The aspect of culture in the human society and business has a direct relationship with each other. They both establish interesting conditions when they associate in a common platform which in my view is a good way to get used to challenging moments. In many parts of the world, people adopt different cultures based on their own understanding. There are different ways in which people in different areas respond to certain gestures and signs.

Cultural activities are used in almost every aspect of human living and for this matter, in some areas they are a great influence to the businesses. Culture in international business therefore comprises of various practices, cultural influences and different ways in which people think. Some of the factors which influence international businesses based on different cultural practices are, how various people do communicate when making business negotiations, the manner in which they engage in the business and also how they spend their time in business (Nakate S. 2010 Par. 1-3).

The use of body language explains the mannerism in business which looks at how people use different gestures and the behaviors the gestures reflect to the other partner. A sign to show good will in one country could be mean something very different from that in another. Particularly in business, some of the gestures used by people like laughter or uncomfortable smile, could cost ones business loss of huge amounts of money when may be a deal is broken due to misunderstanding when certain gestures are used to mean some thing else which to them is positive and to the other partner could be irritating.

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Shaking of head to some people means that they are listening but to others, it is a sign of disagreeing with some statements, so in case of business transaction such events could lead to misunderstanding (Wade J 2004 Pg. 39-40). Communication is also another factor that could affect business due to differences in how various people communicate. In various parts of the world people have different ways of pronouncing or passing out words. It may sound harsh to others who are used to using the same words in a different way. Therefore, this could be a stumbling block to business communication (Nakate S. 010 Par. 5). In addition to the factors discussed above, time is also very important when it comes to business. According to Nakate S. (2010 Par. 6&7), differences in time culture among different people could be the prime cause of conflicts and misunderstanding in business with lots of losses in terms of money and other resources. Different opinions arise in board meetings depending on how they are organized. In certain areas people are extremely strict on meeting schedules and utilize time in the right way possible while in other cultures that could not be the manner of business proceedings.

Therefore, understanding of the manner in which one is expressing information is very important to avoid misinterpretations by people from different cultures. Thus informed coordinators should be used in such negotiations where there is a cultural challenge of giving out information. As cited by King C (2010 Pg 1), in present businesses, businessmen involved in global marketing, are bound to associate with different cultures and languages and understanding different social conditions of different societies to avoid facing problems when sourcing or supplying goods and services.

This is not only a way of making money through business diversity but also a good way of promoting international linkages through out the world for mutual benefit in future. Work cited King C. “How Culture Impacts an International Business” Retrieved 25th June 2010 from (2010) Pg 1. Nakate S. “Culture Impacts on an International Business” Retrieved 25th June 2010 from, Buzzle. com (2010) Par. 1-10. Wade J. “Risk Management: The Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Business” (2004) Pg. 39-40.


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