Valerie Gonzales Assistant Professor McCombs ENG 1301, Essay 1-Expressive, 22 October 12 Nation of Immigrants It is often said that America is a nation of immigrants. Generations have drifted to the United States in hope for opportunity and liberty, and have also helped this country become very wealthy. Many illegal immigrants left their country in hope for a greater life in America. These immigrants have brought their culture to the U. S. They have made a new America by changing economy, work and culture for the better.

Immigration to the United States is a complicated analytical circumstance that has been a major reason for cultural change throughout much of the history of the United States and population expansion. For many years, the United States has opened its doors to welcome those seeking political and religious freedom. Many illegal immigrants also chose to come to the United States because they want to escape poverty or oppression and to make a better life for themselves and their children. Some immigrants already have members of their family residing in this country, and desire reunification.

The social, political, and economical condition of immigration have caused discussion regarding economic benefits, jobs for non-immigrants, ethnicity, settlement patterns, crime, and voting behavior. The United States has accepted many legal immigrants as permanent residents. Throughout the years, immigration in the United States has massively grown. Migration is expensive, difficult, and dangerous for those who enter the United States illegally. Many immigrants who cross the border illegally are known to die from heat stroke, dehydration, and hyperthermia.

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Although there are many deaths every year, the amount of immigrants crossing the border illegally is still expanding. After they get here, immigrants start contributing to the economy of this country. They are family member, workers, students, business owners, clergymen, investors, and members of the armed services, to name just a few of their roles. I believe that immigrants have improved this country by advancing the economy in the United States. Immigrants bring new ideas and ambitious spirit to the U. S. economy.

Immigrants can provide an overall gain to the domestic economy due to an increase in pay for higher- skilled workers, more efficiency and lower wages for some owners of capital, and lower prices for goods and services produced by immigrants. They provide businesses which increase America’s ability to trade and invest in the global economy. Immigrants maintain our economy adjustable, allowing U. S. producers to keep prices down and to acknowledge to changing consumer demands. The increase of labor means an increase in production, which provides more goods for the United States to sell.

Immigrants allow the supply of goods to increase and the demand to go down, which helps our economy Most of the illegal immigrants usually move to the industrialized countries in hope for greater wages and increased standards of living. Illegal immigrants are victims when it comes to the work force. Because they are illegal, it is very rare that they can find good positions in big companies. Immigrants in the Unites States not only seek jobs but also increase demand for goods and services, thus providing incentives for business to invest in capital, expand operations and hire more workers.

By immigrants providing cheap labor, consumers gain a little more money in their pockets. Immigrants work in low paying jobs which may be as low as $2 an hour. Immigrants create jobs, businesses, and boost up the wages of native born workers. The end result is more jobs for more people in the United States. Illegal workers do many jobs few native-born Americans will do. Last but not least, immigrants have improved the United States by improving culture. The foods that we eat in our culture have changed because immigrants have brought their cuisine with them.

The music we listen to has changed in the same way. Different cultures bring their traditions and beliefs with them. The United States is an ethnically and racially diverse country as a result of a large-scale immigration from various different countries throughout its history. Our culture in the United States is being improved by bringing different ideas and beliefs from immigrants. Some people might say that illegal immigrants have destroyed American’s economy. Immigrants leave their country behind and come to the United State because they think their skills can be put to best use in America.

They key are those immigrants bringing their new skills to total American workers. Specialization makes economies more efficient, and efficiency pressures economy growth. Immigrants are essential to our economy because they provide more labor. The increase in labor means an increase in production, which provides more goods for the United States to sell. Immigrants allow the supply of goods to increase and the demand to go down, which helps our economy. Other people might say that immigrants come to the United States only to take jobs from US citizens. Yes, illegal immigrant workers have taken millions of jobs from American workers.

But if immigrant workers had been kept out of our country, the employers would have to pay higher wages to attract American workers. The American workers are unable to work low paying jobs that many illegal immigrants are willing to work for. Generally, businesses seek to keep their expenses as low as possible, to achieve the greatest profit margin possible. On way of doing this is by hiring immigrant workers. Most of the job regions managed by immigrants, mainly illegal immigrants, are those which Native American citizens have been fleeing for decades.

Since immigrants help grow the economy, they create more jobs for all of us, rather than stealing jobs that natives otherwise could fill. In conclusion, illegal immigrants harvest more positive outcomes than negative in the United States. Immigrants have created jobs, worked cheap labor, and bring their culture to our country. If immigrants were to leave our country, American labor intensive agriculture would collapse and the price of good would rise. Immigrants have made a new America by changing economy, work, and education for the better.


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