the terminal of 1949, Orient Airways had acquired 10 DC-3s and 3 Convair 240s which were operated on these paths. In 1950, it had become progressively evident that extra capacity would hold to be inducted to provide to the turning demands of the sub-continent.

Orient Airways was a in private owned company, with limited capital and resources. It could non be expected to turn and spread out independently. It was so that the Government of Pakistan decided to organize a state-owned air hose and invited Orient Airways to unify with it. The result of the amalgamation was the birth of a new air hose, named Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) on 11 March, 1955.


PIA ‘s vision is to be a universe category profitable air hose transcending client outlooks through dedicated employees, committed to excellence.


Employee squads will lend towards doing PIA a planetary air hose of pick:

Offering quality client services and advanced merchandises

Participating in planetary confederations

Using state-of-the-art engineerings

Guaranting cost-efficient steps in procurance and operations

Achieving equal returns for all stakeholders

Bing an equal chance employer

Supplying compensation and a congenial work environment

Adhering to concern moralss and zero tolerance for corruptness

Associating distant parts of Pakistan

Carry throughing our Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) in all Fieldss


Customer Expectations

Convenience, Caring, and Competitive Duty


Personalized and Courteous


Care foring New Ideas, Translated Into Action


Respect for Persons, Teamwork, and Effective Communication


Business Ethical motives, Accountability, and Transparency


Loyalty and Consistency


Passengers, Employees, Environment, and Health



The first Asiatic air hose to run a pure jet aircraft.

The first non-communist air hose to wing to the People ‘s Republic of China, and to run a service between Asia and Europe via Moscow.

The first air hose in Asia to invest the new engineering Boeing 737-300 aircraft.

An IBM 1401, the first computing machine in Pakistan, was installed in PIA.

The first air hose, to present a 2nd path to People ‘s Republic of China over the Karakoram scopes.

The first air hose in the universe to run scheduled chopper services

The first air hose in Asia to demo in-flight films on international paths.

Pia set up Pakistan ‘s first planetarium at Karachi and subsequently at Lahore.

The first air hose in South Asia to present auto-ticketing installation

The first air hose in the universe to wing to Tashkent, capital of the freshly independent province of Uzbekistan.

2.4 Pakistan Aviation Industry

The Pakistan air power market has seen many air hoses. However, due mostly to the economic countenances placed on Pakistan during the 1990s the industry growing finally leveled off due to the addition in oil monetary values. The Pakistan air power industry was started up when Orient Airways merged with Pakistan International Airlines Corporation ( PIAC ) to go the national flag bearer of Pakistan called Pakistan International Airlines or PIA for short. PIA remained the lone operator for many old ages after its creative activity, but shortly private air hoses arrived at the scene to vie with the national flag bearer.

2.5 Current Airlines of Pakistan

Pakistan International Airlines

Aero Asia

Air Blue

Shaheen Air International

2.6 Domestic Industry Analysis – Pakistan

Air conveyance has likely ne’er been more of import to the development of a new state than in the instance of Pakistan. Pakistan air power industry is comprised on five commercial air hoses. The Pakistan air power market has seen many air hoses but due to uncertainnesss in the industry some air hoses defunct and today industry is prosecuting new chances globally.

Civil Aviation Authority 2008

PIA has the maximal portion in the market with 71.60 % of the industry, Aero Asia has portion of 15.09 % and Air Blue has 8.90 % portion in the Pakistan ‘s Aviation Industry. So, PIA is the most favourite air hose of the state and people believe in their services and love to go with Pakistan International Airline.


The SWOT analysis is an highly utile tool for understanding and decision- devising for all kinds of state of affairss in concern and organisations. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT analysis headers provide a good model for reexamining scheme, place and way of a company or concern proposition, or any thought. A SWOT analysis helps in apprehension, presentation, treatment and decision-making. A SWOT analysis usually comprises of four subdivisions, one for each of the SWOT headers: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is of import to clearly place the topic of a SWOT analysis because a SWOT analysis is a position of one thing, be it a company, a merchandise, a proposition, an thought, a method or option.


