The Caribbean contains of over seven thousand islands, including 17 independent states. As in most development states Caribbean islands economic system heavy depended of the touristry industry ( Michail Manley 1995 )[ 1 ]Harmonizing Caribbean Tourism Statistic 2002 the country attract more than 14 million tourers per twelvemonth. Main attractive forces are beautiful sand, clean sea and warm clime “ … the Caribbean has more astonishing beaches and Sun than you can agitate a stick at ” ( www. lastminute/com )[ 2 ].Looking in both negative and positive impacts of touristry developments in Caribbean, aid to understand how it impact on the local communities. Is it “ Paradise on Earth ” as it promised by circuit operators seeking to sell vacation in Caribbean or merely image. “ ..tourist-consumer appears to purchase Eden in the travel bureau or air hose ticket office… ” ( Strachan, 2002 )[ 3 ]

“ The Caribbean is a nature lover ‘s dream, welcoming visitants in hunt of the admirations of the natural world-creatures workss and landscapes unmatched in diverseness and beauty. “ ( )[ 4 ]

Is it still truth? Harmonizing Barberia ( 2003 )[ 5 ]the country attract large figure of tourers by natural resorts, but mass touristry conveying environmental harm to ecosystem every bit good as alteration economic and damage societal – cultural impact to the Caribbean islands. The chief attractive force for visitants “ 3S- Sun, sea, sand ” – does it locally or in modern universe the visitants seeking something different in “ universe Eden ” . In now yearss the touristry in Caribbean island became aggregate touristry. Archer & A ; Davies ( 2007 ) .

Analyzing the negative and positive impacts from the mass touristry in Caribbean island possibly give the reply it is “ Eden in the Earth ” or non.

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As in many develop states touristry in Caribbean make an advantage that includes cut downing the degree poorness in the country by supplying occupations chance for local community, generate income, turning economic system. Palmer ( 1993 )[ 6 ]It is non merely supply direct occupations for adjustment, cordial reception, conveyance, stores and casino. The benefits from the service including the right of entry to new roads, medical Centres, shopping installations and public-service corporations. Besides is it chief concatenation of authorities gross in that islands are revenue enhancements on goods and services. Bryan ( 2001 ) The World Tourism Organisation ( 2001 ) believe that in 2012 touristry industry create around 3 million occupations in Caribbean.

In the other manus the economic in Caribbean was depend in agribusiness sugar was the taking industry followed by banana, java, chocolate, rice and citrous fruit, but in modern universe became heavy depend in touristry industry Steinberg ( 1978 ) . The locals prefer working in touristry industry than in hard, low paying traditional work in fishing or agribusiness. From the Pattullo ( 1996 ) book “ … working in de hotel in de harbour last twelvemonth, even though adult male acquiring paid truly bad pay I at T at least know digital audiotapes each hebdomad I gon na acquire dollar for wage for nutrient and thing. “ The immature adult male explained that for him better work in touristry industry, because he knows he gain little sum of money to purchase a nutrient for himself and his household, but in traditional occupation he unsure of his salary working in agribusinesss or fishing. ( Pattullo ( 1996 ) p 55 ) . Most of local people populating in poorness for affluent visitants looks like “ alien and different ” . In many instances visitants treated locals as slaves. It was difficult for Caribbean people to travel off from the feelings of unfairness instigated by slave system and deficiency of stepped up of life after bondage. Tourism is still being seen as an extension of the system of bondage, with the locals for visitant ‘s luxury, amusement and comfort.[ 7 ]( Bryan 2001 ) .According that, low paid locals serve affluent clients and normally treated as a slaves. Major of touristry industry ain by white people and local black merely serve for little sum of money ( Miller 2006 p 39 )[ 8 ]Low degree of instruction in country do non give chance for Caribbean staff have occupation in high accomplishments, high paid occupation. ( Goodwin, 2008 )[ 9 ]

In nowadays some of the visitants non merely come for “ 3S ” it is another “ S ” -sex attracted tourer from the different parts of universe. Sex touristry involve harlotry adult male and adult females, sex trafficking, affect immature people and kids. It is one of the chief harm of societal and civilization impact of local community Bryan ( 2001 ) . Furthermore it is create the image of local adult female who is non cocottes, but who could function for little money, when service includes cleansing suites, rinsing fabric and sex ( Sanchez-Taylor & A ; O’Connell, 1998/1999,1 ) Major adverts from circuit operators gives image for Caribbean “ … a dream Caribbean vacation has it all and more ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )[ 10 ]Popularity of sex touristry increasing epidemic of HIV, Hepatitis B and C and other diseases. From the research of UNAIDS ( 2000 ) the figure septic people increasing each twelvemonth, the figure of septic with HIV people in islands between 500,000 and 700,000. The that epidemics one of major sustainable touristry issue. The sex touristry in Caribbean island has put in large hazard both locals and visitants to reaching in HIV virus and other desises. For illustration in Jamaica where economic is decline and state depend of touristry, harlotry of work forces and adult females one is chance to gain money to last ( UNAIDS,2001 )[ 11 ].Alone with increasing the sex touristry the offense and drugs trade in Caribbean arise every bit good. ( de Albuquerque 1999 )[ 12 ]

