Education is now becoming a very prominent and contentious aspect of American society. As globalization continues to take shape, competitive pressures require a more educated workforce. The American economy in particular is changing from a product-oriented society to one predicated on service. Services rely on intellectual capital that must be cultivated through years of experience and education. In order for America to maintain its economic and political leadership throughout the world, education is paramount. To properly address this issue, the “No Child Left Behind,” and “Special Education Act” were created.

The policy issue that NCLB hopes to address is that of large gap between American students and those of other developed nations from Pre-K to 12th grade. We have the best universities in the world but our public education is lacking. I would wish to enhance the overall standards of assessment to ensure that all students have a strong foundation in which to further develop their overall skills and expertise. Without a solid foundation, the future of the American economy is jeopardized. Strong standards also send a message to students of the expectation of success. Irrespective of background, race, or origin, all Americans are expected to be the best in the world in their respective fields. In order to do that however, a strong foundation is needed.

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With NCLB, the basic promise to establish a standardized assessment procedure to ensure students are surpassing a minimum threshold. To gather power and support for this policy issues, I would elicit the help of politicians and school superintendents. Politicians will be used primarily for their political and economic connections throughout society. To gather support for any particular initiative, some form of grass roots initiative is required. Politicians, despite their negative public image, have a unique ability to mobilize massive amounts of people around a particular cause. In particular, education is a topic that is universally recognized and is easily accessible. It is nearly unanimous that society approves of the overall improvement of education. Politicians can therefore have a significant influence within the overall education message. Unfortunately, politicians often do not have the expertise needed to properly assess the viability of initiatives. School superintendents often do however. These individuals provide the credibility necessary to promote the initiative throughout a particular state or county. In addition school superintendents often do not have the negative public sentiment that many politicians have. They are…

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