After all the information about PIA we are now able to do a brief SWOT analysis of the Pakistan International Airline Corporation. We now know all the strengths, failings chances and menaces of PIA. We have to analyse this information which may assist us in doing some decisions and proposing some recommendations.


The strengths, which enable PIA to vie both in the local every bit good as international air hose market, are

Reaching most of the states of the universe than any other air hose

High engineering aeroplanes

Up step of the aeroplanes with the transition of clip

We are proud to state that PIA is one of the air hoses of the universe, which have the air hose coverage of maximal countries of Asia Europe Australia USA and most of the African states. Along with this coverage PIA is easing its riders with all the necessities and engineerings and supplying them with a safe, secure and gratifying flight to any portion of the universe.

The 2nd point is that PIA has one of the most modern and technologically advanced aeroplanes of the universe. In the beginning 1954 PIA had really simple planes. However with the transition of clip, it has improved its planes with different points. For illustration, PIA has changed all of its fan or blade planes with jet engine planes. Besides for international flights, they have digital radio detection and ranging system in the planes to procure their riders safety and avoid any casualty. Earlier on they provided the installations of watching films on a Television screen in the plane. However now they provide the installation of personal Television screens at the dorsum of each rider place of the plane. This ensures privateness of the spectator and does non upset those riders wish to rest or indulge in any other activity.

The 3rd point is that PIA is making its best with the authorities to upgrade its planes with the usage of modern engineering. In the past PIA used the same planes bought in 1980s and 1990s. That is why its public presentation was non excessively good. Fortunately in the twelvemonth 2003 PIA signed an understanding with the Boeing Company to supply them with new aeroplanes. These include 777 jet engine planes. Harmonizing to the understanding PIA received three of these planes by 2005 and the others will be handed over in the coming old ages. These new aeroplanes will supply the clients of PIA great satisfaction because of the modern installations.


The chief ground of the failing of the PIA is

The deficiency of related field staff or educated staff


The first point of the failing of the PIA is that there is no related staff in the airdromes and besides in the different Stationss.

When different political authoritiess come into power they employ people of their ain pick in the PIA, normally those who voted for them during the elections. The chief factor that has weakened the public presentation of PIA is the enlisting of less qualified people or inefficient people. These people are able to acquire off with their inefficiency because they further hire qualified personal secretaries and helpers who carry out their responsibilities for them.

Another factor is that even though most of the staff is extremely educated, they makings do non fit their station. There are many employees in the PIA Peshawar airdrome that are on a high station and posses grades that are non suited to the station.

The 2nd chief failing of the PIA is that there were labour brotherhoods. In an organisation labour is really good because all the employees can non show their positions straight. So they portion their positions and jobs with one another and it is so presented in a formal mode to the concerned authorization. This ensures steady relationship between the labour and the direction of that organisation. However, these brotherhoods can sometimes turn out to be troublesome if given to much support or if they are created in a sensitive organisation such as PIA.

This job has been at that place in the PIA since the last one decennary. The labour brotherhoods had become really powerful and influential. The president of the labour brotherhood was given a auto, a driver and a abode. There were two people given these installations one the station agent and the other the labour brotherhood president. The president was besides non obliged to transport out his responsibilities. This shows that in an organisation were the category 4 employees were given such benefits, how was it to accomplish its ends.

2.7.4 Opportunity

The chances for PIA in the hereafter are:

To capture most of the Asian air going market

To retrieve its low morale in Pakistan

The future chances of the PIA are to supply modern installations to the clients at a cheaper rate. This is the major manner that PIA can cover most of the Asiatic market. The major ground for this is that most of the Asiatic states are developing states and do non hold a really steady economic system. So all the clients here want to go in a safe, secure and modern mode at a competitory monetary value. Therefore if the PIA starts following competitory pricing it may be able to capture this market.