The mass touristry in Caribbean largely generated in two countries across-the-board and cruise touristry ( Duval 2004, p10 ) .All- inclusive holiday is the easiest manner to command invitees. Keep they off from existent country, local community. Controling what to eat, how to entertain and what to purchase. Tourists spend most of their money before they coming to Caribbean “ The traveler is purchasing the resort and its image, non the location ” . ( Henthorne and Miller 2003, p 8 )[ 13 ]Is it profit the community? Most of resorts owned by transnational corporations. The nutrient and drinks importing and merely low paid occupation gives to the locals. In the other manus deficiency of handiness to local natural resorts and some countries on which locals depended for their support besides for pleasance and work. Besides community suffered from H2O deficit during the dry season ensuing from supplying H2O for hotels and resorts. ( Bayer & A ; Lynch,2006,8 )[ 14 ]When the mass touristry start grown in many costal touristry country, there is extended harm to sand dune, lagunas with the ensuing decease of changing species of animate beings and fish. For Example in Jamaica has the highest figure of pressurized animate being and works species in Caribbean.

Caribbean country became the largest finish for sail touristry in the universe. Harmonizing Wood ( 2004 ) merely 12 per centum of all tourer disbursement in Caribbean in twelvemonth 2000. Caribbean communities get smallest economic benefits from sail touristry. Governments of some states in Caribbean to pull large figure of sail ships to the port finishs have occupied in a battle of loosen uping environmental criterions. The same as with all inclusive resorts all installations and cruise ships are owned by foreign companies. Most staff including buildings stuffs, furniture, nutrient and drinks consumed on board merely low accomplishments, low wage occupations provided for Caribbean. But Cruise industry has major impact on the costal environment.. Is it H2O and air pollution. Ships shit into the ocean, destructing coral reef ecosystem by ship ‘s ground tackles throughout Caribbean. ( Wood, 2000 )[ 15 ]Besides scuba drivers and snorkelers are destructing the reefs when they step on it, locals who remove the corals to sell it for tourer as the keepsake for illustration in Belize or Tobago.

Looking throw all negative and positive impacts in that essay conclude touristry can non destruct the Caribbean Sun, the beaches and H2O, but it can cut down and finally destruct the quality of what the tourer coming for and expected in that finish. Most tourist hunt out the country for typical grounds: beaches, landscape and clime. They are coming for “ a vacation in a life-time ” , to “ do a dream semen true ” to turn a phantasy into reality- visit to paradise.

Actually the image of Eden was create by circuit operators and booklets. Trying to pull more visitants to the country. Turning demand for people who willing to hold their honeymoon or nuptials in “ Eden in the Earth ” “ … bluish H2O Eden, there are abundant islands offering pristine beaches, all types of H2O activities, green landscapes and amazing sundowns to put that romantic temper for two. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )[ 16 ]

“ Tourist-consumer appears to purchase Eden in travel agents… , but really, this traveler has purchased merely the promise of “ Eden ” : the aggregation of thoughts, the myth… ” ( sited on presentation, appendix 1 )

Each individual have different position of Eden: some of visitants looking for few hebdomads of luxury-live like a royalty served by retainers, acting different because they away from place and they could make what they ne’er be making in their place state. Other group of visitants associated Caribbean with sex and love affair. But most of tourers have a limited position of Caribbean: the airdrome, the ports, the hotels, the beaches and sights. The false vision of the part attracts touristry to the island, giving perfect vacation for them and at the same clip harm environments and life of local community. The existent life of locals and their jobs hidden behind “ the hedges ” of all- inclusive resorts. ( Henthorne & A ; Miller 2003 )[ 17 ]

Tourism has a sensitivity

To be more negative than positive when used as the individual or most of import, concatenation for development and when taken out of the custodies of the local people who are most wedged. As the most Third Words finishs, the Caribbean at this clip sing many of the negative side effects of the touristry trade. The Eden that exists in visitants ‘ observation of Caribbean could go “ snake pit ” for the local community if the sustainable move towards in island will non be put into pattern. The sustainability in touristry development have to be ensured for the future benefits of the Caribbean and became “ Eden on Earth ” non merely image.


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