1. Satellite Television ( Cable Television ) channels started its journey in Bangladesh at 1992. Before that. BTV was the dominant medium for about 28 old ages and had the monopoly power.

2. But since the birth of the orbiter channels in our state. it had a damaging consequence on the society. Gradually the Bangladeshi people are losing their Bengali norms and traditions and acquiring used to the foreign life styles.


3. The purpose of today’s presentation is to point the category about the mass eff of satellite Television channels on our civilization and how we can get the better of this prob.

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4. For better apprehension and easy assimilation I will discourse the lesson in fol platinums:
a. Presentation
B. What is Culture?
c. Major influences of satellite Television on the cultural country of Bangladesh
d. Some Statistical Data
e. Interpretation
f. Inference
g. Negative impacts of satellite Television
h. Decision
I. Redresss and Measures that can be taken

What Is Culture?

5. Every peculiar society has its ain beliefs. ways of life. art etc. This belief. imposts and tradition of a society they fol is known as civilization. Bangladesh has its ain civilization and traditions besides. The civilization of Bangladesh is composite and over the centuries has assimilated influences of Hinduism. Jainism. Buddhism. Islam. and Christianity. It is manifested in assorted signifiers. including music. dance. and play. art and trade. folklore and folk tale. linguistic communications and literature. doctrine and faith. festivals and jubilations. every bit good as in a distinguishable culinary art and culinary tradition.

Major influences of satellite Television on the cultural country of Bangladesh

6. The influence of technological advment is altering the present universe really quickly. Changes are taking topographic point in all domains of life and finally altering the societal and cultural belief systems. Satellite Television. being one of the inspiration of this technological development. is holding a definite eff on the societal and cultural country of Bangladesh.

7. Labib ( 2001 ) suggests an grounds demoing the influence on the adult females and misss in fds such as manner and clo and fast nutrient ingestion. For Bangladesh. the important cultural displacement arises due to impact of regional channels of Satellite Television. peculiarly Indian channels like ZeeTV. MTV. Star Plus. Sony Television are act uponing the cultural domain of Bangladesh. Through watching these. cultural ties and values are acquiring threatened. specifically stuffs that favour divorce as a means to work out household jobs or programming that includes lewdness. nakedness. rousing of sexual inherent aptitudes. or pre-marital sexual dealingss are wholly destructing the cultural beliefs and values of Bangladesh.

8. Indian film universe Bollywood has a expletive on the civilization of Bangladesh. Renowned Bangladeshi auth and editorialist Muhammad Zafor Iqbal said in his column – “Upto some old ages ago I could tout ne’er holding seen a Hindu film. but now I can non. I have to go by coach from Sylhet to Dhaka. and they show these films where you are a confined audience. ” This clearly indicates about the current image of how East pakistani people are obsessed to the Indian civilization. and to what extent these foreign elements has occupied our encephalons.

Some Statistical Data

9. A research was carried out on 40 individuals in Ctg based on chance trying on 2011 to understand the influence of satellite Television on cultural alterations.

10. Most of the people think overseas telegram Television is the premier ground for the exposure to foreign civilization as it is the most aval and easy agencies. Other agencies aval are internet. newspapers. magazines. societal consciousness. general addition in the lvl of edn. But they are non considered here.

The consequences of the svy on penchant of overseas telegram Television channels by the consumers are showed in graphical signifier as follows:

Figure: Preference of Cable Tv Channels among 40 Respondents


11. From the above saloon diagram. we can see that out of 40 individuals. the most viewed Television channel is Star Plus. fol by Sony Television and so HBO. All of them are foreign Television channels with no room for our ain broadcast medium channels.


12. Over the last 10-12 old ages. due to this easy exposure. there is a important alteration in the dimensions of civilization. Research besides shows that consumers preference towards some of the facets like manner consciousness. quality penchant have increased. On the other manus. bargaining wont. attractive force towards traditional vocals. reading wont etc has decreased
whereas in some facets there is no alteration.

13. Svy carr out on other parametric quantities besides showed that the alterations in the dimensions which most people think that satellite Television has strong influence upon are addition in the manner consciousness. trade name penchant. following foreign imposts. fast nutrient ingestion. involvement in foreign music/movie. and for the lessening in the societal bondage and good personality traits.

14. There is moderate influence upon addition in choice penchant. gender balance. and knowledge based society. and lessening in the involvement in Bangla movies/music.

15. There is less influence on eating out. children’s engagement in determination devising. and for the lessening in spiritual bindings.

16. A general form is observed in the consequence. Peoples of middle/lower center chlorine are affected the most instead than upper chlorine people possly due to their more exposure to other media/latest engineering and greater consciousness about altering society.

Negative Impact Of Satellite

17. Some consumers were asked about the negative impacts of satellite Television on our civilization. The respondents were all about on a common terms and admit that it surely has some negative impacts like inclination of have oning indecent/short frocks particularly by the ladies and the perturbation of survey for the kids. They besides think there is an addition in the societal offense and sexual force. Some think that it has some influence on the attractive force towards smoking/drugs by the immature people.

18. The consequences of the survey shows that over the last 8-10 old ages. there is clearly a alteration in our traditional civilization and this alteration is likely to go on. Though all of this alteration is non due to the effects of satellite Television. this is playing one of the major functions as maximal exposure to the foreign civilization is due to this media.

Redresss and Measures that can be taken

19. Business in today’s market is really competitory. To run productively in any concern. the focal point must be client oriented. Like any other concern. overseas telegram Television should besides supply the clients with the channels they like most and better the quality of sound and image. Peoples who provide the overseas telegram broadcast have a great resp towards today’s universe. Therefore. corrected attempt should be made to sensitise the manufacturers and broadcasters for bettering the quality of whatever prog they produce.

20. At the same clip local channels should be strengthened and should hold a better content. This channels should bring forth and air quality plans that could assist to advance Bangladeshi values and traditions and better the image of Bangladesh at an international degree.

21. Consequence of Satellite Television on the Culture of Bangladesh: The Viewing audiences Perception by Robaka Shamsher & A ; Mohhammad Nayeem Abdullah. European Journal of Business and Management. ISSN 2222-1905 ( Paper ) ISSN 2222-2839 ( Online ) Vol 4. No. 9. 2012

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