In Pakistan PIA has a batch of image edifice to make because it has non created an impressive image in the market in the past few old ages. The chief grounds were last infinitesimal cancellation or late timings of the local flights. Besides the planes used for local flights were in really hapless status. So now PIA has the chance to do usage of modern engineering to guarantee timely flights every bit good as purchase epicurean and low-cost planes for domestic flights every bit good.


The undermentioned menaces are being faced and will confront PIA in the close hereafter. These include:

The outgrowth of new air hose companies

High menu rates

The chief menace for PIA is the outgrowth of the new air hose companies. If we look in the yesteryear, there was merely one air hose company in Pakistan i.e. PIA which was supplying air going installations to local and international finishs. However, in the past few old ages ‘ three new air hoses have emerged viz. AeroAsia, Air Blue and Shaheen Airline companies that portion the clients with PIA both locally and internationally. A 4th company by the name of Air blue has besides emerged late and is already making good in the local air hose market. These companies face PIA with a great menace. These air hoses have adopted different tactics to capture the market portion. These include, low menu rates, scheduled and timely flights.

As Pakistan is a underdeveloped state the people here like to go at cheaper rates with timely flights. In this instance if the PIA is non able to fulfill the demands of its clients expeditiously, it has the menace of farther losing its market portion. The client is the male monarch of the market and this fact has been greatly recognized by the other air hoses, as they are able to carry through their demands because they have smaller planes and can pull clients by supplying cheaper rates and timely flights.

Pakistan is presently classified as a 3rd universe state. Therefore the people here can non afford high monetary values for air going. They look for cheaper air hoses or for alternate agencies of conveyance to go locally. This is rather a serious job for an organisation like PIA because it can non cut down its monetary values or does non follow competitory pricing. Therefore they are losing their market portion every bit good as repute as the people view it as a extremely priced air hose.



While the coming together of satellite communicating and information engineering has made mass communicating low-cost and efficient for many people, air travel continues to stay an of import and built-in demand of all societies since it is an indispensable portion of present twenty-four hours life style, Hafeez Ud Din ( Marketing Forces January 2007 ) . Harmonizing to him, though merely about one hundred old ages old, the commercial air hose industry has come a long manner towards supplying efficient, comfy and low-cost agencies of travel and trade. It has successfully shrunk the universe into a ‘global small town ‘ .

GLOBAL TRENDS ( Marketing Forces January 2007 Vol.2 No. 4 ) .

Excessively many costs ; the charges of the monopoly providers, e.g. , airdrome charges, pilotage charges, fuel monetary values, are beyond the control of the air hoses

Labor is another large cost point between 18 and 38 % of operating costs. It is governable but experience shows how pig-headedly hard labour costs can be.

Competition is intense

More aircraft are come ining the industry

Low menu competition is now planetary


Airline is a service industry where quality is really difficult to mensurate. It is measured on the footing of different properties which besides contributes to client satisfaction. Giovanna and Silvia ( 2006 ) explain the construct of “ client satisfaction in the air hose industry ” .

Different facets of service quality and satisfaction are discussed. The research says that when a consumer receives a service, its rating is shaped by different factors which are psychological interactions and features of the service. The psychological interactions are formed by psychological benefits and they are really hard to mensurate whereas the features of a service can be evaluated as for a merchandise. Then two types of qualities are defined viz. process quality and consequences quality. Process quality is client personal and subjective rating with regard to their engagement to a service procedure and consequences quality is to client rating with regard to procedure end product. So, the service quality is hence hard to mensurate because they re intangible, heterogenous and inseparable. As they can non be easy measured, counted, tested or verified. Servicess are heterogenous because it is hard to vouch their uniformity, as they are the consequence of inter-personal interactions ( client and staff ) , instead than of machines bring forthing objects in series with the same features. Service to clients can differ from company criterions.

One another of import dimension of quality is perceived quality which is linked to the construct of satisfaction. Perceived quality has farther three dimensions.

Technical quality: It is the consequence of know-how available to the company

Functional quality: This represents the manner the service is provided.

