“Aren’t grown-ups supposed to read realistic fiction? What good are these wild narratives. anyhow? ” ( “Speculative” 200 ) . In writer Vandana Singh’s “A Speculative Manifesto” . she describes how of import bad fiction is in the instruction of pupils in literature. Bad fiction is combination of several different genres of literature. such as enigma. scientific discipline fiction. historical fiction and phantasy. Vandana Singh asks in her pronunciamento if instruction is based on the truth so “ [ w ] hy non fling the old myths. fables. tall narratives. and their modern opposite numbers. as we discard other infantile things” ( 200 ) .

Vandana Singh believes that both kids and grownups need the literature for their imaginativeness. In the pronunciamento. she describes who imaginativeness allows us as worlds to woolgather. Although scientific discipline fiction and phantasy can besides assist 1s with their imaginativeness. through our imaginativeness we can do up “ingenious thought-experiments. through inquiring ‘what-if’ inquiries and effort [ ] to reply them” ( 202 ) . Harmonizing to Vandana Singh. bad fiction allows us to oppugn our lives and “live out possible hereafters before we come to them” ( 202 ) .

Bad fiction and feminist literature can be intertwined together to do narratives as good. Vandana Singh uses a blend of these two literature genres in order to compose her short narrative The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet. Although these two genres may be viewed as two separate pieces of literature. Vandana Singh uses her imaginativeness and her background in her Indian civilization to make the narrative. In one of Vandana Singh’s short narratives. The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet. she uses her bad fiction beliefs and her imaginativeness to depict a narrative about a adult female traveling through “changes” .

This narrative starts off at the kitchen tabular array where Ramnath Mishra is partaking in his usual forenoon modus operandi when his married woman announced. “’I know at last what I am. I am a planet’” ( 39 ) . Shocked and confused about his wife’s proclamation. Ramnath believed that his married woman. Kamala. had simply lost her head. Ramnath believed that the lone manner for his married woman to acquire better was to phone the physician. nevertheless Kamala did non believe she was ill. Kamala provinces to Ramnath. “’I am a planet. I used to be a human. a adult female. a married woman and mother’” ( 40 ) .

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Ramnath could non understand how he did non really cognize the individual whom he has lived with for the past 40 old ages. “ [ s ] he looked like a stranger” ( 43 ) . He thought that a planet has to be “an inanimate object circling a star” and that there was no manner Kamala. a human. could be a planet ( 40 ) . Populating in an Indian civilization. Ramnath was highly embarrassed by his wife’s actions. She invariably tried to discase her apparels because she believed that planets do non necessitate a saree. As Ramnath described how his great aunt went huffy. “ [ tungsten ] hat a awful dishonour the household had suffered. what indignity” ( 41 ) .

He worried that Kamala was traveling to make great embarrassment. non merely for him but for his family’s name every bit good. At dark. Ramnath found himself wishing Kamala dead. even began plotting different ways for traveling about killing her. “ [ H ] vitamin E could non populate like this” ( 46 ) . One eventide. as Kamala was kiping. Ramnath noticed that she seemed to be coughing something up. which was exciting for Ramnath because he believed that she was traveling to decease on her ain. without his aid. Moments subsequently. Ramnath observed some “jelly-like” substance coming out of her oral cavity.

He realized that this substance was made up of “small. traveling things” ( 47 ) . These “aliens” began pouring out of Kamala’s oral cavity assailing Ramnath. but non waking Kamala. In the forenoon. still terrified by what happened last dark. Ramnath laid in bed until his married woman woke up. Once awake. she explained that if she knew what was go oning she would hold explained to these animals non to ache him. Kamala explained to Ramnath that these animals were “inhabitants” and reminded him that she is a planet.

Kamala so went on to depict how the younger “inhabitants” were seeking to colonized and asked Ramnath to be a planet with her. Kamala explained to Ramnath that “ [ a ] planet demands sun… My journey is merely beginning” ( 50 ) . Later. Ramnath and Kamala went on a walk. where Kamala ran into the park where there was a adult male merchandising balloons. which she is fascinated by. After being captivated by the manner the balloons floated into the sky when allowing them go. Kamala began “ [ s ] lowly and majestically… rise over the ground” ( 52 ) .

Her vesture easy began to fall from the sky. as she was revolving and floated higher and higher. “For a minute [ Ramnath ] about envied her” as she floated into the starts. he ran into the house and as he went to shout. “the insectoids were already processing up his dorsum. over his shoulder and into his panicky. unfastened mouth” ( 54 ) . In an interview. Vanadana Singh was asked what her entreaty to bad fiction was. her response being. “ [ T ] he best bad fiction demands a daring of imaginativeness and a enormousness of range that no other literature can offer ( Tan ) .

In Vandana Singh’s short narrative. The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet. it is shown that her imaginativeness was used tremendously in order to non merely come up with the narrative. but to utilize such great item. Bad fiction. “with its foreigners and thaumaturgy and warp thrusts. set against the background of the universe itself. ” ( “Manifesto” 203 ) . In the interview. Vandana Singh besides adds that “the sense of admiration that [ bad fiction ] evokes. the battle with thoughts. and the fact that it provides a bipartisan mirror for looking at the universe 1 wonders why everyone doesn’t read the stuff” ( Tan ) .

Not merely does Vandana Singh’s short narrative. The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet. usage great imaginativeness. it besides includes the truths behind the Indian civilization in matrimony. The adult male of the house is the “leader” of the household. Besides this narrative shows how it is highly abashing for a adult female to non merely acquire bare in public. but in the house. The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet is a fantastic illustration of a piece of feminist literature. Feminist Literature is described as a inquiry of women’s function in society and complex constructs of gender.

In this short narrative. it shows that Kamala was seeking to go her ain adult female. She believed that there were “inhabits” inside of her. She routinely attempted to take her vesture off. which infuriated Ramnath and besides embarrassed him to an utmost terminal. An extra illustration of how The Woman Who Thought She Was A Planet was used for feminist review is that it shows that in other civilizations besides our ain. adult female are ever seeking to be themselves and non hold to be held down to the “norms” that are expected of them.

Although in this narrative Kamala may non hold been able to command her actions wholly. it shows the manner the Indian civilization positions people when they act out and how one small action can be viewed as such an embarrassment. Works Cited Singh. Vandana. A Bad Manifesto. Framingham: n. p. . 2008. 200-04. Print. Singh. Vandana. The Woman Who Thought She Was a Planet: And Other Stories. New Delhi. India: Zubaan. in Collaboration with Penguin India. 2008. 39-54. Print. Tan. Charles. “The World SF Blog. ” The World SF Blog. The World SF Blog. 2012. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. .


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