Corporate image: This is the dominant dimension act uponing expected service.

The informations obtained from the questionnaires filled in by 19,653 riders in March 2003 on board British Airways flights have been analyzed. The planetary satisfaction and overall experience were indicated as dependent variables and the 10 dimensions of the service ( overall engagement, check-in, transportation, sofa, going, cabin environment, repast, and in-flight amusement, goods for sale and cabin crew ) as explanatory variables.

In service industry, people are a spot loath to do on-line purchasing. ( Ailsa, Liz Lee and Pui Ching, 2004 ) . Their survey showed that even in developed states where consumers are use to of on-line purchasing they do waver to take a determination online. survey has found that Hong Kong consumers are heavy users of the web and utilize it for transactional every bit good as communicating and diversion intents. However, there is a deep-seated reluctance to buy air hose tickets online, chiefly because these are comparatively high engagement, costly points where errors might be dearly-won to rectify, every bit good as on-going concerns, peculiarly about security and privateness.

Measurement Quality

Giovanna and Silvia ( 2006 ) surveies has shown that if we have to find the quality and satisfaction for a merchandise so it ‘s non that complicated but here is the instance of air hose industry which is a service industry. As it a service industry, so we have to utilize simple variable so as to avoid ambiguities and acquire the most likely consequences.

Different characteristics of these low menu air hoses has been discussed and the somehow the operating environment has been described termed as no-frill air hose, Lesley and Tom ( 2000 ) . They have to run into the same Civil Aviation Authority criterions and safety demands. They created new markets every bit good as a direct menace to current bearers.

Deregulation involves the remotion of many of the ordinances impacting civil air power. The development of air conveyance was greatly affected by authorities influences and statute law. The deregulating in North America occurred in mid 1980s. The deregulating in Europe occurred in 1993. Any European Union Airline can now get down domestic services in another member state.

Deregulation in North America encouraged a scope of low-cost, low-frills air hoses among which some fail to last because they kept on concentrating to cut down cost and did n’t see the importance of client assurance. Not all low-priced bearers in the USA have been ephemeral. Southwest is a extremely successful niche market operator and is ranked amongst the top 50 air hoses in the universe.

No-frill air hoses used simplified pricing construction which means they were flexible in returning ticket without high cost premium as that of mainstream air hoses. In-flight services in many flights were removed to cut down cost. In-flight amusement is frequently excluded from the bundle. Among the low cost bearers in UK, Ryan Air was the first to give services of low cost.

It is now taken in consideration that European market is different from American market and the no-frills air hoses face troubles in the hereafter because of these differences. First of all the province owned air hoses were acquiring air from their provinces so the no-frill air hoses were unable to vie with them. No-frill air hoses were demanding to declare the province assistance as illegal to air hoses. Besides that, high velocity tracks were developing in Europe. Some competitions were besides seen in the market.

Robert J. ( 1997 ) . Customers of the air hose industry autumn into two major groups: persons and companies. Within the single client group, there are two chief sections: leisure travellers and concern travellers. The company client group consists of companies which by and large have a contract with an air hose to buy a set sum of tickets each twelvemonth at a discounted rate. Company clients, and the members of this group, which includes concern travellers, employees of the company and its affiliates, are valuable to air hoses because they are major contracts, normally for high-yield seats in concern and first category. Massive and rapid alterations in the air hose industry are driven in big portion byA­A­A­ client demand. As more and more people have the chance to y and to y frequently, clients demand to wing to more topographic points around the universe. As a consequence, demand for greater convenience and comfort, and for better value, is increasing. The benefit of air hose confederations to clients prevarications in the `seamless travel ‘ enabled by complementary paths and code-sharing, peculiarly for concern travellers on a tight agenda, for whom flexible programming and timely connexions are of the extreme importance.

Jason, Ben, Josh, Sean and Josh ( June5, 2008 ) , one of the most obvious differences among air hoses is the cost of the ticket. It does non count if the trip is for concern or pleasance ; all entities are seeking to stretch their travel budgets while having the degree of service and quality they believe they deserve. In the United States, there are by and large two types of air hoses: “ bequest bearers, ” which are defined as air hoses that specifically operated interstate paths prior to the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 and “ low cost ” air hoses that compete entirely on the footing of offering the lowest monetary value per ticket within the market in which they are runing. Each air hose must make up one’s mind which parts to function, based on their net income potency and competition in a given market. The bequest bearers have a higher operating cost and run in most domestic markets, irrespective of their ability to make stockholder wealth by runing in these markets. The low-priced air hoses have been more prudent in their enlargement and do non vie in every market, but are more selective in make up one’s minding on where to vie against the bequest bearers that have more capital, and more trade name acknowledgment.

K. Raguraman ( April, 1997 ) . Advanced, alone merchandises help to specify an air hose ‘s trade name of service. Route agendas are another facet of an air hose ‘s merchandise that helps to distinguish it. American Airlines has adapted its services to client penchants, so that its path web is one of the most expansive and flexible. Frequent circular programmes are marketing tools for air hoses to further repetition concern. Frequent circular programmes are of import merchandises for both British Airways. British Airways ‘ frequent circular programme, the Executive Club, recognizes and wagess loyal clients. In line with the scheme of making concern with its confederation spouses, British Airways expanded its programme a few old ages ago so that mutual frequent circular programme agreements with other bearers have evolved.

It is felt that for better service, installations and comfort to the travellers in Pakistan, the PIAC shall hold to work closely with CAA and the Airport Security Agency, the function of both of which is of import. DAWN article “ PIAC: jussive moods for growing ” by “ Muhammad Bashir Chaudhry ” – June 14, 2004

Opportunities are that the travellers would fault PIA if they are non happy with the installations at the airdrome provided by CAA or ASA forces are less gracious while treating security clearance. The PIAC might wish to reexamine such affairs with them on regular footing. It is apprehended that benefits of restructuring and fleet reclamation might be lost to some extent if the PIAC direction does non earnestly command and conserve on assorted costs peculiarly the major cost points.

Eight Forces that Affect Profitability, Risk & A ; Strategy

Jason, Ben, Josh, and Sean ( June5, 2008 ) , in recent old ages, the air hose industry in the international kingdom and in the domestic sphere has seen its just portion of turbulency. With lifting jet fuel monetary values and increased competition, the industry is every bit competitory as of all time. The eight force that act upon them are shown in the theoretical account below.

Does fuel fudging make economic sense? David, Daniel and Betty J. ( September, 2002 ) Firms find it more valuable if they have a lower correlativity between the investing chances and hard currency flows ensuing from hedgeable hazards. Some variables were used in the survey which are:

Dividends: Firms paying dividends are normally less likely to be financially constrained. In an industry like air hoses, where so many bankruptcy filings are at that place, a dividend is seemed to be a positive signal.

Leverage: Capital construction may impact steadfast value every bit good as the house ‘s determination to fudge if a higher degree of debt.

Profitableness: ROA has been included because there is a positive relation between ROA and steadfast value.

Investing Opportunities: Firms with greater investing chances are likely to be valued higher by the market.

This survey proved that alterations in the hard currency flow for most air hoses are negatively affected by the jet fuel monetary values. In the paper, the writer said that air hoses, on norm, addition house value by utilizing fuel hedge schemes. But if jet fuel hedge is a valuable activity, so why do n’t all of them make it? Because it has a cost and at times that cost is bigger than its benefit.

Voldymyr ( 2005 ) . Airline industry has different types and categories of consumers. Different consumers pay different menus for going in air hoses and air hose ‘s menus monetary value do scatter across different air hoses. Research on monetary value scattering in the air hose industry has so far yielded two conventionalized facts. First, concern travellers pay higher menus than do leisure travellers. Second, the grade of menu scattering positively depends on competition ( Dana 1999a, Hayes and Ross, 1998, Stavins, 2001, Borenstein and Rose, 1991, Giaume and Guillou, 2005 ) . But the inquiry of the comparative part of these factors remains unfastened.

Even though air hoses do non specifically bespeak what types of clients they are aiming with specific economic system category menus, different testing devices ( limitations and/or punishments for altering the going day of the month and/or cancellation ) are successfully used to do certain that concern clients do non take advantage of the low menus, aimed at leisure travellers. Further, air hoses tend to offer lower menus with more limitations, the farther off the going day of the month, on the premiss that leisure travellers tend to be after more in front than concern travellers. cross-airline scattering of menus, aimed at concern travellers, appears to be more than significant, with some air hoses offering menus several times higher than others. For leisure travellers, nevertheless, no significant fluctuation in menus across air hoses is observed. Further analysis suggests that short-run capacity faced by air hose companies appears to lend to the form of monetary value scattering we observe ( Voldymyr, April 2000 ) .



50 % of the respondents ‘ first pick was AirBlue, but the industry analysis showed that PIA was clearly taking the market. When the state of affairs was analyzed, the decision was drawn that PIA ‘s flights were more in figure that ‘s why they are taking the market.

70 % of the clients choose a specific air hose because of the low menu rates 17 % went for the service and 13 % went for other grounds.

13 % respondents found their client services to be first-class, 43 % found them as good and 37 % found it as norm. Some of the clients rated it as norm and below norm.

23 % clients found it really expensive, 60 % found it expensive and 10 % found it less expensive. 23 % respondents said their menus are inexpensive.

10 % respondents replied to this inquiry as excellent, 30 % said its good and 47 % replied as norm.

17 % respondents found its nutrient quality as excellent, 36 % found it s good and most of the people ( 40 % ) said it has got an mean nutrient quality.

43 % of the respondents found the crew members as concerted and 57 % found them as non co-op.

33 % of the clients said the crew members ‘ presentation is impressive, 30 % said yes hey are someway impressive and 37 % said that they are non impressive at all.

23 % respondents rated their journey in PIA as really comfy, 57 % said it ‘s comfy and 20 % said it ‘s non even comfy.

70 % of the respondents replied no when they were asked if they experience flight holds during the flights, 20 % said sometimes and 10 % said they frequently experience flight holds.

30 % of the clients of PIA were satisfied from its services and 70 % were non satisfied.



Pakistan International Airlines has got a batch of possible to be amongst the universe top air hoses because there were times when it used to be universe ‘s 2nd best air hose in earlier 1970 ‘s. But unluckily they were unable to keep their image.

The research found some common jobs which were making bad image in the heads of the clients. These jobs are deficiency of quality atmosphere in an aircraft, not concerted crew members, indefensible menu rates etc. They still have got a batch of market portion but they are losing it.

In order to acquire their lost image, they have to work on the quality of the services they are supplying to their clients. Other things which they have to take attention of are as follows:

They have to better the client services that start from ticket engagement till acquiring your baggage on reaching.

When a rider enters an aircraft, he/she must be exposed to quality atmosphere.

Quality in-flight services should be provided to the client.

Food provided to the clients should be of best quality so as to avoid dissatisfaction of a client.

Crew member ‘s presentation should be good and their behavior towards the client should be polite. Crew members should besides be really concerted in work outing the jobs of riders during the flight.

They should non bear down high monetary values for their ticket menu. If they do so, so they should warrant it by supplying quality service to the client.

PIA should besides cut down its operating expense costs. They should pull off their resources more efficaciously, so that with less input, more end product can be achieved and the saved resources can be utilized in other countries such as supplying some excess services to acquire maximal client satisfaction.

PIA is a strong organisation but has some lacks in many countries due to which it has been confronting loss in the past old ages. If these jobs are solved so there is no uncertainty that PIA can be successful and go one of the top category air hoses of the universe.

A good direction system will enable PIA to work successfully and guarantee the service quality, good image and therefore client satisfaction in the hereafter.


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